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Did you Take on Someone Else's Shame? | Emotional Healing

Did you Internalize Shame | Emotional Healing

Are they Evil or are they Suffering just as much as you are?

There's a Great Danger in thinking all Personal Development Work or Spiritual Healing is simply about Being Positive! 

It's not about being Positive! It's about Uncovering, Rooting up your deepest Hurts, Emotional Wounds and Sufferings so you can Go Deep Into them and Heal! It is the only way you can Heal yourself on a deep, deep level. Otherwise you will go through this life an empty and disconnected soul! 


 I say Fight Through, Dig Deep and find your Pain and your Suffering and Bring light unto that which you have hidden so deeply inside your Dark Side and bring to light that which is your dark side! It is the only way you will ever heal the Core of who you truly are! 

Enter the Darkness for you are The Light! For you are the Light Bringer!

If you look out into space, that's exactly what it is, literally tons and tons of space! 

You are concentrated energy which produces light! You are the Light Bringer!

Bring your Light unto your Dark side and enlighten that which you have hidden out of shame and hurt. But! Do it with Love and Self Compassion and you will have the winning combination to heal your heart and soul and your emotions.

Spiritual Awakening is not easy... 

It's the Scariest, Saddest, Loneliest most Humiliating, Shameful Series of Life Long Steps you will ever take in your entire life and possibly your entire soul....

If you are reading this you have come to this life time to heal your Universal, life long past lives of all the hurt, shame and fear you have taken on!

The Good News is that this is the Greatest, most Loving thing you will ever do in all of your Lives combined dating all the way past the beginning of time!

It was in this lifetime that you Chose to come back down to heal your heart and your emotions!

 Love and Embrace and Become Best Friends with your Dark side!

For only you can Love, Embrace and Heal you! 

It is not possible for anyone else to heal your dark side and embrace it. 

You Must Love You!!!!! This is what it's all about!!!!

All I do is create a Safe, Healing space for you to be safe in to begin this journey inward, inside your Heart of Hearts your Soul of Souls so you can "FIND YOUR - SELF!"

I will Show you the Way! I will even walk with you side by side with my sword and shield in hand! You can do this!

This Journey is not about me finding your Internal Self, your Heart within. This Journey is "Your Magnificent Journey into Finding and Reconnecting with your Magnificent Self Within!" 

Because once you do, you will truly Awaken to your Internal Power! 

It's scary to enter the Darkness... Trust me... I know!!! 

But I promise you this! This will be the Greatest Journey of all your Life Times Combined. This is the Journey of all Journeys. This is your Lord of the Rings Journey! This is your Epic Tale... You are already on this Journey.

You go to the movies watching and thinking, "I wish I had an Epic Journey like that." Well my friend you are already on it.

If you think you found this blog by chance, well, then you would be very wrong! This is a part of your Epic Journey into your self.

The Greatest Distraction

The Clues are being laid out for you and the coaching and healing modalities are here for you!

Example: Why you need to enter the Dark Side!

Because the dark side are all of your parts you have rejected and pushed aside and shoved down and refused to deal with let alone be with by constantly pushing them down by over working, chasing women, doing drugs, drinking constantly, staying up all night watching youtube video's and on and on... 

These parts I am talking about are your children inside of you! They are scared, little, very young children, very, very young... and you have rejected them viciously...

Turn Around 

Simply turn around and embrace your hurt, your pain your suffering because nobody else can do it for you! These are your children!!!

Stop pushing your children off to someone else to Love! They want your Love! They are literally of and from YOU!!!!!!!! They Need YOU!!!! So Open up and Love YOU!!! 

Put time aside just for you! Just sit and be with you physically and emotionally!! Take real time aside every week, every day if you can and just be with your "SELF!"

And start telling yourself and these children and emotions inside you, "I Love you! I am here for you now! I'm doing the best I can. Be patient with me! We can do this! We are beginning to heal. It's okay! I am sorry! I Love you!" 

Literally Hold, Hug and Embrace yourself and start saying good things to yourself!

The longer you Reject, Ignore and even Shame, Hurt those tiny children inside of you, the more you and they suffer. The suffering will never, ever go away as long as you Look the Other Way! The Shame and suffering will never heal if you look to alcohol, marijuana and or any external distraction! 

I am not saying you can not enjoy life and have some wine or beer or anything! That is not what I am saying!

Sometimes going fishing and being in a quiet setting is just what you need to Ponder and think and be with yourself. Mowing the lawn sometimes, picking weeds, cleaning the kitchen can be a very therapeutic thing if it gets you to be with yourself and ponder... 

So what is the Greatest Distraction?


Lying is the Greatest Distraction you will ever encounter! 

I remember after I had Awakened... the Greatest thing that stood out to me was how much people lie to themselves and each other!

Let me tell you this... 

I do not care if you lie to me or someone else.... But please, please do not lie to yourself! 

Once you go down this path you will begin to spiral out of control and trying to find yourself from this place is a very, very hard thing to do... 

If you use anything from Alcohol to Drugs to Over Working to Sleeping Around to Being Totally locked onto some diet or regiment and you don't put time aside for yourself; Meaning putting time aside to Meditate, Pray Deeply to simply be "WITH YOUR - SELF", then you are using all of those things to run away from yourself.

And this is why you got all Fucked up in the first place! 


Absolute Love and Compassion for Your - SELF!!!

 You want to become a better Person because if you don't, you just continue the spreading of the hurt and pain and suffering to others! 

So take time and start taking your own side! Yeah! Be on your side and become your own best friend. 


By having absolute Love and Compassion for yourself! 

Take into the darkness with you Love and Compassion. 

So when you are feeling emotionally hurt or scared or ashamed, then have compassion for that and be with those emotions, stay with them! Do not turn on the TV or anything.,.. shut your phone off and go to bed or lay in the grass and cry with yourself and have Loving, Compassionate emotions for yourself! 

The More Love you Have for yourself the More Love you bring into the World.

This is the Goal.... 

So, Did you Take on Someone Else's Shame and Internalize it?

I would absolutely surmise that yes you absolutely did!

Let me Explain.... 

In Applied Psychology class we learned something that I thought was very, very valuable. 

See, we are actually balls of energy. Sadly we were covered with dirt and muck and yuck, negative energy, taught lies and covered with Fear and Darkness!

See, my job and your job is to begin to face these dark hurts and pain and begin to heal them and integrate them to become One with us. The more we do this the brighter and clearer we and our light becomes! Until we begin to shine brightly!

It is our Light that Shines that will begin to heal the Planet!

And the Inward Journey suddenly becomes the Most Worthwhile Journey of our entire Life Times! 

It's the Whole, Entire Reason why some of us are here! 

It's why you have read this far for sure!


Mike Kollin

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