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The Golden Package - Powerfully Attract Women To you!

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Dating tips & Relationship Coaching Golden Package

This package includes:

  • Crack The Female Code eBook = $40.00
  • Sex Signals ebook 2nd Edition = $20.00
  • Bonus “In The Beginning eBook” = $10.00

Value: $70.00

Sale: $49.00

 Yes! I actually Threw in my Powerful Crack The Female Code book into this package. You practically get it all if you want to save a few bucks. So you get to learn how to Understand what Romantic Seduction is to a Woman and what it is that Attracts women to you!

I've also decided to throw in my very Powerful Book "Sex Signals".

This is my Brand New, updated Advanced book on Sex Signals to give you the edge in knowing when a woman is giving you the hidden, subtle body language that lets you know she wants to be approached, asked out and taken sexually!

Buy the Golden Package now & also get Sex Signals Now!

For a short time I am throwing in the Bonus Section on how a Hidden Language triggers her Mating system. 

Finally: This includes the Newly Released, Fully Edited, Revised and Expanded -  3rd Edition. 1/4/2019 of both "Crack The Female Code" and "Sex Signals!"

Get started today! Golden Package eBooks can be downloaded from the confirmation page after checkout and is also sent to you via email.


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