"Why is it so Hard to Meet Women?"

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Marcus Aurelius flew all over Europe and America & took all the Pickup Artist Courses. And still can't figure out how to meet let alone attract and romantically seduce a lady into his arms and bedroom... 

Marcus is that overly logical guy who analyzes everything and over thinks everything. He has taken all the Pickup Artist Courses. Marcus proudly stated how he has spent well over $15,000 on pickup artist courses and has read every book and every home study course on being a pickup artists. 

So I looked Marcus in the Eye & I said, "Did it work?" He said, "Did what Work?" And this is where Adam's folly begins to unravel. 

I looked at him again and I said, "What was your purpose for taking all of those expensive pickup artist courses and flying to different countries to get the Best Training in Pickup artist courses?

Marcus looks at me like I am insane and he says, "So I can learn how to pick up women and have fun dating!" So I said once again, "Did it work?" And Adam at first laughed incredulously and said, "Did what work?" I said, "Did paying all that money, flying all over the World taking all of those courses work?" Marcus laughed at me and said, "What do you mean?" 

I looked at Marcus intensely and firmly stated once again, "What was your purpose for flying to all those countries and taking all those expensive Pickup Artist courses?" And Marcus in a more somber tone and expression said, "To learn how to Pickup Women and get laid." 

I said, "Did it Work?"

He went inside for a few moments and then came back out, looked at me and said, "No! I wouldn't be here if it worked!" 

I said, "Why are you Here?" Marcus said, "I want to learn the Best Lines & Openers and techniques on how to Open women that Makes her want to have sex with me!"

Marcus was one of those guys who truly believed learning "Lines & Openers, Tricks & Techniques was the way to meet women." Fact is, it's the worst possible thing you could ever possibly do when it comes to wanting to meet a woman and learn how to attract a woman to you! 

Those are all "Left, Male Brain" ways of thinking, which is not the way a woman is wired at all. So it may make a lot of sense to you but it literally turns her mating system off and puts you in the Friends Zone!

Her Mating system is Directly Connected to her Right Brains Communication Center! This is The Key to Loving & Romancing a Woman!

I told Marcus, "This is not a Pickup Artist "Course! This is a Course on "Love, Communication & Understanding that all Lead to The Most Powerful form of Love & Romantic Seduction that Attracts Women to you!

The Power Comes from "The Understanding!"

It's the Understanding, "NO!!!! Not Logical Understanding" that literally Melts her heart & directly Triggers her mating system to want to make love to you, so you don't have to do any lines or openers or tactics! 

You want to come from a Right Brain Form of Understanding! You do this and she will come to you and want you! 

Now that is Power! 

"I Want More Powa!!!!!!!!"


"Love & Romantic Seduction are the Fulfillment of what Love truly is to her Heart."

- Mike Kollin

This course is Expensive but this course will give you all the Hidden Gems & Secrets to Understanding women in the Hidden way. IN the way that was hidden from the Male Brain!