Change your Story, Change your Life! Dating, Relationships & Life Coaching tips! San Francisco

Change your Story, Change your Life! Dating, Relationships & Life Coaching tips! San Francisco

This is a Big One! Ok, where do I start with this one? Well, first of all, this is the most important thing to understand in life! In fact, I personally believe that truly understanding what this means is the entire purpose you and I are here in this life! Well, what do I mean? Beyond a Shadow of a doubt, whether you are in a painful or unfulfilling relationship, dealing with every day life issues or a single guy or gal who can't seem to meet that special person, beyond a shadow of a doubt, you need to change your story! Now, this is not as easy to understand as it first seems! hahaha... In fact, I just got it!!!! For years and years personal development coaches have taught me this and spoke to me about this to me. Even Tony Robbins personally talked to me about how I needed to Change my story! And, I agreed! Yet until vey recently, I didn't really, really, really get it! I didn't really understand it! Every Psychologist, every therapist, every life coach, Tony Robbins, even myself are all trying to help you change your Story! It's that freaking important! In fact, even George Lucas the maker of Star Wars, Producers, every single expert you can think of, comedians, NLP Trainers, Hypnotherapist, all of are doing everything in our power to help you change your story!

Change your Life Story NOW!!!

And Begin to Live an Amazing Life!!!

  Does your life suck? ARE you in emotional or spiritual pain? Are you Super Sad or Super Depressed? Does any area of your life hurt, cause you pain or frustration? "THEN CHANGE YOUR LIFE STORY!!!!" Ok, there you go! That's it! Better now? Oh wait, you don't know how to change your life story? Oh! Well that sucks! hehe... Ok, so what do I mean change your life story or simply what is your life story? What does that freaking mean? Well, what it means, is the images, pictures you have in your head that you are thinking of or imagining! It means the internal dialogue you have inside with yourself! It means the way you use your body! You are actually in charge of all of that! And you know what, You can change all of that! And those are the 3 things that create your life!!! If you change those, then you absolutely will change your life story!! Change your Physiology! Stand up taller, walk with more purpose and strength, breath deeper, speak louder, talk with a sense of purpose and certainty! Dream again! Start Fucking Dreaming of how awesome it would be to get more of what you already have! To get more of what you really want! From more love to more respect to greater financial status to whatever in the hell it is you want, need or desire! Your imagination is what creates your body language, your tonality, everything. So start imagining yourself in a much greater light of possiblity! See yourself as being much greater! And start talking to yourself in a much more empowering and self fulfilling way! I tell you what I started to do a few years ago and it has absolutely changed my attitude on a Daily basis! I am constantly telling people how Awesome I am! How awesome my life is! I'm Awesome and I know it! And sure enough within days to weeks I actually began to feel much more Awesome. And suddenly I started turning this ship around! And I really really needed to do that... I was barely functioning, struggling after being ran over by a car and suffering multiple bone breaks, injuries and head trauma... so I said, "Fuck it! What do I have to lose?" And the answer was, "Nothing!" So I started talking to myself in a much more Loving, kind, empowering and supportive way! And now I am much more like that on a Daily basis! You know what else it means? It means the books you read, the articles on yahoo or on the internet that you read. It means the video's you watch on Youtube or whatever. I means the movies you go and watch! I also means the conversations you have with people! But most importantly, it means the stories you constantly tell and or share with people about your present life and your past, because your past paints your future if you don't change that! But, if you change the "Way" you talk about your past, you literally change your present and your future story! You begin to recreate your life's story and suddenly begin to steer it in the direction you want to take it! Now isn't that Fucking Awesome???? I Love that!!! And that's the realization that I just had very recently that completely shifted everything for me! Holy Shit! I mean, here I have been going along reading and re reading these books in personal development, NLP, taking these very expensive seminar trainings, even having a few 1 on 1 lesson's with the Man Tony Robbins Himself! And yet, I didn't quiet get it, but didn't realize it until NOW!!! I thought I got it, but I didn't! But now I do and let me help you understand what it is and how Powerful it is to take back your power! Now if you think taking back your power means taking power from someone else or beating someone else down or belittling them or dominating them, you are completely on the wrong page! hahahaha... that's just a waste of time, because that's not it! Ok, I am just going to hammer away here and give you a few real life examples that will help you better understand what this really is! But First: Become the kind of person who talks about his dreams and his/her goals and wishes and wants... talk about new idea's, new thoughts, new discoveries, new products new things that will better your life and the lives of people around you... Start a New Fucking Hobby! Change, shift, move, walk different paths, take different ways! Do anything to change your life! Change your patterns!

"Internal Dialogue"

Well, about 5 years ago, I was at a club in San Francisco and I just couldn't meet a girl for the life of me! Here I was a Pickup artist coach, singles / relationship coach and I was having the worst night of my life! hahahahaha... (See, I can laugh about it now because I changed the story! I'll explain later!) Well, Pissed Off, I went outside, walked up the street about 3 blocks and over 2 blocks and I found this church with this big cement thing. I climbed onto it and just sat there fuming! Hahahaha... I then actually began to pray powerfully! I was like, "Son of a Bitch!!!! Why??? Why??? Why is this happening again??? I just want to have a good night!" I prayed so hard, I got so damn focused it literally took me into another state of mind! I just completely, out of no where calmed completely down and just let go. And then out of no where this thought came to me. It was something I have heard a thousand times, more than a thousand times before, I read it books, Tony Robbins Seminars, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. The thought that came to me was, "Change your Internal Dialogue. Change the internal talk and what you are saying to yourself!" Now, at the moment, I was like Yeah, whatever! And then I suddenly realized I was saying horrible, shitty things to myself! And all those Tony Robbins Seminars, books, coaches, NLP and Hypnosis trainings, all those years of studying personal development, psychology, communication, Linguistics, I never, ever, ever once actually believed that changing what you say to yourself internally could work! I just never, ever believed that Internal dialogue could do a damn thing! Yeah, yeah, I totally believed in Tony Robbins, The Amazing Teachings of Jesus and Buddha and NLP, but for some reason I just couldn't for the life of me believe that saying positive things to myself internally could actually work! But here I was all alone, sitting on the stoop of this scary church with a Gargoyle behind me (Statue) and I finally said, "Fuck it, why the fuck not? What the hell do I have to fucking lose? Seriously?" Now, here is the really good thing about me that really made this pay off for me Big Time! I learned a long time ago in sports that if you do anything 1/2 ass, it won't work! So, I said again, "Fuck it!" And I went for it full on, 100%, Full speed ahead, Rocket Power like a fucking Exploding Volcano! I not only shifted my internal dialogue, I also shifted the images in my mind. I imagined the moment I walked into the room suddenly the room would shift and all these chicks would try to talk to me, walk up to me, touch me, chat me up, etc. etc. And then what I remembered was what this former friend / casual acquaintance use to constantly say out loud wherever we went. hahahaha... He would say, "Yeah, she wants me! That chick wishes she could have me! She wants to fuck me! She wishes she could have me!" hahahaha... Now for years, I was like, "OMG, what an arrogant ass this guy was!" And of course I would never do such a thing. (Big Mistake) But you know what, there I was sitting on that stoop, all alone with a freaking scary damn Gargoyle with it's fangs hanging over me and said, "WHY NOT!!!!???" "Just Do it!!!" And you know what? I did! I got up and like the well trained athlete, I did it to the absolute fullest! As I was trained in NLP and Tony Robbins, I looked up, made a huge great big smile, breathed deeply 10 times, shook my arms and legs out. Then walked swiftly with purpose and determination, breathing deeply the entire way, and then intensely said (Internally), "Those chicks want me. They wish they could meet a guy like me! Yeah, like they could ever have me. It's going to take a really special girl to even talk to me!" By the time I got back the club, I was feeling soooooooooooo good. And I was like Damn, this stuff really works! Ha! But then the moment I strode in front of the door, I did a negative self/internal talk and said, "This can't work!" hahaha... can you believe that? hahaha... but then I said, "What do you have to lose? Here you are a personal development coach and you always tell people how awesome NLP and everything you learned is, yet you are not fully applying it! Fuck it Mike!!! Just go for it! Just do it!!! Why not! If it doesn't' work, then you can quite tomorrow and throw in the damn towel!" And for some reason that just took off all the pressure from me and I just let go and said fuck it, who cares! So I walk into the club and the first thing I said to myself internally was, "She wants my cock! She wishes she could fuck me. Maybe I'll let her touch my arm. Nah, maybe I'll just let her say Hello and then walk on!" hahaha... and you know what? Hahaha.. it happened... she literally reached over and touched me and said, "Hi!" I immediately pulled back and said, "Whoa, whoa... now who said you can touch me?" And she just giggle and smiled with her girlfriends... And then I noticed, all these girls were smiling at me and checking me out... and I was like WTF??? And you know what I did? Internally I said, "They all wish they could have me!" hahahaha.. I DID!!! Aaaaahhhhh... life is Awesome Again!!! To say the least, I had the night of my life... I was so damn cocky and just living it up! It was a trip! At one point of the night, I was at the bar talking to some friends and all these chicks kept walking over to talk to me, smile at me and get my attention. And then this guy reached over and said, "Dude!!! Hey!!! You've Got the Mojo Tonight!!!" I said, "What?" He said, "Tonight, the energy is on you, you are the man tonight! Can't you feel it?" I looked at him and said, "Is it that obvious?" And he said, "Yeah!!!" And then another pretty girl squeezed through the crowd and gave me a big kiss on the Cheek! And hugged me big time! It was a really awesome night to say the least! And that night was one of the most moving learnings I had in my entire personal development career! "Internal dialogue, internal pictures and images, self talk actually freaking work! I mean, come on!!! hahaha.. Who knew??? Who would have possibly known that something as easy as better internal talk, imagining better images like girls kissing me, smiling at me, giving me there numbers actually would work? hahahaha... I mean, seriously, that night was a trip, complete mind blowing experience. It was like the kind of night you would or could only dream of. You know, the kind you see in the movies where these other, perfect guys get the girl and has all the fun! The next morning, for the first time in my entire life, I had to finally admit that there was something to this Internal dialogue / self talk stuff and using better images and your body/physiology better! What I am trying to get you to Learn here and Understand here, is that your actual, real life Power is within, literally inside you. It's the way you think, picture, imagine and do self talk and the way you use your body language. Do you walk slow, talk slow, look down, frown? Well, that's what you are going to get. Or, do you look up, smile brightly, breath deeply, sit up tall, walk with purpose, with a stride? Do you imagine wonderful things happening to you? Do you say wonderful things are happening or going to happen? Well, do you? Then start doing it now! Well, you might have thought, that at this point I was completely sold on this "Internal dialogue, visualization stuff" right? Well, not exactly and I finally realized why and what was going on. See, this night, this one set of "Internal skills" was just 1 piece of the puzzle! I mean, I kept doing this and when I really, really focused on it and did it 100%, it worked! Now get out there and start being kind to yourself and envision and say it the way you want it! Change your life Story inside you! Sincerely Yours, Mike Kollin

Be the Hero of your Own Story

- Joe Rogan
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