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Take Back Your Power

How to Save my Marriage

How to Save my Marriage

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How to Save my Marriage

 This New Discovery Reveals the Hidden Truth that all men are Completely Blind to!

And Nobody is teaching this!!!!

This is The Masters Course!!!

Chaos, Confusion, Anger, Misunderstanding, Miscommunication, Yelling, Blaming, Sadness, Emotional Hurt and Emptiness and feeling alone while you are in a Relationship with someone!

What happened to all the Happiness, Fun and Love? Where did it go? Where did your Best Friend Go? You can have it all back once again you know!

Are you sick and tired of getting yelled at and blamed for every single little thing you do or don't do? Are you sick of feeling like you can do no right in a woman's eyes? That No Matter what you do, you are Always Wrong in her eyes???

Well your not! And there's nothing Wrong with you! Men and Women are so Different that the way men express their Love literally cannot be received by women! Thus she believes you do not Love her no Matter what you do!

Seems like the Impossible Nightmare you can't get out of doesn't it!

It's okay! Don't worry! This Answer is about to Change your entire life and Love Life! I promise you this!

The Way a Man Loves a Woman is not the way a Woman Receives Love! 

#1 Men and Women are Speaking 2 completely different Languages!

#2 The way a Man Expresses his Love is not the way a woman Receives Love! (The harder you try to Love her, in the male way, the angrier and more hurt she will become!)

#3 The way a Man Romances a Woman is not the way a woman is Romanced! It's the complete Opposite!

* Our Mating Systems are connected to 2 different parts of our Brain! So Unconsciously you try to Love her, Romance her and Turn her On Sexually in the way you are Loved, Romanced and Turned on Sexually! Wrong Answer!

In Fact the way men Communicate, express their Love and Attempt to romance a woman "LITERALLY" irritates, Angers and Deeply Wounds her Emotionally! And  it makes her believe and feel like you don't care, that you are taking a short cut and refuse to Love her in any way! 

Yet you actually do Love her and are doing everything in your Power to Express your Deep Love for her yet she gets angry or breaks down crying believing you don't care!

This is why all those Flowers, Roses, expensive dinners and gifts, houses and cars you buy for her do not work! (If they did, you wouldn't be divorced 2 times!) They are merely a quick sugar high! But that's not Love to a Woman! And eventually she will Leave you! And in the end you will suffer Greatly without this Answer!

This is the Hidden way I call "Crack the Female Code!" There's a Code to Romance, Love and her Heart! And it makes her Feel Safe, Comforted and Secure when you know this Code! And it Not only Melts her Heart of Hearts, it Powerfully turns her on Sexually! Makes her Happy and makes her not only Cling to you but makes her want to Make Love to you!

And this is where you get your Power in Dating, Relationships and Life!!!

Once you Know how to do this, she will melt at the very sight, sound and touch of you! And she will begin to work much harder to make you Happy in Life, Love and your Relationship!

Men and Women do not understand each other at all! Not even Close! We may as well be from 2 completely different planets! That's how different we are! And no this is not anything like those other courses out there! This is New, This is Different and this Powerful! PERIOD!!!

Believe it or not but women are indirect Creatures! What she is mad at, Terrified of, yelling at you for is not what she is yelling at you for! She is Indirectly Screaming at you because of something else!! She is Desperately Screaming in the Indirect, Hidden, Female Way, Screaming at you for Help!!!!!

She needs you to Shift!

She doesn't know what else to do!!! So she yells, fights, screams, hoping you will understand! At this point she is desperate and grasping for straws! She literally Prays to the Gods, for years and years, to Answer her Prayers for you to Understand her Fears and more!

No! Not Logical Understanding!

Eventually she pushes you out, gives up! And hopes the Next Man will Understand The Hidden Person inside of her that is screaming out for Love, Understanding, Emotional Fulfillment, Comfort and Security!

She's Scared! She feels like she's all alone living in a home with a complete stranger she can't understand. And it's an emotionally empty, lonely, terrifying daily experience for her!

Sadly men and women do not understand each other at all. Not even Remotely Close! But!!! You Do Not have to Suffer Anymore!! You found the Answer of a Life time right here!

It's Time to Wake up and See the Cold Hard Truth and Step into Your Power!

You can Now Create a Happy, Loving, Powerful Relationship together where she will Trust you, Support you and Fully and Completely Love and embrace you! 

With this, "She will Fight for you!!!" And she will get your Back through thick and thin! 

Without this, you will suffer greatly!


How to Save My marriage California's #1 Relationship Coach has Created a New Course on How to Save my Marriage!  This a New course on Understanding how to Romance, Love and Melt a Woman's Heart!

There is a Hidden Key, a Code, that will Absolutely Unlock the Hidden Secrets to Understanding The True Nature of Loving a Woman's Heart in a way she will Cling to you, Hold onto you and Love you with all her Heart!

Without this Hidden Key you will be Lost in Chaos, Suffering and Confusion forever!

The Answer will Surprise you!

Imagine your life if:

  • You understand women with Absolute Clarity!!
  • Give your Wife the #1 Thing all Women Desire and Need in Relationships!
  • You can Read a woman's body language and subtle cues with such clarity you absolutely know when to approach her, talk to her and when not to!!! This is Genius!
  • You have the ability to Romance a woman so Naturally she melts emotionally, opens her heart and falls madly in Love with you all over again!! 
  • You have the ability to turn your wife on in a matter of minutes!
  • Your Wife or Girlfriend is so stunned that she brags and tells her friends and mom she found that Illusive Unicorn who gets it!
  • Your Wife or Girlfriend is so stunned at your New Found Understandings she stares at you and locks on!
  • She actually goes silent and then says, "I'm listening... Please, continue, I like listening to you!"
  • Talking to and relating to women becomes as comfortable and natural as breathing.
  • Living with your wife or girlfriend suddenly becomes an Awesome Experience like when you first started dating!
  • A complete shift where suddenly women gather around you waiting and wanting to hear you talk in a  mentally stimulating and emotionally fulfilling way... Because now you speak in such a way, using the Hidden Code, that she can't stop, she has to have more... Your Wife will be So Impressed with You, She will actually show you off and tell her friends!
  • Imagine being in a Relationship where suddenly you are the man that meets, fulfills and completes her needs and desires! Suddenly she wants to willingly Love you, she Appreciates you, Cherishes you and holds onto you and won't let go because Now she has the Man of her Dreams!
  • Now Imagine a Relationship where you have Equal Power and Equal say because she actually wants to listen and understand you from your perspective and where you are coming from. All because of this New Hidden Way of Communicating that stimulates her mind and gives her Clarity in Communication with you!
  • Imagine having the Power to Completely Calm her down and Fill her with Contentment!

There is a way to Happiness, Love and Contentment within Relationships Now!

Imagine the Power you will Have once You understand these teachings!

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If You want to be 100% Sure of my Course. I highly recommend you buy my Book "Crack the Female Code" and read it first! 

It's life Changing and will show you Why my course is so Powerful! Enjoy!


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