"Why is it so Hard to Love a Woman?"

Bursting into Tears

My Father Cried out, "If God is so Great,
Then why did he Make it so hard to Love a Woman???!!!!!!"

I had no answer. 

 Now I do...

"Women Receive Love in the Opposite way that Men Give Love!"


What if I told you all she wants is to be Loved?

And that buying her stuff is  "NOT THE ANSWER!"

What if I told you the answer is not in money but in Words that express your emotions form your Genuine Self?

Not any kind of words but a hidden form of communication that Mother Nature purposely hid from the male brain?

There is an answer that is so Powerful it won't matter if you are single, dating or trying to save your marriage and have a happy life together! Because this answer works for everyone!

All you have to do is learn how to connect those words to your emotions and express them in the way she can understand & Connect with them Emotionally!

This is Love to A woman!


You Can Learn How to Love a Woman 

Does it seem like the Gods of War set men and women at odds?

Does Love seem like a Battle Field Literally? 

Does it seem like no matter what you do she gets mad?

Are you sick and tired of it and "Can't Take it Anymore???"

What if I told you that absolutely everything that you have been doing in a relationship was absolutely completely wrong - to her Mating System?

What if I told you it actually wasn't your fault!?

 And what if I told you, There is a way, A real, Crystal Clear way that will open the door, allow the sunlight to shine inside and show you "How to Love a Woman!"

You've been caught in a Fog, a cloudy fog that you can't see through!

And it's not necessarily your Fault!

It's a Shift in Perspective that will clear the clouds, open the sky and let the light shine once again!

It's my Job to Clear that Fog so you can see Crystal Clear Blue Skies once again!

You've been lied to by the media, by society, the movie industry and dining industry! They don't want your relationship to work. They don't want your wife to be happy because they can't take your money if you have a happy wife! They want you to continue to spend your hard earned money buying her stuff, from them, over and over and over again filling up their Bank Accounts! 

If buying her stuff was really the answer, then how come you are here reading this right now? Answer because it doesn't work!

If buying her diamond rings, houses, Ferraris and more actually made her happy she wouldn't be divorcing Rich, Tall, Good Looking, Powerful men now would she!

There's a Better way! Much Better!



 Message of Love


I, walk alone in the dark, with you
And deep, in the shadows I run, without you
And here, here I stand, the king of fools
Now Love's here, where are you

Baby can you hear me
Can you hear me callin'
Baby can you hear my
Message of love

Sadly, the answer is "No!" She can't! But you can learn how to communicate and express your deeply held love in a way that will Open her Up and Allow her to receive all of your Love!!

That's what this entire course is about! This is what my entire life's work has been dedicated to! 

Teaching you how to communicate your Love in a way that she can receive it! 

You have found the Answer to your Problems in Love!

Nobody is teaching this course! this is New, this is Powerful and this works! 

I am here to teach you how to Love a woman!! IN THE FEMALE WAY!! Because it's the only way she can be Loved & Receive your Love!!! 


"How to Love a Woman is Now Possible!"

See, what I want to do is put a form of Power into your Hands that is so Powerful, so Naturally Desirable to her heart of hearts that she "Literally" Can't deny you!

Because this is True Love to a Woman's heart!!!!

Now this form of Power is soooooooo foreign to the Male brain that at first you won't see it. In fact it's been right in front of your eyes your entire lives! But no one has figured out what it is or how to teach this to the male brain!

After you take my course you will realize, a veil hiding the truth has been lifted, that all the Love & Relationship Experts are "The Blind Leading the Blind!"

I will pull open the blinds, I will open the Windows and you shall look up and see for yourself!!! And the Light will Shine through and within!

Trial by Fire 


Yes, this is a Trial by Fire!!! 


Message...do you, do you. do you hear me
Do you hear my message
Baby can you hear me callin', callin'
Do you, do you hear me


As my clients begin to learn, it's not about her! It has nothing to do with her! And it has nothing to do with doing techniques to her or doing anything to her!

It's all about you finding your-SELF!!!! Within you!!

What she is looking for is you! She wants to hear your message! 

Until you connect with your - SELF!!! She can't hear your message!

What you are about to learn is going to Open you up to a New World!

 I Never said this was going to be easy! In fact this is going to be the most Challenging course you will ever take!

It will also be the Absolute Most Rewarding & Amazing course you are going to take!


So Step into your Power & Live an Awesome Life! That's what MGK International & Mike Kollin are all about! 30 years of dedicated study, practice and experience to get you Amazing, Real Life Results! 



"This is the Most Amazing course I have ever taken in my life! I've never experienced anything like this!"

David P. 22, Computer Science Engineer - Silicon Valley / San Francisco California


 Stop getting your Ass Kicked

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