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Be The Champion in your Life and Find yourself!

Muay Thai Championship Female Fighter

You Must Stand up and Fight for your Dreams!

Over the years I have worked with Professional Fighters and Athletes and also men and women who want to save their Marriage and or single men who simply want to meet the girl of their dreams!

Beyond a shadow of a doubt there is 1 single deciding factor for those who hire me and or take my courses to improve their lives! And it's in this message right here! 

You have to do everything in your Power to be the Champion of your Life! Because No one else will do it for you! They Can't! Sure they can help you or assist but you are the one who has to put in the time, effort and really want to figure it out, get better, be persistent and "Make it Happen!" Period! 

The single deciding factor is there are those who are looking for excuses and those who are looking for results and ways to make it Happen!

Handsome Business Man in Black Kiton Dress jacket with white Kiton Dress shirt

You have no excuse! 

When you come to me know this! 
I have lived a Brutal, Brutal Life!

At the Age of 41 I was just getting my life back and then

I got Ran over by a car! 

If I can rise back up from Breaking almost every bone in my upper body and Suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury, Then You can Rise Back up!!! 

Take Strength! Be Strong! Start Now! Start Moving forward! Start with anything that you have. At one point all I could do was breath! So I did Deep Breathing every day to start building back up my strength!

9 Years later, I run, Hike, bike, stretch, I am an Author, Success Coach and Personal Trainer, NLP Trainer, Master Hypnotherapist and a lot more!

I was a former IKF Champion Fighter! 

Jacob Stitch Duran my Former Kickboxing Coach Tweet | Mike Kollin my former Champion Warrior

 As Jacob "Stitch" Duran would always Say, "Be a Warrior!!" 

You can change your life and get back on track!

Start Now and keep moving forward!

You can change you Know! 

This is not something you are either born with or not! You can learn how to succeed and achieve your dreams and goals!

One thing I have found is that some people simply don't know they can improve, get better and change things in their lives!

You simply have to make a decision to get up every day and make it happen, practice, learn, develop and get better and better and better! 

Get out there and make it happen!

Mike Kollin


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