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Why Men Just Don't Get it eBook - Relationship Advice for Women

Mike Kollin

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"Why is it So Hard for Men and Women to simply Love and Understand each other?"

Have you been asking yourself:

"Why won't He Love Me?" 

"How come he doesn't talk to me?" 

Are you looking for a Meaningful Connection filled with Emotionally Fulfilling Communication? 

Do you feel like you're living with a Stranger you can't connect with and don't understand?

Do you Feel Empty and all Alone inside?

Do you ever wonder why men don't express themselves in a Deeper more meaningful way when they talk to you?

Does it seem like he doesn't love you? And all you want is to learn, "How do I get him to Love and Understand me?"

This Powerful "New" Discovery Changes Everything.

What you are going to learn in this Book is going to change your lives, open your heart and bring back the happiness.

This 58 Page ebook guide gives you an insight into the male mind, their thought processes and how they express their love to help you bridge the communication gap and open the doors to Love!

#1 We Communicate in 2 completely different languages and process communication in 2 different parts of our brain.

#2 The way we express our Love is completely different and expressed in the opposite direction!

#3 Our mating systems are wired to 2 different parts of our brain!

And this is where all the challenges, hurt and anger starts!

I’m proud to say this ebook doesn’t just tell you to sit down and discuss things in a safe environment and say "I feel…". Instead we find out the real Answers to what's blocking us and keeping us from Connecting and bonding on a much Deeper, more Meaningful Level. If you want your curiosity satisfied, take a look inside.  

After you read "Why Men Just Don't Get It" to learn more, buy my follow up book to this book, "Every Woman's Battle - The Need for Love and Emotional Fulfillment!"

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