Why Men Just Don't Get it - Dating & Relationship Advice

Why Men Just Don't Get it - Relationship Advice Pdf For Women

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Why Men Just Don't Get it - Relationship Advice Pdf For Women

It's here Today Finally! - June 16, 2017

There's an Answer to Romantic Love & Emotional Fulfillment
And I know you have been looking for it since you were young.
I think the Title says it all... 
Women are looking for Mentally Stimulating & Emotionally Fulfilling Experiences through a Hidden Right Brain Language and form of communication including body language! 
Have you been asking yourself questions or saying things like: 
"How come men just don't get it?" 
"Why is my husband Ignoring me?" 
"Why is my husband so distant?" 

"Why does he ignore me?" 
"How come he won't Love me?"
Or as Julie said in the books here, "He doesn't Love me!" To which I responded, "Yes he does! He Loves you very Much!! He is just Loving you in the Male form of Love!" Julie said, "He thinks that's Love! That's not Love!" To which I responded, "To him it is!" 
Do you feel like you are living in a home with a complete Stranger?
Someone you simply can't Understand or relate to?
If it seem like we are speaking different languages, you are about to be Shocked!
What if I told you we are literally communicating in 2 completely different Languages and we express our Love in 2 completely Different ways. The way men express their Love Externally is not the way women receive Love! Which is "Internally!"
You might be thinking or asking or maybe he has said, "You're Crazy!"
If you've asked yourself, "Am I Crazy?" The answer is, "No!" You are just different. And no I don't mean that in a nice way, I mean that men and women are simply neurologically wired in the opposite way for EVERYTHING! 
If your Boyfriend or husband has been acting this way for a long time and your Right Brain has been Overdrive, over thinking everything, there is an answer that will Alleviate all the Loss and Confusion & Emptiness! 
If you've been looking for a Reason or some kind of Meaning then you came to the right place!
Is there an Actual Reason or meaning to what's going on between you and your Husband or spouse? Ultimately for right now, the answer is "Absolutely Yes!!" There are reasons and clear answers! 
And no, you are not Crazy or wrong or anything like that at all... 
There is an Actual Reason he thinks you are overreacting. There is a Reason he says, "You don't' make any sense or women are not logical!" 
Believe it or not, but you can be very logical. And in fact it's HIM!!! Who is missing something. It is him who is not using all of his brain!
In fact when I break down to men what they see as logical, it always stuns them at how "Illogical they are being most of the time!"
This is a Journey into the Human Mind & Communication Centers that delves Deeper into the Heart and Opens you & him up to What Love Really is and How to Love each other in the way we both need!
Overall the #1 Thing this course will do for you as a woman is
Alleviate a Ton of Emotional Hurt and Suffering due to Misunderstandings!!!
Mentally Stimulating & Emotionally Fulfilling
Love, Communication & Understanding!!
I'll see you on the other side of Understanding

Sincerely, Mike Kollin

 There's a Reason men don't Get it!