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NEEDS VS. WANTS | What She Really Needs From You!

What She Really Needs from you Vs. What she Wants!!

She Wants, nice car, diamond ring, amazing house, etc. etc. But, what she "Really Needs" is Love and Emotional Fulfillment.

This is where your Power Exists!!!

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And you don't even know what that means or what it is. And what's worse, you don't know "HOW" to give this form of female love to her in a way that she can receive on a deeper, more emotionally fulfilling way, in a way that she needs and desires deeply.

But, what you do think it is, is buying her gifts and paying for rent, dinner, etc. Unfortunately, this is what allll men think love is to a women. Sadly, this is nothing more than a nice Gesture. And, if that's all she is going to get from a man, then she'll take it. But in order for her to be truly happy, you must learn how to fulfill her heart with this thing called "Love and Emotional Fulfillment."

Now, the reason I say it like that, is because this has a very, very specific meaning to her and her heart. And, this is absolutely necessary for her to receive in order to feel truly loved by you and to bond with you emotionally. (And then she will be happy and feel a sense of deep, emotional connection with you and then want to have sex with you! And you didn't have to spend a dime!)

And again, I must repeat. Buying her flowers, cooking for her or taking her out to a fancy, romantic and or expensive dinner is "NOT" the way to fill her heart with your Love! And that is what this entire course is about!

Teaching you how to express your Love in a way that she Can receive it from you and be loved by you in a way that truly, truly, truly fills her heart with Emotional Fulfillment! (The way men Express Love is not the way women recieve it! That's why no matter what you do as a male, she still feels upset, gets angry and screams, "YOU DON'T LOVE ME!!!") 

Now, what is Emotional Fulfillment to a woman? Emotional Fulfillment = Love to her!

Well, we already know that it is not Flowers or Candy or Expensive dinners. And we also know it's not an Expensive Home or Expensive diamond ring or car. Even though Zales truly wants you to believe diamonds are forever! hahaha… No, sorry, Emotionally, diamonds to a woman is nothing more than a momentary sugar high! (This is why after a couple of days or weeks, she wants something else. Because that quick sugar high will never satisfy her need for true Love!) And that is a great, great place to start this conversation.

See, women do like and enjoy and even Love expensive gifts and expensive things. And, if you really pay close attention, as she will and probably has said to you a million times, "Well, that's nice, or that was a nice Gesture!" But Guys, that's all it is. A Freaking Gesture. A "Nice" Gesture! Period! (Trust me, this is not Love to a woman!)

So, how many of you right now have worked your tails off going to college, pushing yourself to save money, make money, move up the corporate ladder, or start your own business, risking it all so one day, you will be worth enough money, that you will be able to get the most beautiful women in the world to Love you and Marry you and Be good to you, because, hey, you spent a lot of money on her, right? Only to find that she left you and or divorced you years later? Leaving you feeling emotionally devastated and hurt to the maximum and completely and totally lost and confused and bewildered?

I mean come on, you spent a lot of money on things, things and more things that she wanted! Right??? Again, this is NOT LOVE to a woman!

See, this is the male form of Love! But not the Female form of Love and Emotional Fulfillment! This, working hard, paying for things with money $$$ is called the External form of expression. You know, "Things!"

Now wait, wait, don't go passed that! Stop and rewind. What did I just say?

"Things!" Yes, how many times have you heard women say in a funny or cute way, the word "Things" or "Thingy!" Well, at best, women look at External "Things" as cute or nice, and that's if you are lucky! Because, in General, most women actually get vehemently mad or angry when after years and years, you go to ole reliable, and buy her some "External" form of Love, ie. diamond ring, flowers, dinner, or whatever! THINGS!!!!!

(First of all, before I go any further, there is something that is so much more Powerful than working hard and spending all your money on things, that it will blow you and her away! And, it will not cost you a dime! She will melt into your arms, open up and completely surrender to you emotionally and be your girl for a life time or more! Now, doesn't that sound a lot better? And, it's what she's always wanted, dreamed of and prayed for since she was a teenage girl or before! This is what women want from men! And she will proudly show you off to all her friends and family members, because she found her Romantic Hero.)

Now, what do I mean buy "External!?" NOW this is where the rubber hits the pavement, because this is what it is allllll about! The male left brains world of the "External" world vs. the Females Right Brains Internal, Mentally Stimulating  and Emotionally fulfilling "Internal" world! External is the outside world, outside of your body. Ie things you can touch, grab, see and hold. Internal is the inside world of your emotions and feelings. And this is what women highly, highly, highly value! I can teach you a technique, or actually a way of expressing your emotions into a cheap $8 ring that will make her value that ring emotionally, more than a $10,000 dollar ring, and I can prove it!

See, men Value the External world of how much things cost financial, ie. diamonds, gold, silver, etc. Whereas women highly, highly, highly value the "Internal" world of Emotions and feelings. But, it must be expressed in the Right Brains Language called the "Internal Language!" Otherwise she won't understand you! (Oh, if you haven't figured it out yet by my writing her, women are literally communicating in a different sub language. Thus they, women have a really hard time relating to and understanding men at all, especially when it comes to Romance, Love and Relationships or dating!)

And this is where men and women run into big, big trouble. A man will express his love from the deepest depths of his heart and soul and offer up an extremely "financial / Externally" Valued form of Love, such as a gift or ring, etc. And so what does she do? Well, depends on how long you have been married or together. Because in the beginning of the relationship, she will unconsciously give that gift a high emotional value. And she may do this for about 6 months. But then, after that time or somewhere around that timing, she will then expect you to communicate in this right brain way to express your emotions in the "Internal Language of Love and Emotional Fulfillment!"

And if you don't, this is the time where problems begin to arise in relationships. And she starts getting mad at the gifts you buy her and give and offer up to her. And she begins to not value them or even care as much. Because to her, it's just a thingy, an external Valueless thing! See, women look at external things as nothing more than symbols of the possibility of the expression of love, which she truly values, the Emotional Expression of Love. No, no, no, not a whiny Crybaby man who cries and thinks that's what she wants. In fact, this whole 70's sensitive male thing is literally the opposite of what she wants in a man.

She wants you to be strong and to lead her. So the Crying, sensitive 70's thing simply doesn't work. Trust me, she doesn't want another child to take care of. You've heard that one  before haven't you! So what do I mean? Well, You the male highly value the External Thing. Because hey!!!! It costs you $100,000 for that Diamond ring, and that's expensive! Right? hahahaha… Not to her!

What's expensive to her or highly valued, is the Emotional Value that you give to that ring by expressing and communicating your emotions in this hidden, "Internal" right brains language. But, the problem is, that you don't' speak this language at all! You are not even aware of what this is. But, I guarantee you, She is.

In fact, all I have to say to a woman, is that I teach men how to open up to their right brain and speak this "Internal Language" so men can express their emotions and feelings in a way that you can connect with mentally an emotionally!

And Lo and Behold the Heavens have been lifted. The Choir Begins to sing and women throughout the world begin to Celebrate. Now, you think i am joking? Absolutely not, because to her, this is a Miracle, a gift from God himself. This is what a women's entire Destiny and Journey in life is. This is what she's been looking for her entire life. Yes, she has heard from her Grandmother, that long, long time ago, she, her grandmother met another girl, when she was much younger who met this Mythical creature called a man who knows how to open up to his right brain and can communicate in this very "Hidden, Internal Mentally stimulating and Emotionally fulfilling" language that women Love so much.

To women throughout the land, this is the Mythical Unicorn that all women have been looking for and talking about. If only she could find one of these Mythical Men to Love, Cherish and Marry! Now you might be thinking, what in the hell is Mike Talking about? Well, that is my entire point. There is something that is soooooo amazing, so powerful that all women want, need and desire, that it over rides even a $Million Dollar Home! I am dead serious.

The reason is, because women want, need and desperately desire this form of Love, because that's what we all want. Love! And, because of the way her nervous system and Brain are wired, she needs to receive Love in this "Hidden, Internal Languages" way. Because that's the only way she can receive true, deeply held Love and Emotional Fulfillment. But, what do you do? You go out and buy her expensive flowers and diamond rings, paying for dinner and drinks, year after year after year. Only to find that she is not happy with you and might even say, "YOU DON'T LOVE ME!!!" And runs of crying and angry because for some reason, to her, to her mind and especially to her heart, she truly believes that no matter what you do, you don't love her!

Why? Because, as I keep saying, the "External" form of expressing love through buying things, dinners, etc. does not fill her heart with Love! They are nothing more than nice, external symbols of the possibility of Love that she could Highly Value if just only you would connect your Love and emotions to these expensive "Possibilities" of Love to her. But for some reason, year after year, after year, you simply won't do it and refuse to Love her and she just can't figure out why! Yet, in your mind and heart, you scream, yell even sing your love for her and will even do embarrassing things to express your love to her because you are soooooooooo desperate of her to know "HOW MUCH" you truly do Love her.

And I know that you Love her. But no matter what silly or expensively romantic thing you do for her, if you don't learn how to communicate in this "Internal" Language and learn how to Express your Love to her in this very, very specific female way, you are dead in the water no matter what you do or how expensive the gift is! And eventually, she will leave you and divorce you!

That is a statistical fact! Period!

So, if you want to learn how to speak this language and communicate in this very specific way that is truly, truly meaningful and highly Valued to her heart, more than a $10 Million dollar gift or house, then you, and you want to Have all the Power in the world with women, then you better take this course before it's to late and you lose her! Learn how to become that Magical Unicorn she has always been searching for from her heart! Be the man who has learned what she truly needs and knows how to fulfill her true emotional needs, and she will Love you and Honor you and respect you in a way that no woman has ever Love a man!

Come, Learn how to Truly "Be her Romantic Hero!"

Sign up now and begin your Journey to becoming the man she has always wanted and more importantly needed! Remember, it's Needs vs. Wants. Wants are nice, but if you need water and you don't' get it, you will die eventually. And so will the relationship if you don't learn how to fill her heart with the Love she literally needs from you! Call now and let's set up your Destiny with Love! Mike Kollin 415 456 8558

Remember, the way you want to Express your Love is not the way she needs to Receive your Love! So come, learn how to express your love in a way that she needs to receive it, and Change your Life and your Destiny with women forever! There is an Answer, and it Works Powerfully! And yes, if you are single and want to meet all the beautiful girls in the world, this is how you do it!

So whether you are married and want to save and massively, powerfully enhance your marriage an bring back the love, pleasure and sensual connections, or if you are a single male and want to learn how to Love women in a way that you never even knew existed, then take this course now because you will be glad you did! hahahahaha… Trust me, this is a Life Changer!

Oh, I almost forgot the most important part. The male mating system is directly connected to his optic nerve which is directly connected to the back of his eyes, thus men are sexually stimulated, seduced and turned on visually. The female mating system is directly connected to her right brains, "Internal", emotional Communication center! In other words men, women are POWERFULLY sexually turned on by this right brains "Internal Language" that I keep talking about!

It's not over until you Win! See, that's why you are here!!! Period!!



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