Praise be unto God Almighty!! | Thank you God | Angels have Heard You (Glory Be) Jordan Smiths Song

The Angels Have Heard You | God Loves You 💕

Praise be Unto God Almighty 💕

 Over the last few years I have worked with a lot of people helping them through some of the most Tragic times from Death to Break ups to Emotional Break downs and the worse, "Narcissist Abuse!"

Some of the stories I have heard from you all Absolutely Break my Heart and Soul. 

I never thought being a Life Coach how Deep I would find myself in the Trenches fighting Spiritual Warfare side by side with You!!! Just a few days ago a lady shared with me how she was raped and molested for over a decade and her own mother turned against her and blamed her!

Trust me I am with you all. I am in the Trenches with you! I have been through absolute hell as most of you know! I Now Know it's because I had to understand and experience a Level of Pain and Suffering, very few who have walked this earth have experienced, so I can Know your Pain and Truly come from a place of Actual real Life understanding for you!

"Praise God! And Thank you with all my heart to you God!!"

I have been on one hell of a journey these last few years with you all!

I have heard so many devastating Stories from all of you! And it has saddened me to the absolute Core of who I am inside! It has also, through the pain and fire, also made me more Committed and Resolute to be there even stronger and better than before to help you all heal and mend and find a better way!! 😭😭

I myself have suffered and been tormented Tremendously... I am in this Fight with you guys fighting each step of the way to "SHINE THE LIGHT!!!"

God Hears your Prayers!!!

Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt!!! Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt!!! 

#1 God is absolutely Real! And God Loves you with all his Heart and Soul!!! Turn to God! Turn To Your God!!! God Will save you!!! 

I don't care if you are an American Indian and you Believe in the Sun and the Moon! I don't care if you are Buddhist or Indian and you believe in a Goddess or a God! Whoever you are:

Just Keep Fighting!! Keep Moving Forward!!

Pray! Pray Hard with Expectation!!! God is Listening! And the Angels in Heaven are Coming to your aid and fighting battles you don't' even know are happening right now all around you! They are there for you! 

All you have to do is Believe!!! 

#2 I can't tell you how many times God has Revealed himself and has shown me that no Matter How Much I have Suffered, there Truly Truly is a Reason for it! 

It's Painful, I know! But Pick up Your Shield, Pick up your Sword of Life and Fight on! Protect Yourself!!! Keep on Learning, Growing and Developing! And you will Strengthen and get Smarter and develop Greater Abilities and Skills in this Spiritual War of Life! It does get Better!!!

Do this and it slowly will get Better and Better and Better!!!

I wish you and Pray you All The Best in Life, Love, Happiness and Success!

Remember, We are in a Spiritual Battle that "We are Winning!!"

It has been an absolute Honor to be there with you and for you!!!

Thank you All and Bless you All.... Praise your God right now!!! 🔥🔥

To this I swear to you, "THE LIGHT IS SHINING!!"




Mike Kollin

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