"Find the Balance of Life Within"

How to Be in the Zone - Dating, Relationships & Communication take Balance.

The Easy way to Dating, Relationships & Communication!

Great Read on when a guy wants to approach and talk to a girl and gets nervous.
Most guys are not in the zone and don't realize they need to be. Thus they get nervous and fail... Life is all about Balance and Learning the Art of "Letting Go" - Go with the Flow and enjoy the experience.

What I am attempting to at least express in this blog, is that Most men don't have a clue what Balance is!

First of all, Balance means life becomes Easier! 

It takes Work to gain Mastery

 Athletes who compete on very, very high levels know what balance is and what it takes to achieve it. In fact most people who have competed to at least some high degree where they were committed to getting real results have had at least some level of this know! Those who don't or didn't, don't know!

In fact, as I write this blog, I realize any man or woman who has had to achieve greatly in life has on some level achieved balance or equilibrium. 

As I am writing this right now, I am thinking of a male Businessman because most men simply don't get it. Except for those who are forced to or who have chosen fields, where in order to achieve greatly they have to develop themselves vs. just simply being male and forcing things and plowing.

I find that the clients, male clients who greatly receive and understand my teachings are the one's who understand a few things before walking in the door! 

#1 It takes work, real work.

These clients who have competed on a high level or men who have achieved greatness in other areas of life, business, etc. know that it takes a lot of practice.

* Please, let me repeat! "It takes lots and lots and lots of Practice!" 

They understand that finding that Equilibrium or Balance in anything in life takes a level of focus, effort and practice again and again and again and again.

Most of my clients come in and practice a few times. And worse, some of them think, "Oh, I've got it, when they are only at 1%. Guys, we are minimally striving for at least 90% success level at least! So you need to get back to work!

Now, each step forward you move, the easier it becomes. So keep moving. Apply, apply, apply! Take Action, Take Action, Take Action, over & over & over & over  - UNTIL you succeed and gain a Real Level of Mastery!! 

In my course, it will come, but you have to do the work! 

#2 Balance takes Relaxation. 

One of the things I Emphasize to my male clients, is it takes balance. And balance takes time and practice and effort... Most men are so far out of balance, they don't even know what balance means, or that they are completely out of whack to one side, "Literally!" 

Step into your Power Be Balanced 


Most women are very Aware of this. At the very least they are aware that it's about finding that space to relax, open up and let go!

For men, almost everything is 1 way! It's like They are still operating from the Caveman Brain but don't know it. Because it's all they know! I'm not kidding! 

Athletes, Sports, Karate, Martial Arts, Work, Family, Relationships and Life all take Balance! Balance is Absolutely Key to your Happiness, Wealth and Success; especially in Relationships.

So you want to go fast, you want to become Rich and Successful and you want to Meet the Girl of your Dreams and Sweep her off her feet? 

Well, you are in Good Luck! 

Because my entire course is not about Picking up on women or meeting the girl of your Dreams. That would be completely out of balance!

My Course is about "You Finding You Within You! Literally!" This will draw her to you! And show you how to Understand her, Love her and Communicate more effectively with her! 

If you can't find you, then you can't find Her! If you can't find You, then you can't find Happiness! If you can't find You, then you can not and will not find Success in any area of your life! That is just the way life was built and designed, to push you Beyond - Beyond until one day you find that Sweet Spot; the You inside you! But it takes searching, learning, developing, curiosity and the willingness to let go of who you think you are.

My course is about Internal Communication, Not External Communication! Because she is inside. Success is Inside. Happiness is inside.  

My course is about Learning how to Balance yourself emotionally and become more Grounded Mentally and Emotionally! 

Because this is what she needs from you to feel Emotionally Close to you!

"Open your Mind & Look Within - Connect the Space Between"                   

- Mike Kollin

Once you learn these 2 things, Meeting women, attracting women and understanding women will allow you to learn how to Love her Deeply in a way that leaves her feeling whole and complete!

"Find the Balance - You Find the Power" - Mike Kollin

And once you Understand how to Understand women, Connect with women, Communicate effectively with women and Love women, suddenly the doorway to Success in Life, Sports and Happiness with others socially suddenly Happens! Because they are "Literally" One and the Same!

Once you can understand how to Love & Understand and Communicate with and Read women, you will succeed in Business because it is a Direct Parallel to sales and business and the like! 

No! Not by Osmosis, but rather by effort, diligence, and Experience! 

All of Life is One! I will prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt in my course! Life is One! You shall see! 

If you Can Find your True Self, then she will be naturally and instinctually drawn towards you! This is why Women are Powerfully Drawn towards very few men. Because very, very very Few men even have a clue what this means let alone have the ability to be in this space within! 

#3 If you are Struggling & working hard then you are out of Balance.

All true success is effortless. That doesn't mean you don't have to put in the work in order to find this level of balance. It simply means that once you truly find balance, it becomes more and more effortless. 

You want to go fast! I know that. And eventually you can and you will. The sooner you learn how to "Let Go" & "Open Up" the sooner you will be able to Go Faster and Achieve Greatness in any endeavor you choose! 

Just like a World Class Sprinter, or a Professional Boxer. You have to learn how to Relax and get in the Flow. To breath deeply, relax and let go. This is Power!

Mental, Physical & Emotional Balance

How to Talk to Women Balance and Power


Live in the Flow - This is Core 

Internal & External Balance!  

 Now, this entire blog was Dedicated to one person. A client who has a heart of gold yet is not quite open. 

Ladies, you were born using your Right Brain. You were born with a using both your Left & Right Hemispheres because the bundle of nerves between your left and right Hemispheres called the Corpus Callosum has a lot more nerve connections, so you can switch between left brain to right brain in an instant. Men? Well not so much.

So balance for you, ladies, is a part of your Life's Journey due to the fact that you are Open to both. And thus you swing from left to right all the time and learning how to balance this out over time is your STRENGTH!

He is not open, he is closed to singular, 1 sided, Logic. So he can't see or understand anything other than 1 way of communicating or 1 way of seeing things. His view is very limited to say the least! 

On a youtube channel there is this video about Consciousness and awakening. It talks about Physics and Science and Quantum Mechanics.

It's about Opening up. But most of the comments where a bit limited and rude, which is what happens when the Limited Mind, stuck in the Logical "Only" mind is Introduced to another way that is better, smoother, faster and more enjoyable not to mention more intelligent. And one person names Salaam commented. 

Salaam commented on a video on YouTube.
By looking at most of the comments, it seems that even after watching this, most people are totally not able to alter their consciousness and really aren't interested in doing so. You would rather remain in the war frequency or frequency of competition than go into the frequency of creation. Your just here for entertainment not expansion. This proves why the planet is in the condition it is in. Sad.

 When people are coming from a place of limitation or their smaller reptilian brain, which more than 80% of the population is coming from, it's called "The Rat Race. It is a very limited processor. Sure, it's very, very good at what it does. But what it does can lead to violence and domination and hurting a lot of people to the extent it doesn't realize what it's doing! 

What Salaam said is very, very true. 

To my client Eric War, violent communication and forcefully pushing your way of thought, belief unto others is Aggressive and will not attract anyone to you! Why? Because you are out of  balance. You have Zero balance.

You came to me for a better life! Then realize you are not even close to being there! Not even close! You have learned some amazing things. But remember! I told you, this course is "NOT" about a Logical Understanding. It's about learning how to "LET GO" & Open up to your Right Brain and process from there. This is where you will Truly find Your "SELF". And Within your "SELF" you will find your True POWER and Move forward in Life! 

It's an Emotional Understanding & Awareness

The Old way of who has more External Force is Over! It's all about Internal Power which most of the Female Society has and or at least is very aware of and are working on. Men? Well? Nope! 

And this is why women in the masses are Moving forward throughout the Modern World! Men are simply falling behind. 

Balance is Fluid & Natural - Not Controlled or Forced

The whole idea of My course is Balance...  It becomes very fluid and natural the more you do it... 

And Yes Ladies... this course will absolutely teach you and show you and help you balance your "Selves" and become more grounded on a much deeper level within mentally and emotionally! 

This course really Helps anyone to become more Core! More Solid energetically! 

And Guys Women are highly attracted to this in a Man when he learns how to open up to this & Connect to his inner self and be more emotionally grounded! 


#4 So you want to learn how to meet women.

 At first, it's so hard for men to speak from this space, the right brain.

They get nervous and scared and stumble with their words when it comes to talking to women. 

See, the male's very nature to want to meet women, attract women and get a girlfriend forces him by nature to open up to his right brain, because here's what happens. 

In the beginning when he's very young and for a very, very long time, he approaches her like he would to talk to any guy! And the backfires massively but he doesn't know why. She gets mad, irritated and eventually walks off. And this hurts him emotionally very, very deeply! 

So the search, journey begins. Ultimately he believes, through experience, it's about being submissive to her and he is willing to surrender his soul and right to live for Love and Sex. Which of course turns women off after a while. 

But after losing girlfriend after girlfriend, wife after wife, divorce after divorce, he simply breaks down One Day & Finally Opens up, "Let's Go" and realizes there must be a Better way!

So after taking my course he begins to understand, learn and see this! 

In the beginning he can simply & only open up. So at least they can listen from this space and actually understand. That's the first step. But when I ask them to speak from this right brain space, they automatically out of habit Go into their logical, linear brain and speak from there. And suddenly they are out of it. They are not grounded. 

Like I said, "It's all about Balance, it takes practice and the willingness to let go."

It's about opening up to your Right brain and holding your ground yet at the same time speaking & coming from this Internal Space. 

And this is what the entire course is about

 Being in the Zone - Dating & Relationships & Communication take Balance.

That's where it's easy to walk, talk, flow in conversations and emotions, and get along with people.

"Best Wishes Future Jedi Masters"                                                      




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