Crack the Female Code | How to Win at the Game of Love ❤️

Did you know that Men and Women literally speak 2 completely different Languages! 🔥🔥

But it sounds like we are speaking the same langauge because we speak our native language ie. English etc.

Underneath / within any language you speak, Italian, German, Spanish, English, etc. we are literally using 2 separate languages.

#2 We also use 2 completely different processors to process and communicate language!


Processor B the left brain gives a different meaning, and I mean completley different meaning to the same words we speak! So if she says A out of her Right Brain he takes those same words over to his left brain and processes them through the logical filter and is hearing B. And he will Argue to the Death that she is Saying Be when in Fact she is saying A!!!!!!!!

So if she is saying A. But you are Hearing B. then what?
Answer: Yelling, Screaming, Hurting each other, Accusing each other, Ripping each others hearts out!! Divorce!!!!! 🔥🔥

You think she is being a pain in the Ass!!! But she's not!! She's fighting for the Relationship!!!! She's fighting for you! But you are not even hearing that!!!

The Only Course on the planet that Teaches the Answer to this Dilemma is my course: Crack the Female Code!

She needs you to hear her, understand her in the right Brain way!


Love is Emotional, Feelings... Love is a Deeper form of Hidden Communication within the Heart ❤️
I will Teach you How!

This is how she knows you understand her on a deeper, more meaningful and emotionally fulfilling way!

Meaningful and Emotional Fulfilling are the World to a Woman!!!
This is what it's all about!!!

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