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Destroying the Narcissist | Super Heyoka Empath

Destroying the Narcissist is my Mission

Hello and Welcome to my page and my Blog! I'm Mike Kollin!

I am a Super Empath / Heyoka Healer! And I am a Warrior!!

For those of you who think Light Workers, Healers, Energy Healers were meant to be all nice, kind and weak, you would be wrong!

We are in a Battle of the Ages! 

We are in the Spiritual Battle of All Times that will End Times, meaning the time we were in, and bring us into the New Time! 

The Light is Here! The Light is Shining down on the Planet and it is Awakening the Empaths, the Light Workers and it is revealing our Mutual enemy! The Covert Narcissists that have reigned on this planet for ages all based on lies, deception and hiding behind scary masks!

They are Fake! They are Weak and they are falling... 

The Light is Awakening the Empaths and Empowering the Super Empaths and Heyoka's and Releasing the Eagle Scorpio's on the planet!

The light is shining on the Narcissists and that's why we are NOW seeing them everywhere! The light is even waking up your average person to also seeing the Narcissists and revealing the Narcissist and his sick and twisted ways of destroying good hearted Peoples Lives, families, relationships and children!

Super Heyoka Empath Light Worker Mike Kollin

This is me Working with Laotian Buddhist Monks

For over 30 years I have been working with, healing from and studying with Buddhist Monks from Laos, working with Energy Healers and Traveling the Globe learning from the Greatest Energy Healers, Teachers, Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Trainers!

I have Arrived! 

I have Graduated and Achieved and Completed another Cycle!

In the Astrology world I have Achieved the level of and Graduated from Scorpio Eagle:

And Now I have Entered the Next Cycle of the Scorpio - the Phoenix!


Why Do Demons Go into Narcissists | Stop Narcissist Abuse 


As an eagle, the Scorpio is becoming more of a spiritual being, trusting God to handle its affairs of revenge! 

I tell all my adversaries do not wish evil upon me, set spells or attack me in person, behind my back personally, spiritually or physically! I Guarantee you, it will reflect back to you 10 times worse! 

I tell this to everyone to help them avoid tremendous suffering unto themselves!

I am here to help heal those who are on their Spiritual Journey who are looking for a higher way, achieve a higher spiritual level of being to heal from their hurts, emotional and spiritual wounds!

If I have Crossed your path and have helped you in any way, be grateful and show tremendous respect and gratitude or be stung by the Phoenix from the burning sun! This is a suffering I would not wish on my worst enemy. Unfortunately it's my enemies who bring this upon themselves!

My Mission is for You to Achieve your Highest Potential

My Gifts and Skillset and My Mission is to help you Emotionally and Spiritually Heal and Achieve your Wildest Dreams and Move into your Life Fully Empowered and Actualized!

Healing from Narcissist Abuse | Click Image

Certified and Highly Trained Life Coach and Healer

NLP - Neuro-Lingustic Programming, Master Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy, Energy Healer, Reiki, Huna, Pranic Healing, Communication Expert and Love Coach!

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Thank you for the kind comment Divabe4Dawn!

Mike Kollin

I love you! Respect is all you will get from this Spirit!


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