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Dating tips and How to meet women using NLP & Hypnosis! Youtube Video

I think this video is Important!

I just had a client fly out from St. Louis, Missouri a few days after watching this video. He immediately bought my Book "Crack The Female Code", Called me and asked me a few questions, then 2 days later called me and immediately flew out to California to do a 5 day, 10 Session Training with me to learn my New Powerful Secrets on how to Understand women and Feel Comfortable with women.

This is a course that simplifies what's going on between men & women and how to take those understandings and feel very comfortable meeting and approaching women. 

It also teaches married men the Secret Art to Love and Romantic Seduction, How to Love a woman's heart! 

There is no other course on the planet that is this Effective or Powerful. 

Sign up now before my prices go up even more!! 

It's not easy to Learn. And it's not Cheap! 

Please enjoy the Video and get what you can out of it!

Thank you!



I've worked with men who have their Doctorate and Masters Degrees in communication & Psychology from Harvard, Berkeley, Standford, USC who all have been very surprised at what my teachings are all about!

I'm teaching something that is completely different from what the other experts are teaching you!

I'm going to walk you through the steps to get you more and more into this space that allows women to feel comfortable with you.

If you are married it's the #1 thing women need from you to feel grounded to feel calm. It will make her feel very safe!

And yea, for Single Men, I talk a lot about how to Attract women. How to draw women to you. There is a Power in this source once you connect to it. It's one thing to read it in a book, it's another thing to take a 1 on 1 session or come and show up at a workshop. Because in Person I can actually connect that with you. And it'll click, Ok? And from that point forward you'll know how to do this!

Come learn how Now:


So I was working with this monk. And he would do all these blessings. It was really cool. Whenever I would Leave the Temple I'd just feel so Wow, enlightened, Peaceful, I would just feel great. 

And I noticed that women would just be drawn to me. And I didn't know what was going on until I got it!! So he kept teaching this to me, teaching this to me! And one day, what happened was, he opened me up to my right brain in a much more Balanced kind of way. And man, it, one day it clicked and the light went on and it was like something like a, big window opened up. It was like I could see what was going on. And I started laughing Hysterically. 

I started having memories pop up from childhood. And my mom said "A" but I thought she said "B". And in that moment I realized she said this and not that. 

And I remembered elementary school and all these memories from childhood kept flying up into my memory  and I started laughing hysterically because I realized my entire life women were Saying A. But I thought they meant B. 

I started seeing what women meant. And that's what this course is going to do for you. And I will tell you 100% of my clients have had that same exact experience of memory after memory flying up. And, "Ohhhhh... I thought she said this, but she meant that." And that's what this course is about!

From mental communication to connecting emotionally to approaching sex. 

Women are the opposite of you!

If you want to understand women Please click this Link:  https://MikeKollin.com


Learning How to Meet women and Talk to women is a lot easier than you think, "Literally!" Because it's about letting go of your thinking and being much more Natural from within you! 

Women are the opposite of you when it comes to Romance, Love, Seduction & Sex! 

Remember, there's more to Dating tips and How to meet women using NLP & Hypnosis! Youtube Video

Come find the Hidden Secrets She's always wanted you to know!


Crack The Female Code | Best Way to Attract and Seduce Women Fast!!



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