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Mike Kollin’s Crack The Female Code - Dating & Relationship Coaching Expert
"There's a Hidden Code to Loving Her Heart"

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“Understanding the Hidden Path To Romance, Love & a Powerful Seduction”

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I will help you through your Past mistakes and open you up to a New way of Understanding the opposite sex for Romance, Love & Romantic Seduction so she can feel close to you again!

Heal Past wounds, Enjoy New Experiences Together & Be Powerful.


Clarity in Communication, Conflict Resolution, More Intimacy, Bonding, Re-Building Trust & More.

There's a Much Better way to Understanding, Loving, Communicating with and Romancing women! I Personally Promise you I will show you something You have never seen or heard of before. Not even Tony Robbins is Aware of what this is!

This is New and will Answer all the Questions and Misunderstandings you have ever had about Women or the opposite sex!!! There is an Answer! And you have found it!

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Mike Kollin is an NLP Trainer & Master Hypnotherapist - Professional Dating, Relationship & Communication Expert with 25+ years Experience & over 41 certifications in NLP, Hypnosis, Psychology, Human Behavior and Influence. Just Call 415-456-8558 And Change your Life forever and Heal your Heart!

There is a Better way! I Guarantee it!!!

San Francisco Bay Area, Walnut Creek, Las Vegas, San Diego - USA


"Mike Kollin is an Extremely intuitive Healer, Coach & Friend. He is one of a Kind. He is right. I came to him for what I thought was how to meet women. He told me, 'You are here to find your "SELF & YOUR INTERNAL POWER!"' And I did. Thank you." – Anonymous

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– Eric M. Roofing Contractor - Detroit, MI.

"Mind Blowing! This Course is Awesome! If you want to Understand & Feel Comfortable with women and learn how to Attract & Love women, you have to take Mike's course."

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