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Dating and Relationship Coaching Vacation | Napa San Francisco California

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Take a Dating and Relationship Coaching Vacation

How's it going?

Right now it's Summer Time in California and it's Awesome! It's July and the weather is Absolutely Perfect! Evening is Warm and the day is Hot, between 81 Degree's to 89 Degrees.

Because we are Close to the San Francisco Bay it never gets to hot and cools down in the Evening!

Napa Valley Wine Country Vacation

Image of Beautiful Napa Valley at Sunset in the Summer. A Beautiful View of the Grape vines looking across the valley to the west into an orangish light. Mike Kollin Dating and Relationship Coach

Right now is the Absolute Best time to Take a Vacation in Northern California because the weather is Beautiful, Temperatures are Perfect and the air is Clean!

Right Now the Vines, Leaves and Grapes are turning colors and are absolutely Beautiful. If you have always wanted to Visit Napa Valley Wine Country, now is the time! 

I Grew up in Napa Valley my entire life and have lived in The Bay Area, San Rafael for 20 years! Now is the Perfect time to take an NLP Training, Dating / Relationship Coaching Training and Life Coaching Sessions in Person!

I can be your Tour Guide and also Life Coach and Dating and Relationship Coach!

Sausalito California San Francisco Bay Area Vacation

Beautiful image of Sausalito Hills, the San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate Bridge

I Live 10 Minutes from Sausalito and 35 Minutes from Napa Valley.

I've spent decades and almost my entire life in this entire area.

A Lot of clients when they come out to take the 5 to 6 day Men's Dating and Relationship Coaching Training, Crack the Female Code, they usually like to take at least a few trips to Sausalito, San Francisco and or Napa Valley!

Some like to add an extra day or 2 to just see the area and enjoy the amazing Sights, Wineries and Dining! 

We can also go to The Beaches, Walk Across the Golden Gate Bridge and even Santa Cruz Beach!

Come take your NLP Training, Life Coaching Vacation Now!!

NLP Training, Vacation, Life Coaching in purple blue image with image of Sausalito California to the right

I am an NLP Trainer, Master Hypnotherapist and Professionally Trained Life Coach

And I specialize in a Powerful New Discovery on how to Romance, Love and Turn women on by Melting their heart in the most Powerful way!

These Teachings are Mother Natures Hidden Teachings! 

Yes, there are very Powerful Understandings that are hidden from the Male Brain! 

And no one else is teaching these teachings at all!

These are Hidden Esoteric, Right Brain Teachings that are 180 Degrees the Opposite of the way a male thinks and processes information. This is why men and women do not understand each other! But you can Learn how!

Come take the Most Powerful Course on Dating, Relationships and Love!

Men's Dating Coach | How to Meet the Girl of Your Dreams | Attractive Young Couple laughing over a cup of coffee at a coffee house

Save your Marriage, Meet the Girl of your Dreams and Step into Your Power!

I am a Master of my Craft!

I am a Certified Master Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis. Certified Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy! NLP Trainer, Energy Healer and much more! 

I have spent over 30 years Mastering my craft putting my heart and soul into my work so you can get the Maximum Benefits!

Come take the funnest, most Powerful course on Dating, Relationships and Life!

This Course is so Powerful I absolutely Know it will Change your Entire life including your Dating and Relationship Life! 

I am so Certain I will offer you a Money Back Guarantee!!!

Change your Life Now and Start Living and Enjoy your Life to the Fullest!!

If you are looking for Life Coaching or Emotional Healing, that's all a part of the package in a Big way! 

See you soon!

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