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#1 Key to How to attract women using Social Proof 2019 | San Francisco

Social Proof - Part I. To my clients, This is a huge, huge, important reading Series!  Written by Mike Kollin of MGK Enterprises / San Francisco





#1 What is Social Proof and why is it so important to meeting the girl of your dreams? Well, social proof is a very necessary part of the female's mating system's attraction mechanism! In fact, she, as in her mating system, will not even consider you unless you have a certain level of social proof, because her mating system is looking for a guy who is Awake and aware of his surroundings. Problem is not many modern men are! Most modern men are stuck in their logical, left, male brain. You know, the I'm smart, I have a college degree, I can count to 100 brain.

I can memorize a ton of useless shit! I couldn't tell you if the well dressed man, peacefully reading next to me is about to kill me or not for the life of me. I can't read an animals body language or tell if this animal is about to strike in a moments notice. You know the part of your brain that can actually smell or sense a Wolf or a Mountain Lion's presence from 300 meters away. You know that ability that makes her feel safe with you.

You know, that Awareness that tells you that you are about to get screwed in a business deal or social exchange! The Modern male is sooooooooo lost and completely disconnected from his own senses, it's not even funny! And if you don't believe me, then you are that much more blind and oblivious. You still don't' believe me? Ok, fine! How many times have you heard a woman, women constantly say, "Men just don't get it!" How many movies, tv shows or women in public say, "Where's all the Good men?"

They are not talking about a nice guy at all. They are not talking about a guy who pays for dinner or opens doors or buys her flowers! This is literally the opposite of what she means! Women are screaming out!!! Saying, what happened to the man who takes charge, leads and is aware socially and see's what's coming??? Follow me on youtube for free tips! Free Youtube

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Well my friends you have been blinded and lied to and brainwashed/conditioned hypnotically by society! You've been turned into Rule oriented followers who don't even pay attention to your own internal desires or needs. You do what you are told like a machine! Math, science, the modern age of machines and especially computers have turned your mind into pure mush! You think it's about getting good grades, passing tests and knowing html. It's not! This entire system of social rules and everything that you have been taught and especially the computer age has completely disconnected you from your right, emotional brain, your own Internal Self!

Now why is that soooooo important when it comes to women? I'll tell you why? The left brain is the male brain, the logical, linear, rule oriented brain, the closed mind! Sure, it's good at understanding math and science and computers, but it sucks when it comes to understanding, romancing, turning on and loving women. And the female mating system is hard wired to mate with a man who is right brained, if she can find him. They are extremely rare! Because in the modern age we have conquered the planet and animals.

We now have cement sidewalks and buildings, cars and heaters and air conditioners, grocery stores, antibiotics, hospitals, computers and every imaginable thing you could imagine for the modern man to not have to rely on his inborn natural instincts. Thus he falls into a deep sleep and walks around in a slumber without even knowing it. The Modern male is lost because he has lost his instincts and has completely disconnected from them...

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The problem is, the female was born using her instinctual right brain automatically, which is directly connected to her mating system/instincts. The right brain is the females home! In other words, women are born naturally using their emotional, spiritual, instinctual brain automatically by birth. But men were born using their logical, left brain by birth! And this is a huge, huge, huge problem for the modern female, because it does not make her feel loved, understood, turned on or anything. She is completely missing out on all of these amazing sensations and experiences and feelings that women need to receive from men... But, as many women say, "He's out in Left Field!"

OH, you just thought that was a funny saying? No!!! She literally means you are out in your left brain, disconnected form what's really going on! * Now something very important is about to come up. Now, the Caveman was forced to use his right brain and develop it over time! Well, why is that? Because, the right brain is directly connected to your 5 senses! You know the see, hear, feel, taste and smell senses!

There is no way in hell the Caveman could have survived a single day without being highly connected to his 5 senses which are in his right brain. Thus the caveman was left and right brain, without it, he would die! * And this right brained male is highly attractive to women because he is a strong surviver & thrives in the jungle.

The modern male is stuck in his left brain because our society has made the external world completely safe with guns, cars, safe streets, street lights, rules, cars, math, science and everything that is left brain! So we don't need our right brain. Or do we? Well, in a way we do and in a way we don't! What do I mean? Well, to eat, sleep and live we don't need to use our right brain anymore! The Caveman had to survive by his instincts in order to stay alive by hunting and literally smelling & sensing danger! And no, I don't mean magically deliciously in a fake, fairy tale way! I mean by literally hearing the slightest sound, by smelling testosterone from down wind at the slightest hint and even tuning into his environment in a way that the modern male thinks is just in Comic books where Super Hero's can do these things.

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The Caveman's senses were so heightened, that he could see an animal 300 meters away in a dense forrest or foliage, perfectly camouflaged, just like a dog or a wild bird of prey does, like the American Eagle or almost any predator does. Now to the modern male, this is all hoohey foohey! To the modern male, because he is so disconnected from his right brain and has no clue let alone no connection to this part of his brain, and was literally taught at a very, very young age to stop day dreaming, stop listening to his senses and tuning in, but instead was constantly taught to listen, listen, listen to math & science, he has zero clue what this is, because to him he has never known himself at all!

He truly believes it's all an old fashion myth or a ninja secret! It's not!!! It's your God Damn God Given right to know yourself within and be connected to your power! If you don't feel deeply, deeply connected and Powerfully in charge or your life, it's because you have been trained and conditioned for years to do what you are told externally by others who will get rich off of your hard work! And you will go right along with this! It's literally called Social Hypnosis! And it's used on you all the time! * I'll wake you up! And give you back your Power!!! 

* IMPORTANT POINT  Now here's the Kicker!!!! Her mating system is directly connected to her right Brain's Communication Center! Now think about that for a minute! Why is that soooooooo important??? Again, there is a nerve that connects her mating system to her right brains Emotional Communication Processor! Get it? It means she is turned on Sexually through words!!! (Not any words, the Hidden "Internal Language" that men don't speak!) This is the Secret! Yes, women are sexually turned on by her ears! Her ears!!! Her mating system is looking for a man who has figured out how to open up to his right brain, because this means A. he will have a better chance at survival and thriving in the world. B. Because it means he will be able to read other people better. And C. because the right brain is the social brain, which means if he figures out how to open up to his social right brain, he will have better and more opportunities in life because he is better at socializing with a larger group of people and thus will be put into leadership positions, which means her children will have a greater chance at survival and a better life in the long run!

That is why her mating system is connected to her right, communication/social brain! And when you are connected to this part of your brain, then you are powerfully attractive to her and she can't help it! Her mating system takes over and says, I have to have him! Period! And, this trumps all the other External Social Props such as what you are taught in the other pickup artist courses!

Well, I'll tell you why by comparison. The male mating system is directly connected to his optic nerve which is directly connected to his eyes! Thus men get turned on visually by seeing a pretty woman; visually! His male mating system is directly turned on visually through his eyes!!! That's why men Love Pictures and XXX Rated Porno's and XXX Magazines and images! And that's the same reason women get so upset / offended at Porno's and pornography in General. And, this is why women Love Romance Novels and books like 50 Shades of Gray!

Women hate to watch Porno, but they will read the fuck out of it!!! Women love a very specific set of words that are created in the right brains, female way! And that is what I teach in my course! Look close at the book! 50 Shades of Grey! (Women love Romance Novels because of the Hidden "Internal Female Language!!!)


So come! Come learn how to turn women on with your words alone! And learn how to have fun with women in the way women wish you would do! See, women do want to be turned on, but not in the male way, no lines, no games, none of that fake, old stuff! Come learn how to do it in the way her mating system was wired to feel pleasure in a very hot way that she can't resist! If you are not already on my youtube channel, then follow me as soon as possible, click on the follow button.

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