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Because we Live & Because we Die! | We Love that's Why

Why do I teach a course on Love! Because we live & Because we die! That's why... 

I found out my Best Friends son Passed away earlier today. We need to Learn how to Love Now.



I've been crying for hours walking by the water line along the San Francisco Bay!

Love makes no sense
Love has no name
Love drowns you in tears and then sets your heart on fire
Love has no fear, love has no reason

So Remember to Love for No Reason! 

There's so, so, so many reasons why I teach this course on Love!

At a very young age I lost a lot of friends within a 5 year period... 18 friends passed away in high school... Then the next year my 4 best friends passed away in an accident... 

I've never been the same since... 

I grew up watching my mother and father rip each other apart!

Years fighting with my girlfriend in our 20's, no matter what I did she was never happy. My high school girlfriend's brother passed away when we were in 9th grade... 

Death was all around me growing up... 

And you don't have to suffer and struggle and feel heartache like I did or my parents due to misunderstandings on all levels!!

My Older Brother one day said to me after our older sister yelled at him about getting his life together. Except he did have his life together. He always payed his bills, had 2 jobs and was Living the life most people would only dream of... he was living it up to the fullest... 

He was the Happiest person in the world... 

He said to me, "Michael! Out of everyone you know, who's the happiest?" I said, "Well that's obvious, you are!" He then said, "Michael, you don't know when you are going to die! You need to find a way to be happy and enjoy the time you have here!" 

Funny thing is my Friend who passed in high school said something very similar to me, "I know you are winning all those championships & getting good grades, but are you happy?" That question threw me for a loop that rang in my head for 10 years until I finally got it! 

But it was in my ear as my Brother was saying the same thing.,.. it was just after my friend passed, maybe 2 or 3 years, that my brother said this to me,.... All I could think of was all those friends who didn't even make it passed high school... 

I wasn't happy until I woke up at 28 years of age! But I made it!

I am telling you first hand right now, Life is way to short for you to wait or hold back or hope 1 day!!! I'll be happy or find the right wife!!!! 

No! Today is that Day! Right now! Take steps to learn how to communicate and understand your wife or girlfriend.... And Make a Beautiful Life... 

What I am teaching in my course is unlike anything on the planet. 

We are literally speaking 2 completely different languages. She literally can't and doesn't understand you! And she especially has no clue that you are expressing your Love to her!

You think I am joking?????? I am Not!!! Women tell me all the time! Why won't he Love Me?

I say, "He is! In the male way!" Problem is her system, her computer can not receive or relate to that form of Love or Romance!

The reason I teach this course is to save men and women a ton of heartbreak when it comes to dating and relationships!

We have all suffered enough!! 

The day I decided to give my high school friends death "Meaning" was the day I started turning it around...

I decided I was going to live my life to the fullest to Honor his life! Because his life's example was to "Live & Be Alive" like my Brother!

With all my heart and all my soul,

I wish you all the very Best! Sincerely!

 Mike Kollin


It's not over until you Win! See, that's why you are here!!! Period!!



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