"Why Won't He Love Me?"

He Doesn't Know How!!!

He's Doing everything in his Power to Love you!!! He Really is!! But No Matter what he does to Love you, he simply can't win!!!! He's spent an entire life time trying to express his Love with all his heart and all his soul.... 

The Problem is, he is expressing his Love to you in the Male way which is not the way the Female System can Understand, Relate to or Understand!

The Way Men Express their Love is not the way Women Receive Love!

Year after year, Birthday after Birthday, Christmas after Christmas it's all hurt and emotional pain for him! He spends all his money, all his effort and energy into buying you things, giving you things, making you things, doing things for you!!! He so badly wants to be Loved by you and wants you to Feel his Love inside! 

But he simply Can't because He doesn't know how!!! And that's what you are missing!!!!!

Yes!! Yes!!! You are Correct and Right about a lot of things!! Like, "Our Communication Sucks!"

Women are highly, highly aware that something is missing in communication between men and women!!! But you just don't quite know what!

We are having major challenges in Communication!! And he looks at you and says something like, "What are you talking about? I speak perfect english!!" 

Yes, you can laugh now! Because you and I both know, that's not what you are talking about at all!

You are not talking about Logical Communication. You are not talking about perfect english as in proper grammar! Far from it! 

You are talking about a Deeper, more Mentally Stimulating and Emotionally Fulfilling level of "Right Brain" communication! 

Indirect body language and Communication

You are right! Men are Direct! The left brain the Male, Logical brain is the Direct brain. It says A and it Means A. That's it! So yes, it is the Surface level communication!

Now the Right, Female Brain is the Indirect brain. The Right Brain says A. but it doesn't mean A. at all. It means something else, B.! And this drives the male brain Nuts!!!

 You know how some times you say A, but don't mean that? You mean something else? Well, he can't do that! His brain is designed to Literally take what you say for face value! Period! 

In other words, to him, A. Means A.. That's it! There's not Deeper Meaning for him!!!

Again, Sometimes you say A. but you don't mean A., you mean something Deeper B. which his brain does not do, but can learn how to do!

Now do you see a challenge in communication?

You are saying A. but meaning B. and his brain only Processes A. and he believes you actually mean A. when you actually mean B.! hahahahaha... 🤣🤣❤️💕

And then the Caveman Starts to Roar in Anger!!! "RAAAAAAAAA!" "Why don't women say what they mean????? Why do they always have to Speak in Code???? RAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" 

Note: The left, logical brain is the direct Brain. It says A. and it Means A. 

The Right brains processors says A. but is alway looking for a deeper meaning or saying a deeper meaning! This simply is a very, very foreign concept to his brain!!!! 

Do you understand?

"Once was blind, Now I see!" 


You know how it seems like he literally can't keep up or follow when you shift levels? Well... hahaha... he can't! But he can learn how!! 

Well, here's what's going on. Men are stuck in their left, logical brain! So they process everything through this part of their brain. A. means A..

So when you shift over to your Right Brain and you say something out of your Right Brain's processor, he takes those exact same words over to his left, logical brain's processor and it changes the meaning to everything you just said. And thus he's hearing the complete opposite of what you are saying B. and truly believes you are saying B. When you are actually saying A. out of your Right Brain!

Now do you see the Problem to Romance, Love and every day Communication?

See, the left brain processes communication through logic. Where the right brain processes communication and body language through the "Emotional Processor" 5 senses processor! The Right brain is directly connected to the 5 senses which acts as an emotional filter!

Thus words processed through the right brain are literally going through the Right Brains "EMOTIONAL" filter and thus words become Emotions, senses or feelings to you, not him! 

See, when I ask men, "What are words?" 

The Answer I invariably get is, "Words are words!" "Words are used to talk!" "Words are used to get the point across!"

As one Lady I was dating, who was at a session, when a client said that, she literally turned, protected her heart/chest with her hands and cried out, "Noooo!!! Words are Emotions!!"


"Honey I'm Home!!!"

And you say, "How was your Day Honey?" And his brain goes, "Houston we have a problem!" 

Every man and I mean every man learns over time, this is "The Danger Zone!!!" Runnnnnnn!!!!!! 🤣❤️💕


So he says, "Oh well it was fine!" And you say, "Oh, ok, well how was it?" 

Now he is thinking, "I just told you!" but he has learned not to say that cuz that causes fireworks. Believe it or not ladies but we men actually talk about this and why do women continually repeat the same question over and over and over?

So he again says, "Well I just told you, it was fine!" 

Now your left brain is ok with this. But your Right brain is going crazy! It wants a Deeper meaning. In fact it's actually asking, "What does that mean?" Because the right brain was designed to always look for deeper meaning! So it continually asks, "What does that mean or what's a deeper more spiritual meaning of that?" 

Again yes ladies, you are right, "It was fine", is not complete communication at all. In fact it's closed and empty communication. And that's exactly how you feel isn't it? Empty! I mean the picture is blank. There's no details.

And I bet you are thinking, "Why won't he tell me? What's he hiding?"

So you, dig your heals in and ask again with more determination and more emphasis, "Well how was it???" And he flips out, raises his voice and says louder, "I just told you!!! What do you want, the details????"

And I step into the picture and say, "Yes!!! She needs the details because she wasn't there! She has no idea what happened or how it made you feel inside!!!!"

And I bet right about here you are feeling or asking, "Why won't he Love me?" as he walks away into the kitchen to make a sandwich and then goes into the living room to watch TV!

See, in his mind, believe it or not, in his world, he gave you complete, absolute and total communication and can't for the life of him figure out why you keep prying and asking more questions on how his day was or what does that mean? 

See, we communicate and process communication so differently that he has no clue that you literally can't feel what he's feeling in that moment. Because other men can and do! 

I know, I know! There's more to this dilemma. But the Good News is, There really is an answer to all of this mess in communication and romance, Love and simply understanding each other and being on the same page!

 "You are about to have a Life changing experience that shifts your entire perspective on Romance, Emotional Fulfillment & Understanding the Opposite sex and Your "SELF!!"

- Mike Kollin

"I don't want you to Believe you are Loved.

I want you to know you are Loved!"

- Mike Kollin

Love & Understanding is now Possible! 

"I will show you what you have been missing your entire life! It's right in front of you! You shall see!"


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The Battle you have been fighting is all due to the fact we are neurologically wired in the complete & opposite Direction for:


Love and





This is, "The Answer!


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