Glossy Black Honda Prelude | Honda Vtec Engines Video

Been Looking at Honda Vtec Engines for my Car! Fun!

Beautiful Glossy Black Honda Prelude | Honda Vtec Engines Video

Beautiful Honda Prelude | Vtec Engines for Fun!

The Last Few Weeks I have been Super Busy Rebuilding my Website, posting on Social Media and Making a Major shift in my Personal Life dealing with Energy Healing / Clearing on a Deep, Deep Level... 

It's the toughest thing I have ever had to  deal with but it's the Most Beautiful Experience in Life!

I've been having fun Looking into a Better Engine or a Fun engine to rebuild to put into my  Del Sol. I have come to Love that Car and now it's a Fun Hobby! 

Love you all... 💖

Warning This is Loud

You have to Find Hobbies you Thoroughly Enjoy and Can't get Away from. It's Great for the Spirit and it's an Expression of  your Passions in Life!

Get Some!!

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