Why Men Just Don't Get It - Relationship Advice & Communication eBook

Why Men Just Don't Get it eBook

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Do you ever wonder why your husband or boyfriend never really seems to connect, worry and stress as deeply as you and why, even though you’ve asked him again and again, he still hasn’t taken the trash out!

Unfortunately this disconnect is common but it’s not because he doesn’t care but simply due to the fact that you both think and communicate differently.

This 58 Page ebook guide gives you an insight into the male mind, their thought processes and reasoning to help you bridge the communication gap between you and your partner and start understanding each other better.

It’s a common stereotype that wives and girlfriends ‘nag’ but many (if not all women!) never set out to be seen as a nagging person. So how does this come about?

A large part of this stereotype, from what I’ve seen, is miscommunication between gender language. In this situation no one is right and no one is wrong it’s simply a language difference that can cause huge issue between partners.

I’m proud to say this ebook doesn’t tell you to sit down and discuss things in a safe environment and say ‘I feel…’. Instead we look at understanding your partners/ colleagues/ bosses/ friends thought process to notice where miscommunication can occur and bring both men and women to communicate the same way and be more informed of how you can interpret different genders language choices.

There’s no need for women to feel guilty about asking for favours around the house or for men to feel guilty about spending a few hours on the playstation or at the pub. You’ve both agreed to a partnership and it’s just the language that is askew.

My goal is that you both gain a more fulfilling relationship from each other with less of those silly arguments and frustrations that come from nowhere. Hopefully you’ll both feel more appreciated and loved and may even end up seeing that bin taken out more often!

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