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Stop the Pain...

I got involved in helping people a long, long time ago. I just wanted to make a difference. A lot of friends, clients and acquaintances over the years have asked me, "Why did you get into this business? What got you into this business?" And my answer is always the same... I just don't want to see people suffer needlessly!!

I watched my mother and father tear each other apart and destroy each other. And it was all because my mother simply could not understand how much my father loved her because the male way that men Love women is not the way women receive Love or Emotional Fulfillment

And guys, let me tell you right now that Phrase "Emotional Fulfillment" is more than just 2 words put together. That phrase is what Life is all about for a woman!!! It's everything in the world to her. And with all due respect you don't understand what it means. It means you "LITERALLY" Filling her Heart and Emotions and entire body up with "EMOTIONALLY FULFILLING EMOTIONS with your WORDS!!!"

It's Like Filling up her heart, a pool of water, with your Emotions... all the way to the Top! Full Within... Emotionally!

Emotionally Fulfilling Communication - Relationship Advice

Think of her heart as a basket that needs you and only you to fill it with Your words of Emotions that touch her very soul... That is what my course is about.... True, Meaningful, Fulfilling Love!!!

I also do the work I do to help men navigate the art of being single and approaching a girl...

Ladies, you may not realize it, but it's not easy meeting a girl in the modern age. In fact it can be quite terrifying for most men, most if not all the time...

You wonder why so many men won't approach you! Well, because women can be a bit cruel and mean and even yell when all a guy is trying to do is meet you...

Come Discover the Missing Keys to Love & Emotional Fulfillment in my Course "Why Men Just Don't Get it"

We are so different that men try all these crazy things to meet that special lady who makes his heart beat a bit faster, actually a lot faster... You think you are nervous? Well so is he!!

Happy Valentines everyone... I hope that you learn how to Love those Loved ones who are in your lives, because once they are gone, they are gone!

Men. Your First step to learning what Emotional Fulfillment & Emotionally Fulfilling Communication is starts here!

I've personally learned that the Hard way... That's why I do my work.... Love while you Can!!! Bless and Love you All... You are Awesome!!! Sincerely, Mike Kollin P.s. Remember, Make the World a Better Place! It Starts with you!  

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