Sirius | My First Major Spiritual Awakening

At 28 years old I went through my first Major Spiritual Awakening.

 At 28 years old, When I went through my first Major Awakening. 

#1 it Tripped me out Big Time! It lasted 6 months. 
#2 I got these downloads of information and at times literally sounded like that old computer digital dial up sound. 

I had these very, very conscious dreams at night where I was being shown all kinds of stuff and given information I never even heard of. 1 of these knowings was this word that just kept repeating itself over and over and over "Sirius". Somehow I knew it wasn't the word "Serious" but rather it was Sirius. And I somehow knew it was a planetary system...

I went to the local college and the professors of that department sent me to the library to ask a librarian for a book on that. My girlfriend was with me. When we walked in, the girl, a librarian walked right in front of us as she went behind the counter. I told her I was looking for a book on the planet or planetary system called "Sirius".

She dropped her jaw and said, "You are not going to believe this, I Just put that book on the shelf. It was the last book I just put up. I've never seen or heard of it before until just now." I nodded and grinned to my girlfriend and the librarian said, "What's going on? What is this?"

I told her I had this vision about this over and over and over..." As she walked us over there I explained there was this image of moons or planets... lots of them... I made a drawing of it... she handed me the book... and I had a gut feeling... I was going to open it up to the exact page that was my drawing... I randomly opened it up somewhere in the middle and across both pages was the same image of moons I had drawn...

It was from this point on in my Life that I became a Full, True Believer!

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