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And why are they soooooooooooo #1 Important to dating and relationships? In all sincerity, Double pictures are everything to a relationship and are the Core, Core, Core reason men and women end up in divorce and Emotionally damaged to the extreme! The saddest part is, it causes massive confusion and misunderstanding within relationships which eventually causes massive distrust between men and women!!! Wake up LOVERS! There is an answer to heal all of your old and current wounds in relationships. So give me a call, come to my workshops and set up a 1 on 1 or couples coaching series of sessions so you can be the few who actually knows what's going on.

Ok, so here we go: Now, as I have said before, women use both their left and right Hemisphere; their logical male left brain and their right female, Emotional and creative/spiritual brain. As I have said before, the right brain is the Emotional processor that is highly connected to the 5 senses. In other words, the farther or more you are into your right brain, the more vibrant colors and sounds become. You can literally feel the music's vibe and it feels awesome. You feel more, you see more distinctions between colors, you smell more, you taste flavors much, much more fully, sounds are soooooooooooo much more soothing and can be extremely relaxing and or erotic.

So, the farther you are into your right brain, the more you taste, smell, see, hear and feel. Thus we experience and feel Love in our heart, but it is actually processed in our right brain. Yes, for both men and women. But, men open up to it through sex. After sex, the chemical oxytocin is released into his system and this relaxes him and opens him up to his right brain. Thus he begins to feel the amazing emotions of Love and becomes Content and just wants to go to sleep. Now, how do women open up to their heart when interacting with another person? Answer: Communication.

Yep, women first #1 open up to you mentally as in their left, logical brain, through the left brain's "External, Linear language. Women are looking for a mentally stimulating connection with you through talking, communication. Now, even though men are very good at using their left brain, they need to learn how to use this language to stimulate her mating system.

#2 Women, if you stimulate her right with communication, will then, eventually, open up to their heart area (Right Emotional, brain) and open up  to their feelings and connect with you emotionally through communication. But, this is not the form of communication that men think. It is not logical, proper, correct, specific, left brain communication.

There is a language that the right brain process and understands, called the "INTERNAL Language". Now you must #1 Learn how to open up to your right brain, by birth, men are literally stuck in their logical left brain, but don't know any different because that is all they have known. (In my course, when I open men up deeply into their right brain, an entire new world opens up to them and for most men it is a trip and fascinating! And women will gravitate towards you simply by doing this one thing. It's instinctual for them to do this.)

#2 Then you have to learn what the "Internal Language" is and how to speak it, process it and understand it, and use it effectively to connect with her on an emotional level, because, women need to connect with you on an emotional level through this language, to receive LOVE from you! Did you just read that last sentence? Did you understand the gravity of what I just said? HELLO!!!! Women do not and can not receive true, deep emotional fulfillment/LOVE from men!

It's not possible, unless he learns how to open up this part of his brain and speak in this "HIDDEN" Internal language I keep talking about. Yes, it is literally the "Hidden" language! Red Alert! Red Alert! Red Alert! 911 we have an Emergency!!!! Men, do I have your attention yet?

Women will spend months, years, even decades with you, in hopes, literally in prayer to God Almighty for you to finally, some day from Almighty God, to open up to this language of Love and Romance that she so needs to bond with you Emotionally on a deeper level spiritually! Women will attempt over nad over and over and over to teach you how to connect on this level, to open up to this form of internal language that is HIDDEN from the male brain.

Women will even tell their girlfriends nad me, "Oh, he's smart, he's getting it, he is, he really is!" "He will get it, some day, I hope!" Now men open up to and receive, deep Love and Emotional Fulfillment nad are completely content, through sex. Yes, after a man has sex with a women, it opens him up to his right brain and he is "In Love!" He's feeling good and also believes that you are feeling this amazing Love vibe that he is feeling. But, she's not!

Men, can you imagine never, feeling this amazing feeling of deep love for years and years with your wife or girlfriend? Do you want to know what the equivalent to this would be? The equivalent would be never, ever having sex or an orgasm with your wife or girlfriend your entire life all the while she is sleeping right next to you, right there for years and years! But, what do men do?

Well, they want to make their sweetie happy and romance her. So men pay for things to make her happy and make her feel loved. They pay for dinner, flowers, candy, say sweet things, cook for her and things like this, maybe even clean the kitchen or surprise her with a gift. But, this is not Love! Women do not receive love from eating a dead piece of meat no matter how expensive it was or how fancy the Silverware and China dining plate it is on. Even 1,000 candles will not make her feel love and emotional fulfillment. Even a $Million Dollar right, Porsche and $5 million house will not make her feel this Deep, Love and Emotional fulfillment I am talking about. It's Nice, and she will take it! But that's about it.

Don't believe me? I give you Koby Bryant, Donald Trump and recently, Tom Cruise! These men are rich as F'k! And yet, they are divorced or have been divorced multiple times! And Guess what? hahaha.. Their ex wives took all the money, diamonds, jewelry and houses you bought for them. So, I give you, if it is all about buying her things that truly makes her happy, then why do so many women leave their husbands who make millions and millions and buy them millions of $$$ worth of things???? Answer: Because these are just things to women, these are not LOVE! Period! Women receive Love and Emotional Fulfillment through a specific form of right brain Communication which I call the "Internal Language."

And all this time, you thought if you went to college for 5 or 6 to 10 years and spent the next 10 years creating wealth and riches and bought the most expensive home possible and a Ferrari and bought her all the diamonds and Jewelry possible, that she would fall madly, head over heals in love with you because Hollywood said so! Sorry, but, hahahahahahaha... NOPE! But, there is an Answer and it is 10 times more powerful than all the money in the world!

You need to learn how to open up to your right brain and learn how to speak the language of Love, the "Internal Language!" It's erotic, it's passionate and it's amazing. Oh, it is also the next step before having sex with a woman. A woman needs to feel a mental connection with you, then open up emotionally and connect with you on an emotionally fulfilling level, then have wild, erotic, passionate sex with you. Otherwise, she's just having boring sex with you and faking orgasms. If you learn how to communicate in this very specific way, she will have more powerful orgasms with you than she has ever had before!

*** This language Sexually turns women on POWERFULLY!!! And fills her heart with Deep LOVE! This is how women are lead into sex: #1 Mental stimulation through communication. #2 Emotionally fulfilling connections through communication. #3 Sex with you! If you don't believe me, ask any woman and I guarantee you she will say, "Of course!"

Ok, so now, what are Double pictures? Well, women are open to both their left and right brain. So what does that mean? I means, she process communication through both her left and right brain. So, when she says A. to you, she very well likely may mean B. hahaha... Seriously. A lot of times, women will say one word or describe one story, when they mean something else! hahaha... yeah yeah yeah, I know, right now, most men are saying, "See, I told you, women are crazy!" "Women don't make any sense!"

"Why do women do this?" (Answer: Because if done correctly back to them, it makes them extremely, extremely horny, and it can also melt her heart and make her feel loved by you. In fact, this is the way, the hidden, Secret way to truly love a woman's heart! Buying her things and paying for dinner is NOT Love to a woman! Period!) And yet, women are saying, "Well, of course!" "Don't men?"

Answer, "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" When a female says A. but really mean B. this just confuses men all to hell. hahaha.. See, when a man Says A. he means A. So, when you say A. he thinks you mean A. and he hears A. Not B.

As I have said before, men for the most part are very, very stuck in their left brain and have a hard time opening up to their right brain. Although some can do it through music, singing in choir or being in a band or art. But it still takes them about 10 to 15 minutes or more to get their. Whereas a woman can do it in an instant, faster than a split second, literally.

Women have more nerves to connect the left hemisphere with the right hemisphere. Thus it is a super highway for them and easy to go back and forth. Now, how does this effect Double pictures? Well, when you say A. her left brain hears A. and understands A. just like you, then the information is literally transferred over to her right brain and then gets processed through the Right Brains Emotional, Creative, 5 senses processor and thus her right brain literally processes the information/communication through her emotions, feelings and 5 senses, and thus changes the meaning to what you just said and hears B. something completely different than what you just said! hahaha...

And her right brain is always, always looking for a Deeper meaning and or asking 1 of 2 similar questions; "What does this really mean, or what is a deeper meaning of this!" To all men would respond, "THERE IS NO DAMN DEEPER MEANING, THERE IS NO OTHER MEANING, IT MEANS WHAT I SAID!!!!" RAAAAAAAAAAAA CAVEMAN!!!! So then you say A. and then she says, "Well, then what does that mean?" And round and round and round we go! Yes, it's silly, but this massive confusion really, really hurts men and women deeply and causes so much unnecessary, deep emotional hurt and rips our hearts out! But, there is an Answer and I can clearly teach it to you in my courses.

For now, men, here's what you absolutely must say. When you say A. you then Say, "and what that means is B. Example: Have you ever gotten up said, "I am going to go to the grocery store, or the corner store and I'll be right back?" So, you go off to the store, pick up 1 or 2 things and Bamm!!! You are back home in a jiffy, literally in 5 minutes or less.

So, you come home, walk through the door all happy and smiley, and she is like the DRAGON LADY Ready to Kill you!!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...  "Where have you been?????" And she is all pissed off at you!" And you are thinking and maybe even saying, "but, I was only gone for 5 minutes, I came right back?" And she screams, "Yeah, that's a likely story!!!!!" And you are thinking, "Damn, women are freaking insane, beyond crazy!"  (Hahahahaha) Then she starts accusing you of fucking the store clerk girl or having an affair with her. Or maybe she screams out, "Are you going to leave me, are you going to leave me for the Store clerk girl?" And you are thinking, "WHAT????" "There is no store clerk girl, my mom owns that tiny little store on the corner and there is no one else except for my brother who opens the store in the morning and my dad who runs it on the weekends, what in the hell is she talking about?" "I think she has split personalities!" hahahaha...

Admit it, you do! hahaha... Ok, so here is what the hell is going on, because it literally seems like Crazy woman's hell when she does this doesn't it? Yeah, you know what I am talking about. Remember I told you that women are both left and right brain? And that the right brain is always asking one of 2 questions. Either, "What's a deeper meaning of this?" "Or, "What does this really mean?"

See, the right brain is always, always, always, always looking for a deeper meaning, even when there is no deeper meaning, even when you say, I am going to the corner store to get some milk, and that's why it is the spiritual brain. And, I know you already know this, because you have had some spiritual revivals upon walking through the door when you get back, just like being at one of those Holy Roller churches where everyone foams at the mouth and rants and raves and screams at the top of their lungs, speaking in tongues!!! Because only God knows what the hell they are saying or her when she is screaming at you in this foreign language I am calling "The Internal Language." hahahaha...

So, first, here is what you do. Imagine, there are 2 boxes or frames in front of her around her chest or body area. Mark the left box A. and the right box B.. And put the A. and B. at the top, just above the boxes. A. on the left, B. on your right. (This is for you and your understanding.) Now, when you say A. She is going to see and hear A. in that box. Then, she will bring it over to Box B. and begin looking for this Deeper meaning. And trust me, if you don't tell her what that is, she will spin and spin and spin and spin and spin and spin and go absolutely raving mad crazy, insane and by the time you get back home from the corner store, she will be frothing at the mouth and speaking in tongues, spinning her head in circles like the Devil or a crazy child.

And guess what? Yep, it's all your fault! hahaha... Here's why?

If you don't tell her what B. Means, then this is an example of what her right brain will begin to do automatically, because it can't help it, it was literally designed to do this! And she will spin and spin and spin until you finally come back and tell her what the hell you meant! First, "Well, what does that mean?" "What is a deeper meaning of this?" And her right brain keeps asking these or similar questions like this. Then it starts to bring up "ALL" and I mean "All possibilities!" hahaha... And guess what, she will find the absolute worst possible choice and when you walk in through that door, she will have her M-16 ar2 locked and fully loaded with her grenade launcher loaded and her shoulder held rocket launchers on hand, with claymore mines facing outwards towards you, ready to go on the offensive and blow your ass up!!! But then again, you already know this, don't you!

So her brain goes like this. "Well, maybe he just needs some space." "Maybe he is having problems at work." "Maybe he lost his job!" "Maybe we are going to lose the house!!!" "Or maybe he's not happy with me?" "Maybe he is mad at me." "Maybe he is thinking about leaving me!!!! OMG!!!!" "OMG!!!! Is he cheating on me?" "Is he cheating on me with the store clerk at the corner store!" "OMG!!! That's it, he's having sex with the store clerk and he's going to leave me for her!!!!!!" "RAAAAAAAAAAAAA... Well that Son of  a Bitch, when he gets home I'm going to let him have it!"

Lock and Load, Grenade Launcher ready, dug in, ready sir! By the time you get home, in 3.5 minutes flat, you walk in on a 200 foot Giant, Fire Breathing Dragon with it's head spinning in circles and it's pissed off to high heaven, ready to eat you for dinner! And damn it, all you had to do was tell her what you meant by saying, "And what that means is..." hahahaha...

Now, here is the most Hilarious part about all of this, READ CLOSELY, the right brain is not logical. I repeat, the right brain is the Emotional, creative, spiritual brain. The left brain is the logical brain. So, it doesn't matter what you say what it means. For example. I have done a few workshops in the past with the husbands and wives attending. And, after teaching double pictures, much more in depth than this by the way, I will then ask the women out loud and say, "Hey, do you want to know what it means when your boyfriend or husband says, "Honey, I'm going to the grocery store?"

And without a doubt, the entire room of woman get this absolutely fascinating look in their eyes, lean forward and say "Yeaaaaaaaaahhhhh..." like they are at a 4th of July fireworks show, totally locked on." And all the husbands and boyfriends get this totally lost and confused look on their faces with the expression like it's saying, "WHATTTTTT????" I then say, "What it means is, they are going to the grocery store!" hahahaha... And all of the women gasp and go "OHHHHHHHHHHH..."

And usually 1 or 2 women will blurt out, "You know, I was never sure, but I thought that's what it meant, but I was never sure!" hahahahahaha...

See, it literally doesn't matter what you say, her right brain just needs to know what the deeper meaning is, or what it means, period! So you can say anything. ie. "Honey, I am going to the store, and what that means is, I am going to the store!" He left brain will go, "Oh, ok", and then her right brain will go, "Oh, cool, thanks for letting me know!"

How many times have you heard a woman say, "I don't care why or what he's doing, I just need to know!" And you know what, she means it. Because otherwise, she's going to go bonkers, spinning and spinning and spinning in her right brain asking those damn questions over and over, asking for a deeper meaning!" And guess what, you will pay for doing that to her big time! hahahaha...

#1 Are you starting to see how mother nature played this cruel trick on mankind and how this 1 difference in processing communication differently can cause so many problems in relationships and cause deep, deep emotional wounds. #2 Are you starting to see the very beginning to how easy communication can be if you just speak her language?  

#1 So, she literally speaks and communicates in a completely different hidden sub language. Brother, unless you want her to take your house, your dog, your cars, your furniture, keys, your future earnings and life savings and your balls, then you better learn this damn language and learn how to process communication in this 'Double Picture" way, because otherwise, you are in for a life full of misery and hell.

And trust me, there is nothing like a woman scorned! She'll burn your ass if you keep trying to pay for shit and think she's going to exchange sex like a prostitute for you instead of giving her what she really wants, needs and desires from you. Besides,  if you do learn how to open up like this, women will melt, open up and surrender to you emotionally if you do this for her!

So, #1 women are literally speaking a different sub language every day and you had no clue! She does, she can't help it, it's hard wired into her to do this, so telling her not to do this is just a waste of time! #2 And she processes information/communication in a different part of her brain than you do! Ladies and Gentlemen, we are about to have a Nuclear Core Melt Down!

We do not understand each other no matter how much we think we do! We just confuse the crap out of each other and everything is all mixed up. And this is what is wrong with this world!

We communicate differently, we are speaking 2 different languages and process communication completely differently! #3 Women fall in love and receive love differently than men do. And are turned on sexually in this way also. So for crying out loud, nothing will keep your cave girl happier, more content and put a smile on her face like the mentally stimulating, emotionally fulfilling kinky right brain language!

So come on, come take my courses and learn how to love that little girl deep, deep inside! Now you can!



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