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Mike Kollin

Elite Dating Coach | Crack the Female Code

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Elite Dating Coach | Crack the Female Code

How to Attract the Woman of your Dreams is a New Discovery on Understanding how to Romance, Love and Melt a Woman's Heart!

There is a Hidden Key, a Code, that will Absolutely Unlock the Hidden Secrets to Understanding The True Nature of Loving a Woman's Heart in a way she will Cling to you, Hold onto you and Love you with all her Heart!

Without this Hidden Key you will be Lost in Chaos and Confusion forever!

The Answer will Surprise you!

 Imagine your Life if:

  • You can Attract Women to you with this Hidden Secret I learned for a Buddhist Monk that Creates a Loving Energy that Draws women to you!
  • Suddenly you can read women's subtle cues and body language with such clarity you know when to approach her and when not to!
  • You can Capture a woman's attention merely by the way you speak using a Hidden Pattern that naturally attracts her to you! (This Hidden Secret Directly Triggers Her Mating System! Also saves marriages too!) 
  • You have the Ability to Romance a Woman so Naturally she melts emotionally, opens up and Falls in Love with you!
  • You have the Ability to turn a woman on in a matter of minutes!
  • Talking in this Hidden Code actually Gains the respect of her, her Mother and her friends! (This will Blow your Mind!)
  • Gain a higher Level of Social Power and Respect wherever you go! This was actually hidden from the Male Brain!
  • Your girlfriend is so stunned, her eyes Lock onto you and she stairs at you silently waiting for more, more, more... 
  • She Fell Head over Heals in Love with you because of this Hidden Code!
  • You have a Relationship where she Actually wants to do things for you and Make you Happy because you are giving her the #1 things she has always wanted from a guy!
  • Stimulating her Mind in a way she becomes Absolutely Fascinated with you!!
  • Wherever you go women actually want to talk to you once you speak in this hidden way!
  • Talking to women becomes very easy and comfortable because of these hidden patterns!


Imagine the Power you will Have once You understand these teachings!

You Get my Absolute 110% Full Support & all My Skills in this Package! This is the Premiere Package!

I literally throw every tool in my arsenal at your Challenges to Restructure them and turn You around 180 degrees to start working effortlessly in an unconscious way for you!


Wait til you see it:
415 747 8598

Seduction Power

“Crack the Female Code” is the Ultimate in Making her actually want to Be with you, talk to you and keep you with her forever!

This is the Most Powerful form of Love and Romantic Seduction on the Planet! Period! You will See!!

“Crack the Female Code" Reveals the Hidden or "Internal Way" that is the Hidden Secret to Directly Stimulating her Mating System!

Once you do this she is Turned on in the Most Powerful and Natural way possible! She must then have to have Sex cuz once she is Stimulated in this way she can't stop it!

This is a Unique blending of Eastern Psychology / Philosophy, Energy Healing and a Deep Understanding of the Opposite Sex, with an actual Step by Step Action Plan to getting you = Real Life Results and a Whole lot of Sex, Love and Fun!

Question Answers

#1 It is Required that you Read my Book "Crack the Female Code" first! Because my Book "Crack the Female Code" answers 90% of your Questions!

#2 After you have completed reading my Book "Crack the Female Code" you can then call and ask any questions you have about the course!

Looking forward to talking with you!


#1 It is Required that you Read my Book "Crack the Female Code" before taking the training!

#2 If after the 3rd session, you are not 100% Completely Satisfied and Clearly See where we are going and why this is so Powerful, you get your money back less the Non refundable Deposit of $250.00 USD

The Master Code

When I say there is a Master Code, I am not Kidding! I Will show you a multitude of hidden codes which all make up the Master Code.

I.  The Master Code – My Powerful Secret that Amplifies it all!

This is flat out a Monster when you have this in your Hands to use!

Once you Master this Simple Tool the World around you will Change. And the Power you have Always been looking for will be Right in your Hands! This 1 tool simplifies it all.

II. My Powerful Y1 Y2 Y3 Technique that makes it super easy to Attract women to you!

Note: These techniques are only taught to students who take this 10 session course!

Trusted by over 5,000+ People World Wide

Find out Why 5,000+ People Trust our Products and Coaching!

Crack the Female Code | Men's Dating and Relationship Coaching eBook

Start Here

If You want to be 100% Sure of my Course. I highly recommend you buy my Book "Crack the Female Code" and read it first!

It's life Changing and will show you Why my course is so Powerful! Enjoy!

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