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Men and women are completely different in every way and I am going to show you for the first time in your life why all the experts have got it wrong!

Put down your swords and put down your shields. The war is over! It’s time to open up and Discover these New Teachings Mike Kollin teaches for Romance, Love and a Deeper Understanding.

In this course you will:

  • Understand the difference between how men and women process communication
  • Learn the difference between how men & women give & receive love
  • Learn how women attempt to romance / seduce / turn on men and how it goes very, very wrong


    There is a new understanding a new discovery that will heal your heart and relieve a lot of emotional pain.

    There is an answer to romance & true love!

    The first thing I will do is prove to you once and for all that “You are not crazy!”. Maybe it’s not you. Maybe, just maybe it’s something he has closed himself off from his entire life! I think it’s time to learn what is really going on.

    I will prove to you that male logic is “NOT” so  logical after all.

    And that men actually express their love often. Unfortunately it's not the way we expect or understand.

    Here you will learn the core missing piece to why men don't show their love... or do they?

    There’s a huge misunderstanding that once understood will begin to melt the walls & open you up to love again.

    There’s a way to teach men how to open up to his right brain and learn how to actually speak and understand the mentally stimulating and emotionally fulfilling language of love. Believe me, I've been teaching them for years.

    What you are about to learn is much more powerful & deeper than NLP’s deep love strategy and or 5 love languages.

    The answers you have searched for shall be revealed within this course.

    Phase 2 | Why Men Just Don’t Get It

    I know the very first response that just came out of your head is "because men are …."

    We're going to ask and delve into:

    Are men the more sensitive of the species?

    Why do men hide from their emotions and feelings?

    Can men & women learn how to truly love and understand each other on the deepest of levels, mentally, emotionally and yes, sexually?

    Is it possible for men to learn how to give women love and meaningful emotional fulfillment on all levels? Yes, absolutely!

    Once we've completed the course the tricky part comes in getting him to walk in and take just the first few hours of my course so he can see 'the light'. Yes, men can learn how to communicate powerfully too.

    That is the real genius of my course. I figured out a way to actually get men to open up to and step into their right brain and process from this part of their world so they can finally see, understand and know you from the present moment for who you are right now!

    You'll discover why right brain understanding is the greatest gift a man can give a woman and how to encourage this in your partner.

    After taking my course you will suddenly realize all the other courses were simply giving you anecdotes or rules from their own personal family values and not real answers and understanding on love, communication and romance. My course aims to educate you in the deeper reasons for miscommunication and how to bridge the gap between romance, love, communication and understanding.

    What this course is not about:

    • This course is not about more rules
    • This course is not about my beliefs or their beliefs.
    • This course is absolutely 100% about you getting every single thing you wanted out of a relationship, especially emotional fulfilment!

    Phase 3 | how to encourage openness in him 

    We don't only cover how to help the men in your life communicate but we address how women can also hurt men without realising. Not knowing when your man is opening up to you can be difficult and damaging if not noticed and responded to correctly.

    The battle between the sexes, is all based on a few massive, massive misunderstandings between men and women and my course helps breakdown those boundaries and create a better relationship for everyone.

    Ladies & Gentlemen: The War is Over!

    You have to step up to the plate and find your “self” and discover who you truly are within you.

    I can and will promise you this: This will be the funnest, most mentally & emotionally rewarding course you have ever taken. It will transform your relationships and how you communicate with your partner forever, and for the better.

    The answers are just 1 click away!

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