The Most Beautiful Woman in the World | Adriana Lima

A Beautiful Heart Shines through your Eyes and is Felt through your Voice!

The Most Beautiful Woman in the World | Adriana Lima


"Beauty comes from within."

Most people do not explain it well enough. True Beauty comes from a Beautiful heart... your light will absolutely shine from within. Your smile softens, your face softens, your eyes open, warm and soften as well... your movement, your breathing eases up and becomes more natural from a much more natural and genuine place from within....

Please, please love who you are inside...

There is a little child that is truly who you are inside of you and needs for you to love it... it's a scared, lonely child who needs it's parent, YOU to Love it/ you because it is you!!! And only you can Love you... if you expect another person to some how fill this void, I promise you with all my heart and all my soul you are mistaken. This child can only truly fall in love with and learn how to trust you. So please be Gentle with the you inside your body!!!

Please Love you it is the only way the world will become a better place... I know! Because I know this from experiencing this myself.... There is a Heart and a Soul, a little child of Love inside of you! Love Her! Love Him! Be with them. Spend time alone with your little child....

Love 💕 Bless you all...

Mike Kollin


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