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Do one thing that Scares you Every Day! Social Power and Success in Life

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If there was one thing the Pickup Artist Community and Personal Development / Tony Robbins Community does, It's getting you to Take Action!!! Take Massive Action!!!
The #1 thing that helped me get over my social anxiety and develop social skills is this 1 single sentence. "Do one thing that scares you Every Day!!!"
I can not tell you how much this will change your life!
Now I don't mean to act or fake and do something you do every single day and act like it's a scary thing like something you do at work all the time. That doesn't count at all.

It has to be something new, different, challenging, etc..
And that's what the Pickup artist community / personal development/Tony Robbins did for me.
I have stepped into the ring with Highly Trained Martial artist, Boxers, Kickboxers and Muay Thai Fighters!! And that was one of the Scariest things I ever did!! Playing football on the level I played was very terrifying as well... Now wrestling is a painful sport but no where near as dangerous as Kickboxing or Football... Now let me tell you, I was surprised at how Dangerous Kickboxing was, way more than Football.
And Believe it or not but "Airborne" school, jumping out of airplanes was not that bad to be honest. No where near what combat sports fighting was.
But the Scariest thing of all the things I ever did in my life, was Picking up on Women. Absolutely Terrifying. Mystery did a lot of workshops and trainings and at his height he was coaching guys who were Jet Fighter Pilots who fought in the Iraq & Afghanistan wars.
And they admitted that Approaching and Picking up on women was the Scariest thing they ever did!!
I have to agree!! It's terrifying or at least was... Now it's easy....
For years I would force myself to go to night clubs, bars, coffee shops, cafe's and even grocery stores or macy's, nordstroms and Approach, approach, approach!!!
I would make myself approach at least 5 women in 1 hour at a cafe. Then go to another cafe.
1 of my goals was simply to just get over opening conversations with women. And the next goal was to actually get into an interesting conversation that lasted more than 5 minutes...
And this took all the pressure off of me because I was not there to "Do a Pickup!" I just wanted to develop the ability to have conversations with people.
It was the best thing I ever did!! Now I can go anywhere in the world, clubs, restaurants, Political Meetings, Gatherings, parties, friends, even children birthday parties and I feel comfortable in a crowd of people and enjoy myself.
Before I was scared, had anxiety and simply was to nervous. So what did I do? I did what a lot of guys do. I hid in my own small tiny little group. I would only socialize with guys who had similar interests, values and who were basically shy and timid socially!!!
Do Not Kid YOURSELF. Social Power, Social Influence, Simply having the Ability to enjoy yourself Socially is The #1 Biggest thing you will ever have to overcome and develop in life!! Period.
Now I can talk to Multi Millionaires, Doctors, Powerful People of Influence, Political people in Power, sit down at Lunch with the Likes of Tony Robbins and feel totally comfortable...
By the way Tony Actually invited me to Lunch 2 times and dinner at a few of this seminars. And I have spoken with Tony 1 on 1 for an hour 2 different times at his seminars... it was Awesome!!
The point is, to Live an Amazing Life!!
And all you have to do is 1 simple thing.
"Do 1 thing that scares you every day!"
You have to be willing to step outside of your boundaries and go places, do things out of your normal range of influence. If you do this 1 single thing, Your Life will change. And you will become a much more Powerful Person for it!!
How to Live a Powerful Life
Take charge of your life and "Step into your Power"
This is what MGK International is All about!
And now you know how to change your life:

Do one thing that Scares you Every Day To Gain Social Power and Success in Life.

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