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Crack the Female Code: The Unconscious Mistake you’re Making with Women!

99% of guys out there are doing one major thing wrong when it comes to attracting women!

And they’re not even conscious about it.

What I’m talking about is them chasing her.

…they call her all the time.

…they buy her drinks.

…they try to get her attention.

And so on.

The truth is, that her sexual mating system is being turned off by such behavior.

You need to understand her perspective. 

Let me give you an example…

When you meet an attractive woman in a bar and start spending hundreds of dollars on her…

…she’s going to get pissed off.

Why? Because all she thinks is:

“Oh, okay jerk, you think you can pay for my love … you think you can get me to sleep with you by buying me drinks.”

And most guys have no clue — but this is not what she’s looking for.

She’s looking for a guy that she can chase.

And to be able to do that you need to understand her perspective.

Stop doing it the male way — her female mating system is wired to a different part of her brain.

And did you know that…

There’s a hidden language that triggers her mating system to make her want to sleep with you.

In my Crack The Female Code eBook I show you exactly how to do that.

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Take care,

Mike Kollin

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