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Well, that is a really tough one. Do open relationships work? In and of itself I would have to say No! But, I do believe you can have a relationship where there is a man and more than one women in a closed relationship. Or a woman with more than one man in a closed relationship. What I mean by closed relationship, I mean with all partners committed. I think the very nature of relationship or family means some level of true commitment. Author: Mike Kollin

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I am seeing more and more women coming out saying and being that they want a man and a woman. Is this right? Is this wrong? I think that is the wrong question. I think the right question is, "Why?" Why do women want a closed relationship soooooooooooo badly? Why do some women require both male and female energy? Answer: Survival #1 The female mating system is hard wired to make sure there is a male to help her for child rearing. Although Logically we are in the 21st century, that all goes out the window when dealing with our mating systems, because our mating systems are in our lower, reptilian/instinctual brain or RAS System!

Our mating system/lower brain was developed during the caveman era when there were no grocery stores or 7-11 or hospitals, etc. So when she was pregnant and or with young children, she needed him to stick around and be committed to helping her feed and raise these young children. Now that answers why women have such a powerful, powerful drive to make sure he is locked into a committed relationship. Unfortunately this really doesn't work for men or women, especially women as: #2

The female mating system is triggered and fulfilled emotionally by right brain communication, which women know how to do! And therefore, other women can stimulate and emotionally fulfill other women through communication. So in order for her to get this deeper, more emotionally fulfilling connection through right brain communication, she needs other women, because the male brain was hard wired to be locked into his left, logical, male brain. it's very, very hard for men to open up to their right brain.

Fact is, men speak the external linear, logical language because by birth he was hard wired to be in his left brain. Not a turn on for women. Thus in the old days when there was 1 husband and multiple wives, everyone was fulfilled mentally, emotionally and physically because women are both right and left brain... The other women could fulfill this emotional need. It's very, very hard for men to learn how to open up to their right brain, let alone be aware of or even speak this hidden "Internal language."

Good News, I teach men how to open up to their right brain and learn what this hidden right brain, internal language is nad how to use it to melt her heart, open her up for more emotionally fulfilling and meaningful connections and experiences together to strengthen the bonding together as one! Women need both left and right brain stimulation and fulfillment!

It's time to Awaken! Mike Kollin The Love Doctor Male to Female Communication Expert

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