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Girls like it when a guy lays down the law and set's boundaries like a Caveman… Raaaaaa…. A lot of guys are too soft with a girl, thus she thinks, rather feels you are too soft for the world. Ok, guys, this one is going to be quick and short, but extremely, extremely powerful!!! NOW, here's the deal. The Females right brain, hell even our right brain functions differently than the left male brain. And here is what I mean. When we are in the right brain, we are much more associated into the now! Ok, so what does that basically mean? It means, that she associates what she feels with you into the world! See, the left brain is the logical brain and is dissociated, rather disconnected from your feelings and or emotions, that's why when a person is in their logical brain, they can rationalize better. But, but a relationship is all about the emotions and feelings for both men and women! LOVE! So she goes into her right brain when in a relationship and with you and especially when romantic with you. Now here is 1 of the main differences between how men and women approach dating and relationships! Women are always testing to see if you are on your game, if you are mentally and emotionally tough enough to handle her shit! You know, all that arguing and fighting stuff. Why? Because if you can handle her mind games and catch her on her games and call her on her shit, then she has caught a winner! YES! CALL HER ON HER SHIT! And watch, closely, she will have a very subtle almost hidden grin! Because she is happy she found a smart man who has awareness! Now, right there is absolute key! What in the hell does that mean? Most men here this and here this and here this and have no clue what it means or, flat out completely misunderstand what it means and literally go in the complete opposite direction! Have you ever heard of the phrase from women, "He is in left field!" Now to all women, they know exactly what this means. To women, this is very direct! And yet, men have no clue what it means, because actually this is the hidden female coded language I keep talking about! In fact most men go further and further into left field to show her how he is the one guy who is not in left field! hahahaha... And trust me, women can see this clearly! hahaha... So what does it mean to be Aware and not in left field? Well, the left brain is the logical linear, narrow thinking and narrow vision brain. And this is where most men go when with a woman! It's an automatic caveman issue! Your mating system, which is in your instinctual brain, is right next to your hunter system. So, when your see a girl you like, you go into hunter mode right away, which shoots you into your linear, lock on system. Thus, you are in that narrow vision place, which, in the wild, jungle in the Caveman era is very, very dangerous. Buddy, you better be in your peripherals and see and hear and feel the danger all around you for at least a mile or so in a circle, not just straight ahead! Because, if you are locked onto her and a Saber tooth tiger is coming up from the side, you are dead freaking meat! When you go into your linear, lock down hunter mode and lock onto her and penetrate her eyes with you, it tells her mating system that you are dumb and you wouldn't survive in the jungle for one day let alone long enough to help her raise children! Thus she gets angry and scared and wants away, far, far away from you! Now here is the modern man's dilemma! He is always, always in his locked down, narrow minded and narrow visioned, linear brain. (Linear means in a line! Narrow!) That's when you are in your left brain and your pupils are tiny and closer together seeing only narrow in front of you! Now the modern male for the most part doesn't have to worry about lions, tigers and bears "OH MY!" But, #1 The female mating system is still searching for that male who is open to his right brain and his peripherals and #2 men who are linear, can be taken advantage of by other men who are smarter and open to their right brain, because the right brain is the brain that goes around the convention rules and figures out how to go over, under and around his left brain. So if you are in your intellect, logical, linear brain, you are 90% blind to the games men and women play with you! So the reason the females Cave/reptilian brain tests you and manipulates you and breaks the rules, etc. is to see if you are paying attention! Because in her mind, if she can manipulate you, out think you, then you are not a worthy mate, because if she can trick you, how in the hell can you possibly survive in the Big World with professional con artists? So, back to the beginning of how the female brain associates, which means it also Generalizes! So, let's say she can push you around mentally or emotionally. Then, what her brain does automatically is imagine and associate your wimpiness and kindness out into the world and she Generalizes that if you are this nice guy with her, then there is no way you can possibly survive out in the real world! Now here is the funny thing. The way the male was designed was to be gentle, loving and compassionate towards the female. So he is nice and kind and lets her get away with breaking the rules and lying to him, etc. etc. But her Cave girl brain is looking for a man who draws the line and has strong boundaries and calls her on her shit! And this makes her entire body melt with Ecstasy and makes her feel warm and safe with a her daddy! You think I am kidding? I am not! I know, I know, you are a man thinking WTF???? Seriously, women like it when you call them on their shit, yell when they cross the line and all that? My answer! Hell yes! In fact, let me put it this way! Your being nice to her and talking in a sweet, soft voice, gently touching her all the time, especially when she is challenging you and testing you is a major, major fail and this will irritate the shit out of her! Now, you are probably saying, so how am I supposed to know when she is testing me, how do I know when to be Masculine, Aggressive and Strong with her? Well my friend, that is what 1/3rd of the course is about. For now, just know that having strong boundaries and sticking to them will earn you all her love, affection and respect! If you don't have boundaries and she walks all over them and you don't enforce them, she will lose all love and respect for you! IF you don't believe me, feel free to ask any, any, any woman who has the balls to be upfront and honest with you to tell you the God's Honest truth! I will expand on this chapter in my book and more in my course and physically teach you how to deal with these types of situations in a way that will melt her heart and have her say, "My Hero!" P.s. Hero's are not wimps! Mike Kollin Your Love and Relationship Coach Male to Female Communication Expert 415 456 8558 Feel Free to give me a call for a 30 minute free consultation to ask more about my course and discoveries!
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