Women's Dating & Relationship Coaching Events


If you have ever felt emotionally unfulfilled, like you’re living with a stranger or constantly battling with your man then this event is the solution.

"Look, I can't... I can't be politically correct! This course was not  Discovered by being politically correct or fitting in the box, by trying to fit into societies perceived ways!

I was hurt and I was deeply saddened. I so badly wanted to know the truth!!! 

What you are about to experience will change your life! Your eyes are about to be opened to what has been missing between men and women for thousands of years!

You have followed the blind leading the blind long enough. It's time to open Pandoras box and find out what's really going on and see what is missing! 

There's a Hidden Truth! It's a Powerful Truth! And it will unleash the Power of Love within your hearts & unto the world!

A discovery and a teaching like this comes along once in a 1,000 years. It's time to take your life and your hearts to the next level of true, lasting emotional fulfillment through Love & a Deeper level of true Understanding on a Core, Core Level. 

Your Eyes are about to be Opened. The Pieces of the Puzzle will click, connect and be put together and you shall see the Bigger Picture! This I can and will assure you! 

But don't worry! This is only the beginning... this will open you up to even Greater Mysteries to delve into, discover and enjoy...

Welcome to MGK International. I'm Mike Kollin and this is my Discovery, my teachings and this is my heart and souls work for you."

Based off my new ebook Why Men Just Don’t Get It I hold events for women who want to understand their partner's thinking, to help build stronger communication & add clarity, romance & Love between each other and become more emotionally fulfilled by simply increasing your understanding of male neurology & his communication patterns.

"The way a man Loves a woman is not the way she receives Love"

Learn how to create meaningful experiences together through a Deeper, more Mentally Stimulating & Emotionally Fulfilling form of communication together.

Find yourself and your heart once again and remember you are here to succeed in happiness, love and understanding with one another once again!

Fall in Love with Love again with clarity and understanding and rekindle the emotional bonding you may have given up on a long time ago.

"Because it's time to turn up the heat once again and live like your life is on fire! It's time to live a meaningful life together."

This course helps you understand the miscommunications and neurological differences that can sometimes make romantic love between men and women difficult. Bridging the gap of communication and helping you understand each other on a much deeper level than before.

What we'll cover...

  • The psychological differences between men and women
  • An insight into mens minds and how they process women's words & Communication
  • How to pinpoint miscommunication
  • Daily communication changes to help improve your emotional connection
  • How to approach communication with your partner

My Promise to you...

This is not just another dating & relationship coaching course!

This is Life Changing!

I am going to rip the lid off the mystery of Romantic Love and Passionate Seduction between couples. And I am going to introduce to you, show you and walk you through to the way to Love the opposite sex and open up to a much more powerful way to understand, relate to and bond with your husband! 

End the Hurt and pain all due to complete and total miscommunication and misunderstandings.

And Open up to the way we were meant to be Loved by the opposite sex! 

These teachings and the combination / the way I teach these will show you the missing ingredient to what has never been taught to men and women on this planet! Nobody! And I mean no one is teaching these hidden teachings!

End the War...

It's simply time to end the war between men and women. It's time to finally open the door and come from a place of True Understanding, Love, and a much deeper level of Compassion. And it's time both men and women receive all the Love, Emotional Fulfillment & Meaningful experiences together that you both deserve and desire.

This is about Living a Meaningful life of together.

A New World is about to be revealed to your heart!