Be Powerful One of the things I realize as I listen to this Rocky Track is that I never Believed in myself! Now I know this may surprise you but no matter how good I was at a Sport or how hard I worked, I never believed in myself or my abilities! I never believed I was good enough no matter how good I got…. As I listen to this track, it brings back a lot of Unbelievably Intense emotions and Memories!!! And What I realize now is that it wasn't Belief, it never was and I don't' think it ever will be or was ever meant to be Belief… What it was and still is, is The Desire, The Unbelievably intense Want and Desire to Achieve that Ring or Win that Fight!!! Nothing and I mean nothing else mattered. All that mattered is that I wanted to win with all my heart and all my soul… I wanted it so BADLY!!!! IF you think it's about how much you Believe in yourself, then you are missing the Boat… It's about How Badly you want it!!! IF you want it Badly enough, Nothing else will matter!!! You will find a way! You will make a way!!! You will do everything in your Power, every waking moment to Make it Happen!! POWER IS IN YOUR HEART! RESULTS ARE FROM YOUR ACTIONS! Take Massive Action and "BE POWERFUL" - MIKE KOLLIN  
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