How to seduce women fast | Dating tips for men

Be The Caveman & Get the Girl. Powerful Dating Tips!

Just a quick thought I sent to a client of mine. 

1 thing I would like to say, I do Love your enthusiasm, sincerely.
It's very nice...

2 thoughts.

How to seduce women fast | Dating tips for men

How to seduce women fast | Dating tips for men

#1 The male brain is always looking for a quick answer, to "LITERALLY"
get to the point.

The challenge is, the Female Brain "HATES" this way of thinking. It really,,
really, really upsets this side of her, a lot.

Remember, the right side of her brain, is the side the female mating system is directly connected to, the Indirect, Internal, emotional processor. This is the side of her
that "LITERALLY" Needs, Powerfully Wants and Desires FULFILLMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not Point. Not tiny small point.

IF you talk, communicate or think in this way, point, it gives her small feelings almost nil, nothing. This is not attractive at all...

So when you are looking for a quick answer in an email, well... that's small...

We want to Fill her Up with our Entire Love, mind, heart, Body and Literally Soul.

You are about to enter into a realm in which you never knew existed before.

How to seduce women fast, click this Image

How to seduce women fast

#2 When men get excited / enthusiastic, they default to "Quick Answer" to the
"Point" answers. Because this is right next to our Hunter mode system in the reptilian brain, thus you get triggered to hunt now, quick, to the point. And thus you miss the Dangers that lie ahead. 

Not Good. It shows her you are not a patient man. that you can not let things unfold naturally over time to gain the larger, Greater Reward that this world, this soul has to offer you. It shows her you are desperate...

You need to learn to let go, relax, slow down, way, way, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay DOWN..... Downshift...

#3 Everything you learn about how to Love, communicate with and Understand women will Powerfully Transfer over into Your entire life in Business, Sales, Relationships, friendships, everything...

This is why her mating system is designed to be attracted to the male her understands and "DOES" these things in this Hidden way... because he is the male who will make her feel safe, comfortable and will be able to read people better, who is patient and can see the bigger picture before jumping in head first, etc. etc. etc...

Remember, the Successful Caveman is Tuned into his 5 senses so he can read people better and better and better. So he can evaluate each situation on a much deeper, more full level to get and see and understand the bigger picture.

The Lie, misunderstanding is that we are not still Cavemen! We are! Trust me, we are! And she is Absolutely a Cavewoman!!!

You want to get ahead right?

Wake up!
Stop Hiding!
Step into your Power and Feel the World Around you!!
This is much Greater Awareness and Understanding!

See you soon...

Mike Kollin San Francisco / Burlingame

"Step into your Power"
And Live an Awesome Life
Core Patterns that simplify your Life!

It's not over until you Win! See, that's why you are here!!! Period!!



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How to seduce women fast | Dating tips for men



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