Handsome Muscular, Clean Cut White Male in Black T Shirt | 2022 Portal is Open | Manifest Now - Do It! | Massive Shift!! 🔥🔥

2022 Portal is Open | Manifest Now - Do It! | Massive Shift!! 🔥🔥

2022 Portal is Open Right Now!

Manifest Right Now!!

#1 Set 3 to 5 goals Right Now!!

#2 Imagine Having them as if you have them right now!

#3 Enjoy the Process and Have fun!


This Portal is the Final Shift that sends us into the New World. 

With this shift you may have already been experiencing past memories and emotional hurts and issues coming up from a long time ago that you haven't even thought of since you were a child.

You may have been feeling and experiencing the emotions from past hurts and wounds. 

This is how you know 2022 is working for it.

#1 It is letting go of past issues by bringing them up 1 more time for you to experience and see again to heal them and from them, to learn what you need to learn to finally move into your future without this old weight!

#2 This also disconnects you from past or recent past and allows the old energy to leave you and come out completely.

#3 This allows a Newer, Healthier, Happier more Prosperous energy in!

So if life has been a living hell lately or you have just been full of anxiety and fear recently, then that's actually good news. It's Clearing out and allowing the New and much Better in!

See you on the other side! We are finally moving completely out of The Age of Pisces, the Dark Ages of Hidden truths, lying and deception into The Age of Aquarius, the age of Light, Love, Healing and Compassion!

I Love you guys!

Bless you All 💕


Mike Kollin


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