"Why is it so Hard to Love a Woman?"

Standing there, Holding her in my arms, overlooking the Napa Valley, in one of the most Romantic Resorts in the World - The Villagio Inn, she Burst into tears...

Leaning into me, she whispers into my ear, "I Love you..." Then squeezing me tightly she says, "I will never let you go!"

Why is it so hard to Love a Woman?

How the Hell did I end up with this Amazingly Beautiful, Kind & Loving woman? It's still a shock to me at times.

I can tell you this, it was not all sunshine & rainbows. It was the toughest years of my life. 3 years ago I was a complete mess... Then a shift happened.

The NightMare Begins

Going through a divorce, shattered, completely disconnected from myself, lost and in complete shock... it came out of no where! I thought she was happy!

I thought I did everything right!

I did everything in my power to Love her! I went to all the Love & Relationship Experts for years. I mean all of them! I thought I understood! I really did!

We went together. I took copious notes. I studied at home. I read all the Books on Romance, Love & Communication. I really, really thought I had it figured out!

No Matter what I did, it was never enough. It's like I couldn't do anything right. She was always mad over the littlest things.

She was never happy. All she did was cry... I hugged her. I Loved her. I took her out to Romantic Dinners. I cooked for her! I literally did everything in my power for years to make her happy. Yet all she said was, "You just don't get it!"

For years I thought, "Get what? What's she talking about? I get it! Trust me, I really do!" She would just roll her eyes and look away...

No matter what she said to me, I really thought I understood! Sadly I was absolutely wrong. I had no clue what she was talking about but I didn't know that. I was the deaf, dumb & blind but never realized it! And no matter what she said to me, she couldn't convince me that I didn't know or understand. 

Man was I ever wrong!

What Mike Kollin is about to show you will change your entire view of women forever!

All she ever wanted was to be Loved. And I really, really thought I was Loving her. Unfortunately not in the way she needed to be Loved. 

I remember handing her a dozen Roses telling her, "I Love you!" She Burst out in tears ands threw them on the ground and walked away crying... 

 And then I found out why!

I found this ad by Mike Kollin. And what I was about to learn changed my life.

Mike taught me that women will go years and years and years and years never truly being Loved by their husband. But he will never know. Yet she has been telling him, crying to him about this for years! 

He taught me what Women, in their heart of hearts, want from men - Love & Emotional Fulfillment.

He taught me what Love & Emotional Fulfillment is to a woman & what this means to a woman. "EVERYTHING!!!!!

This is where the Power is for a man! This is your Secret Weapon, Code, Source of Power in a Relationship! Without this, you are dead in the water! Period!!! 

Yes, everything from Romance, being Loved including a Very Powerful yet very Hidden female form of Romantic Seduction! I don't mean any form of Seduction I mean the kind she can't resist. It literally overrides her logic and directly triggers her mating system and turns her on in a way she has to have sex with you!

It's What Mother Nature Purposely Hid from the Male Brain. It's Mother Natures Trigger that POWERFULLY stimulates her to HAVE TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU!!!

If you don't know how to do this, "No Matter what you say or do or buy her will never be enough. She will never Believe you Love her! Ever!!!

Sad thing is, she waited and waited and hoped and literally prayed, for years, that 1 day I would get it. Turns out all women do. They try to entice you, show you, indirectly, kind of sort of teach you. Sadly, I like all the other men, had no clue what this THING was. I just thought she was being weird.

As I was going through Mike's Course I had Epiphany after Epiphany all the way from my childhood from my mother yelling at me to my sisters getting so upset to my first high school girlfriend to my college girlfriend to every single female I dated, spent time with my entire life. 

They are all saying it! All of them! But we can't hear them!

There's a moment during the course where you have the Biggest Realization in your Life about Life, Love & Understanding Women and yourself. The Greatest Epiphany and Understanding. You can see it! It Opens up to you! And you can actually see it clearly!!! Clear as day!!!

I just stopped. And Memory after Memory after Memory came up, 1 after another! And I suddenly realized men and women are not seeing the world from the same perspective at all... 

We are Radically, Totally, Completely different in every single way! We are Aliens to each other. But we can learn how to speak the same language and learn how to Love each other in the Hidden way mother nature hid from us.

In a way, it's like a game. At first when you don't understand it or can't see it, a completely, utterly cruel game that is Life Shattering to both men & Women.

But once you open up to it, once you can see it, it becomes a fun game that becomes powerfully Romantic Filled with Love, an empowering game of Life that changes everything! Until then, you are literally left in the dark.

Mike Shines the Light on Worlds Greatest Darkness. He shows you how to see Love! 

More than all the Diamonds, Gold and Money in the world, Emotional Fulfillment is everything she wants from you! If you would just give her this one thing, she would change the world for you in return!! She would Love you with all her heart and all her soul... yet all we give her is what we think as men is Love. It's not.

You want Power in Dating & Relationships? Well, You found it!

It's Everything she wanted from me! Yet I kept buying her things!!! Fucking Things!!! I truly believed that Money & More things, Dinners, Flowers, Cooking etc. would make her happy! I was just wrong!

Women can not get Love or Emotional Fulfillment through Dinner or Flowers, Gold or Things! It has to be done through the Hidden Way!

God, if only I had met Mike 2 years Earlier I would still be married to her! 

She just wanted Emotional Fulfillment! And I ended up giving her Emotional Emptiness.

Mind you, I took all the Amazing life Changing courses & seminars and all the Love & Relationship Courses by all the Greats. I really believed I was the King!

I told this to Mike when I met him and he said, "Well, did it work?" 

I looked at him confused and said, "Did what work?" He repeated, "Did it work?" I looked at him confused. He repeated once again, with a dead stare in his eyes looking right through me and said, "Did it Work?" 

I looked at him quietly and thought about it...

He said, "What was your purpose for taking all those Love & Relationship courses and taking Copious notes like when you were studying for your Doctorate Degree? What was your purpose for spending all that money, effort and time? For What purpose? What did you want to get out of it?" 

l said out loud, "To save my Marriage!!!" He said louder & much more Powerfully, "Did it Work???"

It just dawned on me, No, It didn't work. I looked up at him and quietly said, "No, it didn't work. I would still be married and happy if it did." My heart just sunk... 

I was married twice and now divorced twice.

Everything I learned, everything I thought was right was 100% Completely wrong and was just hurting her leaving her feeling empty inside! During Mikes course, it became more & more obvious I didn't know. In fact, I had no clue what women were talking about or what she needed... I later learned I was going in the opposite direction to what Love was to her.

All this time, I was going in the wrong direction.


I was loving her in the way I as a male viewed & experienced Love which is not Love to a woman at all. The worst part, The Harder I tried to Love her the worse it got, because the Male form of Love Takes Her Away from Being Loved inside!

Worse, it disconnects her from her mating system & turns her off sexually. And it literally gives her a Headache! 

This is my Story. 

My Name is Mark.

I have 2 Doctorate Degrees. I'm 46 years old and had a Successful Practice in the Greater Napa Valley - Wine Country area.

I was Happily Married with a Beautiful, Intelligent wife, my beloved dog and a 2 story home! I was living my dream, which was about to be Ripped to shreds, leaving me with almost nothing left, not even my dog or heart. She took it all.

Before I came to Mike Kollin I was the blind listening to the blind who were teaching the blind who don't even know they are blind. I had no idea that I had no idea! And neither do they. As I said, I Went to all the so called experts.

I really thought I Understood! I wasn't even close.

She was so angry, so Deeply Wounded Emotionally...

I was about to Go from getting my entire Life Ripped apart through a messy & ugly divorce to Meeting a guy Named Mike Kollin, who was going to rip my entire belief system, about women, apart from 1 end to the other.

Everything I ever thought about women, everything I ever thought was true about women was 100% Absolutely Completely wrong!

Everything I Learned & Everything I was doing was Ripping her heart wide open, leaving her feeling empty inside emotionally! 

I didn't do it on purpose. I Just didn't know.

Now I understand why women get so mad at men! We are hurting them without realizing it! 

I Left her Feeling Emotional Emptiness inside without realizing it.

The #1 Absolute worst thing you can do to a woman is give her Emotional Emptiness!

And that is what we as guys are Experts at, without even knowing it!

When we as men try to Love a Woman, we literally do the Absolute Worst Possible Thing! We leave her feeling Emotionally Empty inside!

Ask any woman and she will tell you this is the Truth! 

All I could see was this deeply wounded person who I Loved with all my heart & all my soul. And I simply couldn't understand why she was so hurt & angry.

And no matter what I did it just made her angrier and angrier. I was so lost and confused. How could she not know I Loved her? Why is she so mad? I actually cried and begged God to help me!

She was deeply wounded and for the life of me I simply couldn't understand why!

She took me to court and you could see she was getting Revenge, but for what? 

She never accused me of cheating or anything like that at all... For years she just kept crying out "You don't Love me!!!!" - "That's not Love!!!!"

She took my home I had been paying on for over 10 years before I ever met her. The Judged forced me to sell my practice and all the equipment. She even got my dog that I had for years before we met. 

And just like that my life was gone. Everything I worked decades for was just gone!

Since she couldn't "FEEL" Love & Emotional Fulfillment from me in this Hidden way, she took all of her hurt and anger out on me in court...

Even in the last days of court she was still trying to get me to Understand her and what she was feeling by doing anything in her Power to reach me to get me to feel the same pain she had been feeling for years...

She desperately wanted me to "FEEL" what she was feeling inside... and during Mikes course he clearly taught me this and how to understand what this means and how to Feel what she's feeling and how to communicate in a way that Women can Feel what we as men are feeling. 

This part of the course was Eye Opening.


Mike Kollin Opened my Eyes

When I learned what Emotional Fulfillment was to a woman & what women mean when they say that, I was more than Shocked. It was like trying to understand what an alien goes through emotionally and then trying to learn how to fulfill that need. That's how foreign & odd men and women are to each other!

But Mike successfully guides you in a way that allows you to actually understand what women go through so you can understand what she needs from you in order to feel emotionally close to you, to Fall in Love & Stay in Love with you!

Mike Taught me how to Feel what she's feeling... he taught me how to express myself in a way she can understand me. Mike has a phrase it goes like this.

"In order for a woman to Understand you, she has to have an Emotional Experience of what you are saying."

She literally has to feel what you are saying through a Hidden form of Right Brain Communication. You have to communicate in this "Internal, Right Brain way, because this is how women understand communication. 

The Power you get in relationships and also socially when you talk to any woman in this way is mind blowing. Suddenly women stop everything they are doing and they just look at you. They stare at you "Intently!" And they actually listen to what you are saying. They want to hear what you are saying & understand you now.

Before I met Mike women would always have this glossy look in their eyes but I just thought that's just the way women are. After the first few times women completely stopped what they were doing, I realized what it was that was different. 

All those years in the past, that glossy look was her thinking in the back of her mind  about her list of things to do, like getting a hair cut, have to do the laundry, get groceries, etc.. I realized, women barely even listen to men because the way we talk is so empty to her and it's "Incomplete communication" to her brain. 

She Needs Emotional Fulfillment

The #1 Biggest thing I learned about how women receive Love was "Astounding" to say the least! We as men absolutely have "NO CLUE" how to Love a woman and what that means to her heart of hearts!"

When I learned women don't receive the #1 thing in a relationship that she needs and desires and is the sole purpose she married you, I clearly began to understand why they get so hurt and eventually angry... And then Vengeful. She can see that you receive Love & Emotional Fulfillment but you won't give it to her!

See, she doesn't know that you don't know. Women are just like men in the sense that they assume you know what they know & Experience things the way they do.

They just can't figure out why you won't Love them or give them Emotional Fulfillment. They give us what we need to be Loved & Fulfilled. They know we want to be Loved and Make Love but they can't figure out why we won't do this for them!  

So what is Emotional Fulfillment to a woman? 

Well, I'll tell you what it is. For you it's Relationship Power / Currency. It is Gold Bullion in a Relationship for a man. And it's Social Power for you too!

And if you have it, you are Gold in her World! And Really, Really Powerful because "NOW" you have what she wants!

Emotional Fulfillment is Emotional, Sexual and Relationship Currency to a woman. 

Give her what she wants and she will Happily give you what you want and desire.

As Mike likes to say it's just like Going to the Grocery store, Grabbing a shopping cart or 2 big shopping carts. And you stroll around the store throwing in the Best New York Steaks, Cases of Beer for your buddies, the finest Wines, the finest Cuts of meat, cheese, you name it! Yeahhhhhhhhh!!!

You are all happy and smiley with 2 shopping carts loaded with your favorite food, deserts, meats, drinks, you name it, and you walk up to the cashier load it all up on the conveyor belt. She rings it up and bags it up for you and puts it in your cart. And then she says, $395.57 Emotional Currency please?

And you are like, "Huh? What? What the hell are you talking about? I don't have any Emotional Currency for you! Women are weird." And you walk out of the store once again with almost $400.00 of Groceries and food with an absolutely Completely Happy n Satisfied smile on your face and feeling in your gut!

And she is Left with Zilcho, Zero, Nothing!!!! $000.00.

And every week you do it all over again! And leave her with $000.00 Emotional Fulfillment / Relationship Currency!!!! 

Now here's the Worst part! 

She's all pissed off and hurt that you keep taking and taking and taking and taking and taking and walk off happy and satisfied and then you say, "What's she all pissed off about? Why are women always mad?" Or the Famous, "Oh, you know women, it's just in them to complain about everything. I don't know why but for some reason, women just have to complain. She's never happy!"

Turns out, all this time she was telling me something was wrong and I was just blowing her off! I didn't take her seriously until she filed for divorce.

Well... What Mike Taught me caught me off guard, way out of left field. 

Emotional Fulfillment Revealed

What She Desperately Needs from you is "Emotional Fulfillment!" 

So what is this Powerful Experience for a Woman?

Well, you know that Amazing Feeling you get after Sex?

After you have an orgasm, you breath a sigh of relief, roll over or cuddle and you feel this amazing feeling all over your entire body! And all you want to do is relax and enjoy this feeling of bliss!

You feel this emotional, physical, even spiritual release that warms your entire mind, heart and body and leaves you feeling totally and completely relaxed & open from head to toe, not a worry in the world in that moment. Just Heaven!

Your Entire Mind, Body and soul is completely relieved.

And all you do is just lay there and enjoy this experience, even fall soundly asleep! 

And she wants to Feel the same Way! She wants to have that same Life Saving, Sanity giving Love & Emotionally Fulfilling Experience too!!!!!

Mike said to me, "Imagine never, ever in your entire life, while being married to the Love of your Life, Never, Ever Having Sex with your Wife or Girlfriend of 5, 10, 15, 20 years!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!! 

Now Imagine not ever having sex because she already feels whole and complete and Emotionally Fulfilled on the Fullest Level within Emotionally. And because of that She thinks everything is all good and everyone is content and happy and Emotionally Fulfilled because she is, so she Never has sex with you! EVER!!!!!!!

You would be Pissed off too! I guarantee it!!!

And then on top of that, imagine the level of Frustration trying to reach her and express to her that you Love her but you are going without this same amazing experience called Love, Emotional Fulfillment and you are left feeling empty inside.

That you haven't had sex with her yet! That you want to and need Sex to Feel Loved by her to feel close to her! 

Now imagine she responds with, "What? What are you talking about? What the hell is Sex??? Why Do men always use these fake, airy Fairy words that aren't real? Where did you get that word, sex?? Just be direct, just speak normal ok?"

"Why are men so weird???? UGH!!! OH Men! They always have to complain! They are never happy! No matter what you buy them or give them, men are never happy! I guess it's just in men to complain about every little thing like the garbage or forgetting to wipe down the counter last night!"


So she see's that you are getting your Emotional Fulfillment, Completely Satisfied, content and the Oxytocin is Flowing Big time throughout your entire body.... And all the while, inside her she rages ands says, "What about ME??????????? Why Won't you Love me??????"

She is literally dying inside emotionally! And nothing you make or buy her can give her what she truly needs from you! She needs you! The person inside you to connect with her in this very Mysterious Hidden way! "Emotional Fulfillment"

Now do you Understand?

I hope so... I wish I did. So much wasted time and suffering goes on between men and women that is unnecessary! And it's all due to just misunderstandings and different ways of being Loved and communicating. 


"I Lucked out"

 So Now I stand here over looking the Napa Valley with a Beautiful Lady in my arms who actually Loves me for me, not my car or house or lack of one or my family connections or bank account... I Lost all of that!

And to think I almost didn't answer his ad... 

It's amazing how fast your life can change in a single moment made by a single decision.

Instead of being 1 of those hurt, angry men who've been through the hell of divorce and losing most of what they built up with no idea of how to get the girl and have a form of power that gives me relationships power, I took a chance and found a better way. NO! Not a Better way. The Right way that works.

I learned how to Love her and actually Understand her. I learned how to give her the Gift of a Life time the Gift she always wanted, Love!

I learned how to Open up so she can discover the real me inside, who I truly am. I know that sounds funny but we men are so disconnected from ourselves and who we are that we don't even understand what this means when we hear it. 

After Mikes course you will have a super clear concept and understanding of what it is!


"Love & Romantic Seduction are the Fulfillment of what Love truly is to her Heart."

  "Enter Oxytocin"

- Mike Kollin


If you are Quietly Screaming inside, "I WANT MORE POWER!!!!!!!" ? 

Here it is: Oxytocin

If you are one of those men who think, "If I Just work hard enough and make enough money to give her all the things she wants, that 2 Story $Million Dollar Home & that Huge Diamond Ring, then she will know I Love her and she will Love me in Return!


What you think is Love to a Woman is not Love to her at all, zero!

Answer = Oxytocin is Love to a Woman!

Oxytocin is the Drug of Choice for women. 

"Only available for Purchase at your local Mike Kollin Pharmacy Seminars!"

The Scientific Answer simply is, she is not getting an Oxytocin Release from you because the way men offer Love is not the way she Receives Love. Meaning she can not feel that Emotional Fulfillment in the way you attempt to Love her.

She Desperately wants, needs and desires Emotional Fulfillment which is an Oxytocin Release into her Heart ♥️  & throughout her Body!

Ok, so here is what happens....

 When you have an orgasm = Emotional Fulfillment

So Because you get it, you "ASS"ume she does too! But she don't, can't won't.



But she can't do it that way... That's why she's so pissed off!!! What about me?? 

She is literally hard wired to open up emotionally and Receive Love & Emotional Fulfillment in the opposite way!




He teaches you how to approach a woman... this applies to dating, sex, relationships or marriage... gives you the power. Without this you have no Power in a Relationship. And you already feel that way don't you? 

In the modern world men were taught wrong, completely wrong! That's why divorce is through the roof. 

Once you learn how to do this one simple thing, women will literally lean into you, lean towards you, come up and talk to you! And yes, this applies to being single, dating or married,.

If you don't do this in a marriage, you are done. Because now she has all the Power. And you have nothing to offer her! 



This is Emotional Currency! It's a drug and once you know how to release it into a woman, you now have POWER in Relationships and Sex!

The Good News is, She wants you to have this form of Power! 

It's not easy to learn and it takes time, effort and practice but it can definitely be learned by men!

The Fascinating thing is, it means you have to Learn how to "Step into your Power" which is another surprise. But I'll let Mike Explain that in the course!

Without emotional fulfillment currency you can't be Dominant. Cuz you are her bitch and she knows it! Without Emotional Currency which is Emotional Fulfillment  you are SCREWED!!!! 

Oxytocin Released after Sex

Part of the Reason she said to me, "I'll Never let you go, is because she knows I know how to meet women, attract women give women the #1 thing women want, "Emotional Fulfillment!"

See guys women do not like to be with a guy who has no choice! Women want a man to choose her out of choice! 

 Release the Kraken!! Oxytocin!

Emotional Fulfillment


#2 The Power to choose a woman at will 

#3 Draws women to you! When a woman see's this in a man it causes her to be "Literally" drawn to you. 

Dating became fun.,.. as a newly single man I desperately needed this since I couldn't rely on my former wealth, practice and home ./ property... 


 #3 Mental Stimulation triggers the Oxytocin release... hje shows you how to do this... then amplify it up with Emotional Fulfillment and then she's all primed, pumped and ready to go! If you know what IU'm saying... I sincerely Hope to God you do!


 How to understand women

How to talk to women blew my mind

The first few times you do it, it will seem awkward and you won’t actually undestand what you are saying but… when you see and hear the responses of women you will realize

The way women will look at you is totally different… the first time I saw this I was thinking, “Why is she looking at me like that?” Then it dawned on me… She’s actually talking to me! Yes, me! She’s actually engaged in the conversation and actually listening to what I have to say And!!!! Is interested in what I am saying!

It dawned on me, the look my former wife, girlfriends and women in general even at business meetings have, is that foggy look because they are actually in the back of their head thinking about their list of things to do. the way men talk bores the living shit out of women and actually irritates her, so women close off and block you out and just nod and say yes once in a while because they know you are not even there… that’s another subject in itself…

Men are so use to women talking to them this way they don’t know any different, until you speak, her language in the way she can perceive it. Then suddenly it’s “Night & Day!” Suddenly you can see she’s blocked out the world and is totally focused on you and what you are saying, sometimes to the point where you think, “Man, she hasn’t said anything in more than 5 minutes” and you say, “Oh, I’m sorry, am I boring you?” And she responds saying, “Huh? Oh No, not at all, please keep on talking, I am really enjoying it!”

The first time that happened I was totally blown away at how Powerful it feels to enrapture, even capture a woman’s attention by speaking in this hidden way!”

I can’t tell you how many times women say, “I could talk to you all day!” Or, “I’ve never heard a man talk like this before!” etc...

Over time you not only become very comfortable with women but you have this beyond confidence in opening conversations with women anywhere, any time because you literally forget what it use to be like and just start engaging women in conversations like they are anyone else…

Patterns, ways of talking, this new female right brain language… Subtle art of double pictures… combined with descriptive languaging



Step into the Light 

It's all about Understanding. Yes, actual understanding. No! Not logical understanding but right brain processing / understanding. 

When you understand a woman from this perspective she will fall madly head over heals in love with you. She will melt into your arms. This is what she wants, needs & desires from you. 

 How to Love a Woman

 Double Pictures

The Hidden "Internal Language"

Hidden Communication... 

Makes your Head spin at first but then it all comes to a sudden stop. And suddenly as if by Magic it all actually makes sense! Women do Make Sense! You just have to know how to communicate in their language and understand the way they process Romance, Love & Communication.

He's right, there is a better way to love a woman!


Grocery store, Emotional Currency


Stop the Fighting

If you have been asking or saying:

"How Can I make her stop nagging & complaining?"

"How do I make her understand how much I Love her?"

"Why is she always angry?"

"How can I stop the divorce from going through?"

Take Mike Kollin's Course!!! He teaches you the #1 Hidden Secret and 3 Core understandings of how to Melt a woman' heart, turn her on and be her Romantic Hero she tells all her friends about! Trust me, once you learn what "Emotional Fulfillment & Love Really is to a woman you will have THE POWER in your Hands for Life!!

 Don't wait until it's to Late!

I went from this guy who Constantly used his Family Back ground, Education, Wealth and success to get the girls, realizing they never were with me for me. They were with me for what I had... And I learned that the hard way.

]They will also leave you with what you have if you don't learn these Secrets Mother Nature hid from the Male Brain. To the guy who finally gets it! To the guy who now has a form or Romantic Seduction Power she simply can not deny! This is what you have always wanted in Life! 

"Change the Game Completely and put the Power into your Hands"

If you want to Save your Marriage, you have to take Mike Kollin's Course Now! He will Open your Eyes, Open your Heart and Show you the Way! There's a Hidden form of Power inside you that once you learn how to access it, it will open doors you didn't even know existed in life! It will show you the way to your hearts desires!

I don't recommend Mike Kollin, I absolutely "Insist" you take his course and learn how to Love & Understand Women. 

Starting Over

Yes, I am starting over late in life from Scratch. But I have the Love of my Life and she married me for me, not my money or property or family. She fell in Love with who I am inside because I learned how to Express myself in a way that she can connect with Emotionally and feel inside her heart of hearts! 

This is a form of Power very few men will ever experience in life! 

One of the things Mike doesn't advertise, is the fact that once you learn how to do this, you can attract women at will. You can communicate and talk in a way that women actually like, enjoy and Powerfully Desire! So now you are in charge or your Dating & Relationship Life! Now you have Social Currency and Social Power which Attracts women and triggers/turns on her mating system directly!

If you have ever felt Powerless in Dating & Relationships ands you want to turn the tables and "Step into your Power" you have to take Mike Kollin's Course! He Changes your Entire life! 

"This Effects every area of your Life"

This is what you went to Harvard for. This is what you got your doctorate degree for. This is what you worked your ass off for to become a successful millionaire for. The problem, none of that really works & will never make her truly feel Happy, feel Loved or Emotionally Close to you in a way she wants to be with you! 

It just makes her feel empty inside emotionally, angry, hurt and confused as to why you won't "Love her in this Hidden Way!"

Why is it so Hard to Love a woman?

Learning How to Love women is easy once you know how! And it will Open your heart and show you the way.

And it puts the pressure on her to give you what you want in a Relationship! 

If you take Mike Kollin's Course and learn how to Truly Understand her from your Right Brain and learn the Key Hidden Secrets to How to Love her in the Right Brain, Female way you will have the Power & She will Feel your Love and be forever Content and Complete inside with you!

Your Eyes & Heart are about to be Opened.... 

Ladies & Gentlemen I Proudly introduce to you, Mike Kollin. Your Coach, your Trainer your Guide.

Thank you! And may your Dreams come true and your hearts be filled forever!