'Why Men Just Don't Get It' Event for Women - San Rafael, California - MGK International

'Why Men Just Don't Get It' Event for Women - San Rafael, California

Dates and Time To Be Confirmed

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Coming soon! Exact Date and Location in San Rafael Ca. 94901 will be Announced soon!

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$25.00 non refundable deposit per person. 


To be Announced soon!

San Rafael, CA 94103


11am - 5pm


Free parking available


Snacks will be provided, wear comfortable clothes and bring anything you'd like to take notes with.

We will have 1:15 Minutes for lunch. And 2 - 15 minute breaks.

Details of the event will be emailed to you

"Understanding how the Man in your Life Communicates and Expresses Love his Way."

If you have ever felt emotionally unfulfilled, like you’re living with a stranger or constantly battling with your man then this event will show you why.

I am going to show you something that is going to bring clarity into your life and release all the negativity around your relationships! 

Based off my new ebook Why Men Just Don’t Get It I hold events for women who want to understand their partner's thinking, to help build stronger communication and add clarity, romance and Love between each other and become more emotionally fulfilled by simply increasing your understanding of male neurology and his communication patterns.

Learn how to create meaningful experiences together through a Deeper, more Mentally Stimulating and Emotionally Fulfilling form of communication.

 This course will help you bridge the communication gap and help you understand each other on a much deeper level than before.

Clarity in communication, deeper heartfelt connections and a warmer, more romantic love together.

What we'll cover:

  • How men and women process communication differently
  • The psychological differences between men and women
  • An insight into mens minds and how they process women's words and communication
  • How to understand miscommunication and improve it
  • Daily communication changes to help improve your connection
  • How to approach communication better with your partner
  • Why the Female form of Romance and Seduction can anger him
  • Why men Express Love and try to Romance you in this odd, Strange and Foreign way
  • Why men don't play the stimulating Cat and Mouse game
  • And the Ultimate, "Why Men Just Don't Get it"