Are you Afraid of Your Own Power? | Step into Your Power! - Awaken to Your Power

Are you Afraid of Your Own Power? | Step into Your Power!

They Convinced you to Quit on Your Dreams!

You've been Lied to! You've been Hurt! You have been Attacked Simply for being in Your Very Own Power! They Convinced you to Quit on your Dreams!

I'm going to Convince you to Step into Your Power and Succeed beyond their Wildest Imagination! I'm Mike Kollin!

See, the way it works is, there are a lot of people who gave up a long time ago. What did they give up on? They gave up on themselves! They gave up on their Dreams! They gave up on being a Powerful Person in Life! They Quit!

Now just like Doing Street Drugs or Crime, a Person's Worst Crime they do unto themselves is they Give up, they Quit they Sell themselves Short to the nearest bidder!

Meaning when other people started to See they were Powerful, some of these people attacked them and hurt them! And it wasn't over night. It may have taken years and years to finally beat someone down to their knees!

Well here's the Deal... Once you are on your knees and have quit on yourself, it's not over! In fact there's another phase! These Sick people who have given up on themselves, who attacked you, expect you to join their ranks and and they expect you to also start attacking hard working, kind hearted, ambitious people simply for the fact they are Going after it! They are going after their Dreams!

They expect you to become so sick and so vile that you also start attacking these innocent people simply because they have a dream and still shine their light!

Ultimately what they want you to do is #1 Give up on your Dreams! #2 Live in the Dark and turn down your Light! #3 Live the Biggest Lie that has ever been laid onto mankind! The Lie you are Helpless, the Lie you are a victim, the Lie there's nothing you can do to make your dreams come true and the Lie it's not Fair!

And thus #4 They Expect you to not only continue your own lie "AGAINST" yourself, but they Now expect you to BLAME anyone who is going after their dreams and making their dreams come true! This is the Ultimate lie! Blame!

And Finally #5 They Expect you to become Sick, Twisted and Evil and Expect you to Attack and Destroy anyone who still has a dream that is within your sphere of influence!

See, it's like my Pastor told me when I asked him, "Why do they do this?" He said, "See, you are like a light. When you walk into the room you light everything up and now they can see their own lies! And they don't want to see their own lies! They have been lying to themselves all this time and feel comfortable in the dark."

He said, "It's like people who do drugs and know it's wrong. They do it in the dark, in a room where other people can't see them and where they can all convince each other to believe the lie they all agreed upon!"

He said, "When you walk into the room you are like a light and you reveal their lies and they can't stand this!"

I said, "But I don't judge anyone! I am not judging them! I just want to be their friend."

He said, "You don't understand! You don't have to judge them or point out their lies! When you walk in, you light up the room. Just like turning on a light switch. And now They can see their own lies! This is why they don't want you around because they are hiding from their own truth because they decided to believe their own lies!"

This is Life! You Better Get used to it and You Better Toughen Up!

Step into Your Power

 Now over the last 30 years, I have worked with Professional Athletes, CEO of Top Companies ie. Hewlett Packard, Executives, Business men and Business Women, Business Owners, Real Estate, Salespeople, Professional Athletes, Fighters and just men who want to understand their Wives or how to Meet women! 

Believe it or not, but the #1 Thing that is Holding them Back is the Fear of Stepping into their Power!

Now you might think, people like this who are coming to me, are coming to me because they want to Step into their Power Right? Well, they do but... they hold back and some even just get up and quit and walk away right when they are at the very, very brink of Breaking through to what they truly want in the first place!

See, they all come to me with a goal or series of Goals in mind like Being a Successful Fighter or Champion or to clear what is holding them back from making more money or a single guy who wants to meet that special lady... 

They come in excited, full of enthusiasm and they learn a lot of communication skills, influencing skills, personal development skills and some mind shattering discoveries.

Eventually almost all of them come to a point where they begin to realize, if they do this and if they do that, they will have a lot more Power in Life, Business and Success! Now you would think they would just continue moving forward and jump right in right?

No! Most of them Turtle up, start to get anxiety or fear of some form or another or even a level of shame that holds them back from truly Living the life of their Desires! And it's right there in Front of them to Take!

Some will start to hem or haw. Some will start to slowly become argumentative or just hold back emotionally and or with learning and practicing the Techniques. 

A Conflict within begins to come up! The Conflict of what they want and the Fear of being hurt for going after it!

And some, out of the clear blue sky will jump up out of their chair and start yelling about this or that or how crazy this is, this can't be true, etc. etc. etc.!

Are you going to Look for an Excuse or Start Looking for the Answers!

At this point they have a choice to Make!

Move Forward or walk away and live an empty, desolate life of simply giving up and folding to the crowd around them!

See! The Real Battle is not between you and your Goals! 

The real battle is what's between you and your Goals! And that my friends are the very people in your Life! The Quitters, the Nay Sayers, the Manipulative people who can't stand to see you succeed in any area of life! Period!

And this is where you have a choice to make! 

Are you going to quit, give in and cave to the crowd around you? Or are you going to stand up, Choose to Be Strong, Step into your Power and Live a Purposeful life to the Fullest and Make things Happen?

Theres a Game Going on Right beneath your Nose!

And you didn't even know it, but you actually did! You were just too afraid to admit to yourself what was really going on! Because you were afraid to turn your "Light" back on because you know this would upset a lot of people around you!

The Real Battle is knowing what the Game is and Who the Players Are! The Real Battle is Learning how to Discern between the Good people and clearly seeing the Bad People and realizing their #1 Goal is to Destroy you completely! And nothing you do will ever, ever, ever change their mind because these people are "Literally" Evil to the Core and they will do anything in their Power to destroy you permanently!

The Game is learning how to See these people and having the Resolve, that no matter what, to do whatever it takes to walk away from these people and cutting them out of your life, Completely! 

This is where I come in. I have lived this life since I was born, since I was an infant! I was raised in a family that absolutely Hated me from head to toe, from day 1 to today! And I will show you the Way Out!

I'll give you a few short examples of 1,000's or more!

When I was a child my mother Started Beating me at the age of 8 months old in my sleep with a leather belt late at night while I was asleep! The Beatings continued on for over a decade! They never stopped... 

When I was 6 years old my mother Burned my hand on the stove on high! When I was 28 years old, I asked her why she did that! It was a quiet Saturday Morning, no one was around, it was about 7 a.m. or so and I wasn't in trouble so why did she do it?

She said, "I wanted to make sure you never succeeded in Sports or Life! That's why I burned your hand because I knew you were going to be successful at sports like your father!"

Whenever I got Good Grades, which was every semester and quarter, she would take me down stairs, close the doors and beat me severely for getting good grades!

Whenever I won a trophy in any sport, which was regularly, she would take me down stairs, close the doors and beat me severely! 

Message Sent!

These are only a few of the things that went on daily, weekly through my entire childhood into my teens! 

Trust me, I understand what it means to be Afraid to Step into Your Power! I especially know how hard it is, once you quit, to get back up onto that Horse and find a way to move forward Fully Inspired, Motivated and Powerful!

If I can do it, Then I can show you How to do it! 

I am Your Personal Trainer and Life Coach!

And I am 100% On your Side!

I am an NLP Trainer (Neuro-Lingustic Programming) Master Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy and a student of Psychology and Human Behavior for over 30 years!

I have Worked with Fortune 500 CEO's, Spoke at Hewlett Packard 4 times, Did Coaching / therapy with 1 of their top executives and have helped Hundreds of Athletes, Amateur and Professional over the decades!

This is a Journey! This is not an overnight success story for you or me! But it's a worthwhile journey to see your haters fall by the wayside, crying themselves to sleep simply because you Found your Power and you Took those steps to be Powerful Once again!

Step into Your Power! I'll Show you How!

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Mike Kollin


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