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Please Be an Awesome Person Like these People.

Please seek to be Awesome Like these people in this video 



You want to be an Awesome Person? Then Make Awesome choices that make your Life Worth while by helping others on a daily basis. If someone needs help, then ''Step up to the Plate" and Make a Difference in their life!!! There are good people all around you. Now Be one of them!

7 Years ago I was ran over by a car from behind while riding my bicycle. 

Not 1 single person helped me for hours in a Beautiful Neighborhood in front of a Church on a Beautiful sunny day. 

Mothers would stop in their New Mercedes and BMW Suvs with their daughters in the car, roll down the window, look and drive off. Not 1 single person helped me male or female... for hours I cried out for help, nothing, no one would help. 8 blocks from the police and fire departments. Nothing

Finally, 1 man a few hours later stopped and called for help. An older man with a rusted out old Cadillac stopped and called for help... 

Today I suffer Tremendous pain in my back and body on a daily basis. Yet I am very, very, very fortunate and lucky! I can walk, talk, run a bit, bike and for the most part do most things... 

All I ask is that you do 1 kind thing today! Please...

I just want you to know that there are people out there who will help you in your time of need. I am one of them. And there are many of us like that out there! 

If I could simply ask you 1 thing. Be Awesome! Be Awesome for yourself and for those who cross your path, even complete strangers, help them when they need help. 

Say a kind word to a shy girl or a shy guy. Be Good to those around you and the world will repay you in kind, I promise you! 

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Love each other with all your Heart

My entire life, my entire business is about making a Difference in other people's lives so they and you can be happy and live meaningful and fulfilling lives that are worth while and inspire you to get up each day to face and take on your challenges fully empowered and inspired knowing that you can and will overcome your challenges and achieve your highest goals and aspirations! 

Love starts Within. You first have to be good to your "SELF" that Inner Child, Inner Being that is who you truly are within. If you can sincerely be Good to You, then & only then can you be Good to those around you!

So Start today, Right now, Take on the Challenge of Life! 

The Challenge of Life is for you, yes, YOU!!! The person who is reading this right now to Take up the Challenge of Helping others Today, Now! To help those in need to Make a person smile. To tell a young lady she is Beautiful simply because she needs this in this moment. 

Make an older lady smile. Think Good thought about those who around you! 

Think good thoughts of yourself because this is necessary for you to be good to and Love others! 

With all my heart and all my soul I Love you and want to Make a Difference in your Life! 

The Purpose and Challenge that has been set before mankind is to Help one another.

I sincerely Believe we as a human race, we are on the Verge of making this happen on a Large Scale. The Human Spirit is about to Rise once again and Humans will begin to treat humans with Kindness, Love and Respect! 

And this all starts with you Right here, Right now!

There is no Passing the Buck. You are the first person who has to start this and watch the world around you transform!

God Bless you all


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Remember: Please Be an Awesome Person Like these People.

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