"Why won't he Love me?"

He Does Love You!


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Today's date is 6/20/2018

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Please understand. I made some very, very Powerful Discoveries that will help men & women, for the first time in History, actually understand each other in a way you can come from the same page, a place of peace, clarity and Love! 

It's all about Romance, Love and Emotionally Fulfilling Romantic Seduction by teaching him how to Open up to his right brain and communicate in the "Mentally Stimulating & Emotionally fulfilling language or Romantic Love for your hearts fulfillment!

"I will show you what you have been missing your entire life! It's right in front of you! You shall see!"

I have dedicated my entire life to making these discoveries and finding a Better way to reach you!



The Battle you have been fighting is all due to the fact we are neurologically wired in the complete & opposite Direction for:




I am Proud and Honored to Introduce you to the Greatest Dating & Relationship Coaching Course on the planet! My New Discovery is about to Change your lives forever! This I am absolutely Certain of! 

You are about to Discover the Answer that has been hidden from you your entire lifetime! 

On my soul, I swear to you, this is not just another Dating / Relationship Seminar Event where you walk away Happy, Feeling Good only to fall back into the old Patterns of arguing, fighting and misunderstanding each other!

This course is absolutely Life Changing! 

Your Lives Will be changed once you see "The Light of Love!"

Imagine actually learning how to Love & Understand each other in a way that brings Happiness & Simplicity into your lives so you can Love even more!

This is, "The Answer!


I will come back and rewrite this page as soon as possible!

In the mean time if you have any Questions or want to sign up for our next course, Please give me a call and let me know so we can set up an event in your area!

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Thank You, Mike Kollin



#2 To the ladies


He Loves you from his heart of Hearts! He express’s his Love from the Fullness of all of his Heart from the depths of the deepest emotional depths… yet you say, “Why Won’t He Love me?” 


Is it possible there is a huge misunderstanding going on between men & women. That the way we express out Love & Communicate is so different that we literally don’t understand each other of eel each others Love? And that’s why you don’t feel or experience his Love? 


A Challenge was set before you when you entered this planet! 


And you have struggled your entire life blindly missing the mark of True Meaningful Happiness & Emotional Fulfillment in Relationships!


And Now “The Answer” has been set before you! 


The Question is, is a mere $200 really going to stand in your way to Love?


Or, will you take that Step to Change it all and find out what this New Discovery and Teaching is all about?




I teach men how to open up to their right Brain and learn how to speak

the “Internal, Mentally Stimulating & Emotionally Fulfilling Language” for Romance, Love & Clarity in every day communication so you can create a Deeper, More Meaningful Loving Relationship for Life!


He doesn’t know that he doesn’t know! And you assume he knows but he doesn’t know what you think he knows because we are different inside! 


But! There is a Powerful Answer to Romance, Love & Clarity in Communication between men and women that leads to a Deeper, More Emotionally Fulfilling & Meaningful Connection for Life!