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Come learn how to be her Caveman so she can Surrender to you!


Come Learn how to be her Caveman So she can Open up and surrender to you and be your Cave girl....

What Most men don't realize, is they have to be a take charge kind of guy so she can trust that you will do the Caveman's job.

If you lose her trust in this area, she will take over and take charge. Sadly most modern men have simply lost their way due to a lot of factors!

And because of this women on a large scale simply can not be feminine and or natural anymore. What this causes is for her to leave her right female brain and go into her Logical, Linear, male brain and stay there!! 

You as a male do not have a choice in this matter! 

Once she has taken the lead it will take you months, actually 2 years for her to Truly Trust that you are going to do the man's job! Because otherwise you both will lose your home and children and struggle immensely!

Relationships are not a joke... 

This is a place of deep responsibility where you must pay attention to everything from her emotions and to where she is at emotionally to the children and how they are emotionally to the children's grades. Are the children being taken care of and well protected? Are the children minding their manners and being respectful?

And are you paying attention to all of this including taking care of the bills?

IF you are not, then she must go into her Logical Male Ruled Brain and take the lead from you! It's not a choice! This is Life and Death!!! And she knows it.

A Few years ago I was talking to my Hair Cutter who is from Mexico. And she was crying about her relationship. And I told her, "You have to understand, your husband is from Mexico and he needs to be respected. He wants a feminine wife."

She said, "But Michael he doesn't take care of the bills or the children or the calendar. He doesn't deal with the principle at school or the teachers when the children are having problems. I do all of that! I have to organize our schedule and schedule the billing payments because otherwise we would lose our home. He won't do it! I have to do all of that! We have plenty of money! He simply just doesn't do it!"

So I said, "Ohhhhhhhhh... so you have to go into your male brain the organization brain to take care of the bills, children, make appointments and all of that logical, linear stuff?"

She cried and said, "Yes! I want to be feminine but I don't have any choice!!!! I have to take charge of everything!!! Otherwise we will lose our home and the children won't have anyone there for them!"

I realized at this moment how many women who got a divorce, who were taking care of the household, bills, dealing with the school administration all on their own and how they have to by force go into their Left, Logical brain and society doesn't understand why they are so take charge, etc...

They are told they are cold or pushy or bitchy, etc! Well! Your damn right!!! She has Children to take care of and a home to tend to! Period!!!

So I said, "If he starts to take charge of things and take care of the bills and schedule and teachers and children, etc. will you be able to let go and surrender and open up to him once again?" 

She cried and said, "No!!!" I said, "Why not?" She said, "Because I don't trust that he will follow through and do it for more than a month or a few times."

I said, "How long will it take you to be able to trust him again to take care of the bills and everything?" She said, "He can't just do it one time or once in a while or when he's in the mood? He has to do it consistently for me to be able to trust him once again to where I can let go and open up to him again and be feminine!"

I said, "How long will that take? A few weeks, a few months?" She said loudly, "No!!! It will take at least 2 years or more for me to trust him to where I can let go of the worry that he is taking care of the bills and leading family!"

If you have ever been in the pickup artist community or married to a woman for a long time, you know that women constantly test you! They are not being a pain in the ass for no reason. They are not testing you simply to bug you!


They Need to Know you are taking care of the Man things that you are supposed to be taking care of!!!

I guarantee you even after 2 years, she is still going to check in with him and test him multiple times to make sure he's taking care of business and paying attention. 

See Caveman! It's your Job! It's your duty to Consistently take care of business and tend to the families needs, mentally, emotionally, financially, taking care of the bills, scheduling, comforting the children and more... 

It's your Job, it's your responsibility to create an environment where she can truly trust fully and completely so she can Open up and relax and be the lady you first fell in Love with!

That's your Job!!! 

So take on the Responsibility Caveman and be the toughest son of a bitch you know and Man the Fuck up and lead!!! Period!!!

You don't have any other choice if you want to live a happy family life!!!

Sadly most men pay more attention to where their dog is at emotionally than they do to their family or especially their wives. If you just do this same thing and nature the relationship by paying attention, she will open up and willingly surrender to you with an open heart and she will stand by your side!

But you have to do your job FIRST!!! PERIOD!!!

It's a Labor of Love

A long time ago my Pastor told me it's like tending to horses or farm animals. You have to feed the, care for them, pet them and tune into them to make sure they are not sick or injured or scared. It's a labor of love!

I have found that men who are famers and deal with livestock, horses and other animals tend to be very, very tuned in, almost quiet like and have learned how to listen and pay attention to what's going on. 

So if you are going to get married, bring children into this world, Then Man up! Take on the Challenge for life, every day!!! Do your Job!!!


A Romantic Love So Powerful She Can't Resist!

Come find the Hidden Secrets She's always wanted you to know!




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