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Are you Socially Conditioned and Hypnotized to Fail with Women?

Are you Socially Conditioned & Hypnotized to Fail with Women?

To my clients and those on my emailing list: I am only sending this to you first and will not release this to the public on my blog for at least a few days to a week. So, if you have any questions, you can give me 1 Call for free and ask me anything about this blog! This is a very, very Powerful blog for you to understand what's going on! So read this entire thing!

Part I. Are you Socially Conditioned & Hypnotized to Fail with women? 



Odds are, you are Socially Conditioned to Fail with women! 

You don't' have to be! Come learn how to Wake up and Learn how to Romance, Attract and Seduce women in a very Easy and Comfortable Manner!

Are you Socially Conditioned or Awake?

More than 80% of all humans on this planet are Brainwashed and Socially Conditioned... Most humans absolutely do not think! In fact most people are merely experts at following rules and doing what they are told! In fact, our entire educational system is designed to program you to do 4 things really well.

#1 Do what you are told! #2 Follow rules! #3 Cleanliness, be clean. #4 Learn how to function well within groups!

Oh, you thought that by being an expert test taker and memorizing useless facts means you are intelligent? hahaha... Sorry! But it's actually quite the opposite!

Did you know that 10% of the men  are having sex with almost 80% of the women, at least at clubs?

They are no better looking than you, they are not tall, not any richer or anything different. But, they are not socially Hypnotized/ Conditioned to follow some fake set of rules set up by someone you never met!

And you know what, you are probably a better person and just as good if not better, smarter than at least 1/2 of these guys!

* If you are socially conditioned to follow rules, then you are not listening to your natural instincts. And this is what the female mating system is looking for, a man who is connected to his own instincts instead of being socially conditioned to do / think what he is told!

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Did you know that over 80% of people are actually in the rat race which means they are functioning off of their lower reptilian brain which is the animal brain that is instinctual and designed to follow those 4 things really well? So much so, that in fact individual, actual real thinking is practically prohibited in our society!

It's true! Do you know that our entire educational system & college system rewards Good memorizers / test takers! That's it! You get an A for the day! Good Doggie! Good Doggie! Roll over! Good boy! Good Boy!

"But you can't Think!"

Test Taking, memorizing is the opposite of actually Extrapolating information, pulling it apart and putting it back together!

And then seeing the Big picture and integrating the information and having your own thoughts, perspectives, ideas and creativity! I find it absolutely insane that in the year 2022 that we still function like robotic/instinctual animals that merely function like a Bee Hive or group of Ants, merely doing their job without actually thinking!

It's actually quiet sad actually to see so many vibrant, alive and highly intelligent individuals shutting off their larger human brain because of the social, society and group punishment for actually thinking.

Our Schools, Churches, families, and especially the corporate world are all designed to punish you for stepping outside of the box and actually (Key word here) "Extrapolating" knowledge and information and actually having a unique, indivicual thought of your own!

And you know what what, merely going against the group or against the grain is not individual thinking either, it's merely just doing the opposite of what the group is thinking or doing.

That is not thinking!

I am not here to say, do the opposite or be anti anything. In fact, I am going to teach you how to "Actually Think", think for yourself, individually in a way that allows you to get along with the group even better and help the group function on a higher Level. Now that's Progress. This Anti everything is like putting the damn brakes on. That is useless. And what's worse, is it merely screws you over in your entire life in every interaction.

Now, here is the really cool thing. Not only do you gain greater social power, get along with others better, and make greater progress, but the female mating system is hard wired to be highly attracted to a guy who actually thinks for himself in this way! Again I did not say do the opposite or blindly go against the grain. That is not thinking at all.

Yes, in this Blog/News Letter, I will give you actual, real, Powerful, easy to do tips on how to gain more of this! But this is only the beginning...

Now, back to where I was. I am sorry to say this, but the only way for society to function, as it is at least, is by having more than 80% of people blindly hypnotized and socialized as in, "Trained like a Dog!" And you know who can see this more than others? Women! Yes, women can see how easily you respond when spoken to in a very specific way! It's called Conditioned Response!  

Dr. Bob Bays; Psychologist Syracuse University, said at a Seminar, "Any women who has raised a Child to the age of 5 should automatically be given a masters degree in "Psychology in Influence" because of how good women get at Influencing children and also others!

And they use this Conditioning Response to gain power over you! Guys I am attempting to show you how this is done and open your eyes so you can stand your ground. She wants an awakened man who doesn't fall for this! Now, Corporations are doing it to all of us at work, in commercials, our government is doing this too.

But, as I have said in many of my writings, it's not all the Demonic or evil, but if you want more personal, social and sexual power, you need to learn how to Wake up, use your mind and turn back on to Life! That's why all the other courses on learning how to get laid fast with tips or turn women on or Seduce women actually don't work.

What they are doing is putting you further into your lower, reptilian, rule oriented brain by teaching you how to follow more rules and do more tips and tricks.

Screw Rules, tips and tricks!

This is good Doggie, close your eyes, blind Doggie, pat your head good boy stuff!

And the female mating system is not turned on by it sexually!

I actually dont' believe in tips, tricks or rules, at all. In fact, I hate them. I only put dating tips in the title to get better google search rankings and also to get your attention because I know that your lower system is looking for that word.

See, I already got you didn't I? It's that easy, because that's what the male brain is hard wired to look for because of it's very design! But not the females mating system, in fact, it's the opposite!

Now, I am here to wake you up and make life easier and a lot more fun and more rewarding. And hopefully, eventually also teach you how to gain more of what you want out of life, love and relationships. See, as all good rats know, the minute someone else actually begins to think for themselves, the other rats know to attack, belittle, beat down and influence you, "Socially Conditioned you" (Yoda), in one way or another to shut back down... to just fit in, be a part of the group.

Again, there is absolutely nothing and I mean nothing wrong with being a part of a group. But when your heart and soul, when your uniquely, individualized mind is shut down, then we have a problem Houston! This is Negative Social Conditioning.

Loving others has nothing to do with fitting in or conforming, especially at the expense of your happiness, joy and creative expression of who you are and getting what you want out of life. And that includes getting the girl or girls of your dreams!

This is a Course on your Freedom to Live in your Power and get more of what you want out of life, love and relationships!

Think about this Social Conditioning/Social Hypnosis I am talking about for a minute! How many guys, maybe even you, are nervous to approach a girl in public because, "OMG! Dare I say it?" Because you like her!!!! And do I dare throw in the real life fact that you are actually attracted to her??

Is it me or is this just pure Ass Backwards thinking we have in this society that tells men they are bad or makes them feel bad for having the balls to actually approach someone he finds attractive and possibly likes????

OH, here's another one. A lot of guys who don't' actually know what my course is about automatically assume the worst. In the beginning it really challenged my thinking. In fact a manager of a local self help magazine, who we all thought was Mr. Consciousness and Awareness, just assumed and generalized my teachings into something it was not!

Turns out, he is just another rat following the rat crowd of anger and negativity and fitting into the miserable politically correct box prison!

Until after years and years of talking to women about my course, it dawned on me, they, other guys, are jealous, so they make up some crap! All of this, the dirty looks the negative feed back, every single thing like You shouldn't date younger girls, etc. what a load of Bullshit, Social Hypnosis.

Truth of the matter is, this is what's wrong with our society!

We as humans naturally know what to do. Our minds, feelings, instincts know exactly what to do. But some idiot has to come along and blindly make up some rule that tells us whatever it is that we are naturally doing is wrong!

Now that's where things get f'd up! It has ruined society and our happiness and love for each other! And you know what's worse? The reason these people are doing this, is because they are holding themselves back from living an amazing, amazing life full of freedom, Self empowerment, happiness, Love, Joy and greater, more meaningful pleasure and fun in life!

Life can be amazing if you can just find your own truth and Live it! I am here to bring you back around full circle to teach you, show you and prove to you by watching women suddenly open up to you and have amazing conversations and experiences with you and suddenly tell, you why aren't more guys like this, that this course is a healthy course and is what women want!

So, why don't more guys talk like this and express themselves in this way? Answer: "Because society f'ked them up!" Because they have been lied too, a lot!

My course is about Love, Understanding, Communication, Happiness, Fun, Healthy, natural approaches, being normal and being comfortable in your skin knowing that women feel honored when a guy puts in the effort to actually approach her, start up a conversation and if you are attracted to her, "Romantically Seduce" her in the Female way!

What! You don't think women, females, girls enjoy being turned on sexually or Romanced or Seduced? Well, you are living like a Robot, because women have emotions and feelings and yes, Dare I say it, "DESIRES!!!!"

So, it's ok to know this and it's ok to approach women with this knowledge and understand how to comfortably lead a women from meeting her to getting into a sexual relationship with her!

But, but, but... We as a human species are beyond this Caveman / Cave girl type animalistic thinking. We have conquered the land and we are now a technical society which means we can now tap into our greater, creative Powers! So, it's really up to you to take a course like this to not only learn how to open up to your larger hemisphere and step outside of the Rat Cage, but step into the New Future we, some of us are now living on this planet!

See, this course is not merely about you getting laid or finding  a wife and then shutting back down and falling back to sleep! NO! NO!!!! This is a course that mother nature designed for you to turn back on, catch on fire and wake the Fuck up!!! See, Mother nature purposely designed females in the way she did so it would force you, push you, pull you by desire to learn to grow, to develop your mind to the extent that you finally open up to your larger hemisphere. No, not just for sex.

Sure, when you finally do this, it is like a Rocket launcher that has finally taken off with women and you will have lots of sex. This is more than that. This is about creating an amazing life, creative mind filled with ideas and thoughts to make life absolutely amazing. The more you open up to your larger hemispheres the more you will see, hear and experience everything I am talking about!

Once you open up to this greater, much more Powerful way of thinking and living life, you will never be bored again for more than a few moments. Life is Awesome when you are on fire like this!

Society is Changing whether you like it or not!

You can either follow the pack, or take this course and get in early and learn how to lead the pack by being that guy who has more choice in women, more social power and more social influence! It's up to you! Now, here's the deal. It is completely up to you to make that decision to take a course like this and step out of that cage society has built for you! And you know what, society actually has.

Once you see it, you will be blown away! It's a psychological cage more than anything else. See, just like Ants or a Bee Hive, society has to have at least 80% to 90% of the people do as they are told and controlled. And thus the top 1% to 10% reap the rewards off of your back!

So, do you want to be that 80% or do you want to step it up? Again, we as a species no longer have to live like this anymore, but we still do because most are too lazy to push themselves to wake up! This is simply not necessary anymore, because we have tools, huge machines and computers, etc. etc.. But the old Slave master thinking, to dominate and control the masses and keep them down is still in effect, merely by the way we are socialized and hypnotized socially!

Part II.

#1 Relax, chill, and mellow out! This allows her to feel relaxed, calm and comfortable with you and allows you to approach and meet her! And this helps you to wake up to your larger brain...

  #2 Women have a very powerful sense or radar... They literally pick up on your emotions and feelings, just like a horse... so if you are nervous and uptight, she will feel nervous and uptight... And will freak if you A. try to pick her up, or B. will get uptight if you try to lead her to sex! So chill out!!!! hahaha...

If you feel relaxed, she will feel relaxed. And thus will enjoy talking to you in a relaxed manner! This is so important for you to learn how to relax and mellow out! I teach men how to relax and enjoy the process using different techniques in my course for men!

#3 Stop taking yourself so seriously... just stop that shit. It makes you an uptight, tight wad that people avoid...  Laugh, smile, loosen up and stop making such a big deal about everything... especially about picking up on and seducing women...

See, we are not doing anything to them, The art of Romance, love and Sediuction includes women, it's something we are doing together with women. It is literally, as women say, "It is a Dance that we are doing together!" See, women already know this, it's you who haven't figured this out yet... Sheesh... so let me help you out here! I'll teach you this mental, metaphorical dance to lead her into the bedroom with you!

She wants you to turn her on and seduce her romantically! But, do you know how? Do yo know the Erotic dance of Romantic Seduction that makes her feel Powerful feelings that go shooting through her entire body, filling her up in a way that she just can't resist?

I will reveal and show you how you have been Hypnotized by F'ked up people to limit you and control you form having and getting what everyone else is getting! Love, sex, pleasure nad a whole lot of fun! LIfe was meant to be enjoyed to the fullest and for you to have fun! So come take my life altering courses on "How to get yours!" Level I. Awakening from the lies!

Level II. Taking Back your God Given Powers! Level III. Understanding the art of Romance women desire from you! A few questions for you to see if you to see how much you are socially hypnotized?

#1 Are you always nice or trying to be nice? Or Do you bark at people when they make you mad?
#2 Do you open doors for women and rely on being kind, polite to get laid?
#3 Do you still rely on paying for dinner, drinks, movies and gifts in order to be loved and get sex?
#4 Do you feel the need to cut others down or belittle them in order to feel good about yourself?

* Did you know that women actually like it when a man barks at her and let's her know when she upsets him?

* Did you know that women find men with strong boundaries who enforce them, very, very attractive and prefer these types of men over men who have no boundaries and are weak mentally?

* Did you know that the female mating system actually needs to work to make you happy?

It's hard wired into her DNA!

So, if you don't ask her to do things for you as well, then she will not value you!

Now, when I say she, I don't mean her consciously. I mean her unconscious mating system. This is why so, so, sooooooo many women/ladies/girls will over time want to leave the relationship, even though socially he fits in the box, is a good provider, pays for meals, movies, massages her, is loyal, faithful, and everything a girls left brain says she wants in a man.

You know, where all of her friends and even her mom are shocked and try to convince her that she has hit gold that she is with the man of her dreams. Yet, she ends up leaving him for a guy who cheats on her, doesn't have a job, etc. I know this all sounds nuts, but how many freaking times have you seen this and experienced this in your life?

A thousand to a million times at least! Now, remember, my course deals with what her mating system is highly, highly attracted to and answers why women leave the good guy for the jerk. There is something instinctually being triggered in her by this guy! It's something the socially conditioned guy would never do, because he has been hypnotized to be a good guy! ugh!

Honestly, The Good Guy Does Finish Last! I hate to say this, but it's soooooooo true! 

But, there are really amazing answers to this dilemma, so you don't have to be the Jerk but rather the guy who has a set of Balls and has Self Respect and most importantly, Healthy Boundaries  and stands firm on them!

And I teach this in my course! Just like you need to do your job, so does she! It's a 2 way road and she knows this.

Haven't you noticed how many times women leave men who do everything for her and then she ends up with the So Called Jerk who she cooks and cleans for and will do anything for? Have you ever noticed how happy she is with this type of man? I call this a man with boundaries, self esteem who expects in return as well.

Come to my course and I will go much more in depth into this! So be Grumpy when you are feeling grumpy! Express your anger when she upsets you! Bark at her when she is not getting the message! She will not only enjoy this, she will respect you for this, because now she knows what you don't like.

Most men leave women wondering and on edge, walking on egg shells not knowing what is, or is not pissing you off. And women can't respect this passivity in men! This passive aggressive behavior drives her nuts!

* Women actually like & Respect men with a Back bone!

Ask any, any, any woman this! Or ask them if they are truly, mentally, emotionally and sexually attracted to men they can walk all over and will stay happily married to this type of man and live a completely fulfilling life with a weak willed man forever! Zero!

#5 Do you think that if you are polite socially, don't make waves and follow the so called social rules that she will find you attractive or to be the guy she wants to be with? Really? hahaha.. Nothing and I mean nothing could be further from the truth!

I was at the mall and a former client of mine, who worked at the mall noticed how women all around me were drawn towards me and in his words, "Powerfully" attracted to me and I wasn't even looking at them. He wondered what this Black Magic, Voo Doo I had on women!

I laughed and said, "Bro, G Doggie, I am not using Black Magic or Voo Doo. I am using Witch Craft! hahaha... Just kidding! Hahaha... I was merely expressing myself freely with my body language! And the female mating system is highly, highly, Powerfully Attracted to a man who can freely use his body language in the Hidden, Internal way that most men have been blocked off from!" And yes, I also teach this in my courses as well.

Ok, what I was doing merely was freely expressing myself with my voice, tone and especially body language! So many men are locked up, it's not even funny! And men actually pride themselves on this tough guy body language/expression.

Unfortunately, it doesn't' turn on her mating system. But, the hidden internal way does! Now, this is not something I teach directly as in technique or tips or how to do. What I do is open you up to this part of your brain so you will begin to do this naturally without thinking about it. See, if I teach you how to do this or that in this way or that way, it will only put you further into your do what you are told brain! And that will take away from your natural expression of what you are truly thinking and feeling & feeling.

It has to be naturally coming from within. Unfortunately the male brain was not designed to function in this way naturally by birth. And our society teaches men to be like robots on a huge, huge scale. And it's really sad!  

Ok, more things you can do, I hate to say it, but Tips!

* Note, in my courses, I clearly teach why this stuff works, behind the scenes, so you don't have to blindly go into a situation no knowing why it works.

In my courses, You will clearly go into the situation being able to see what the Defense is doing so you can know what to do when things shift direction on you!

See, if you take all these courses on tips, tricks and Cheerios, then you really don't know what you are doing and can't clearly see what the opposition is doing. And thus the moment she shifts direction, you are screwed and have no idea what's going on or what to do.

See, in my course, it's very simple because I show you the set patterns in her mating system and I do this by opening you up to this part of your brain, so again, you don't have to memorize a ton of tricks, tips and or rules, but rather have a greater understanding of what's going on inside her brain and how her brain functions!

I will open your eyes so you can see!

You will see it coming! And you will automatically know what to do, so you don't have to memorize a bunch of tricks, tips and what if scenarios! Just like what I said above about expressing yourself with your body language, it will be automatic, because you will be in the same world as she is and coming from the same part of your brain and will see it!

Tricks are for Kids!

Seriously guys, screw memorizing all of those openers, lines and tricks and shit. Sure, I'll give you some patterns, but most importantly is to get your brain to begin processing in this way so it's super, super easy! No more tricks. Hey, Like the Bunny Rabbit said, "Tricks are for Kids!"

#1 Watch more comedy and learn to just loosen up and stop taking yourself so seriously!

#2 Breath! Yes, just freaking learn to breath deep, especially when you are talking to a female. Now why are these 2 tips powerful? Because laughter and deep breathing not only help you to relax, but they take you out of your lower reptilian brain and open you up to your larger brain which naturally allows you to think and communicate much more naturally without thinking! And that is what her mating system is looking for; Natural Communication.

Ok, here is a little behind the scenes teaching that I keep mentioning that I teach in my course. The reason women are sooooooo sensitive to your emotions like if you are uptight and nervous when meeting her is because she is highly connected and coming from her right brain. And her mating system is directly connected to her right brains "Emotional" communication center.

Now that alone means absolutely freaking nothing, I mean unless you already understand the right brain as in; The right brain is where the 5 senses are directly connected.

And by birth women automatically use the right brain.

Now, sure women do use the left, logical brain as well and very well in fact. But men do not use the right brain nearly as much as most women use the left brain.

More tips: #3 Now, another thing I teach in my course over and over is "Internal Awareness! Now, how you do this, is by having your awareness inside your body! It's that easy! And this also helps you relax and open up to your larger brain, which again, triggers her mating system instinctually to mate with you! She can't help it.

* So, here's more of how you do this. When you are talking to her, put your awareness inside your body, say inside your chest and stomach area. And if you can, at the same time, also on your entire upper back. See, what this does, especially when you put your awareness onto your back is that it takes the visual pressure off of her that most men do unconsciously. See, when you lean forward and lock onto her visually, it "LITERALLY PUSHES HER AWAY!!!"

So, how you stop doing this is by #1 Breathing deeply in a relaxed and calm manner, while #2 you put your awareness inside your body! You do these 2 things while carrying on a conversation with her, all of a sudden you will notice women breathing deep and in a relaxed way and not only will you feel comfortable automatically, but so will she. And she will enjoy communicating with you too! #4 Another thing you can do while doing those things is be in peripheral vision at the same  time and notice your surroundings in a relaxed and comfortable way!

Come learn from The Master! The Love Doctor! Mike Kollin 

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