1 Powerful Key to Helping Her Feel Safe and Relaxed with you! Dating Tip of the Day! San Francisco

Quick Tip of the Day! Remember men and women are wired differently neurologically. So, if you are a single male and you want to meet that special girl, you have to show her that you are a calm, down to earth guy who is the calm beneath the storm. In other words, if you are at a club or in public, she has to know that you can stay calm and not get scared or enraged or angered at little things like misunderstandings or everyday events. Written by Mike Kollin Powered by MGK Enterprises http://MikeKollin.com And if you are married or have a daughter, this definitely applies to you as well. Why? Because her brain is not created like yours. She needs to know that when the 2 of you have disagreements that you are not going to go full out ballistic and get mad or angry. And here's why. In my last blog, right before this one, I posted some information from a book written by a female M.D. named Louanne Brizendine who wrote a #1 Top seller a few years ago on The Female Brain. And in her book on page 131 she talks about how when the male gets angry or mad it shuts her brain down and the communication stops! Now right here, this is very, very important for you the male to stop, breath and take a step back and let her know that you are ok. The reason being is that if you get mad or even frustrated it fires off instinctually in her neurology in her brain to literally shut her brain down so as not to piss you off. But as I personally know from my past, usually when I am in an argument or discussion with a woman, she does this instinctual shut down neurologically and she literally can't or won't talk, it usually enraged me more. And in the past as a male, naturally I would raise the volume of my voice more to get her to talk. But this is the absolute worst thing to do when having any form of discussion or argument, disagreement with a woman. In fact the more compassion, understanding and especialy the more you can stay calm and emotionally grounded, the more willing she will be, excuse me the more she can be able to continue to talk and carry on the conversation with you! Now as Dr. Louanne Brisendine stated in her book The Female Brain on page 131, she literally can't help it, her brain automatically does an override and shuts down all communication and she gets very quiet. So you as a male have to know this!!! You must stay calm, even when she is going ballistic on you and freaking out, yelling or angry or whatever. If you can stay calm with her, in public, etc. it will slowly over time win her heart and most importantly Trust. And the more you do this, the more she will become more calm with you and the 2 of you can have meaningful conversations and rationally deal with your situations and enjoy life together much more! So men! Married or single, just keep it cool, stay calm, breath deep and simply relax into the moment when she is going through her emotional hurricane. If you can do this, she will rely on you to be her rock more and more. And she will know that she can rely on you and turn to you to be Her Man! This is what it is and means to Be Her Man! God Bless you all. Learning to Understand yourselves and each other is absbolutely key in having a happy, satisfying and meaningful relationship where 2 people can come together and find comfort, peace and solace in each other from the world's daily challenges. Be each others best friends and you will find a teammate that you can rely on! Come take my courses at MGK Enterprises to truly learn how to Love her heart or meet that special girl. My New Teachings can help any man who truly wants to learn and understand women. It's not easy but it's worth it! Mike Kollin Your Love and Communication Expert 415 456 8558 http://MikeKollin.com
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