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Energy Healing | Beautiful Little Asian Mother with her 3 year old son in her lap smiling | I did energy healing on her to heal her female bleeding menstruation womb! Remote healing means I can heal from anywhere on the planet!

Thank you for Healing me

Sheena Marie Nolasco, Mother - Samar Philippines, Mar 28, 2021

"When I first talked to Mike I was really, really worried about my health because I have missed my period for over 5 months. I was super stressed and worried for a really long time... 

After Michael did some Energy Healing on me last week, I finally got my period today. And I feel so much better emotionally and physically now. Michael Thank you so much for helping me."

Energy Healing

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Thank you Mike!

Wanted to thank Mike for helping me out, a lot sooner than this. Your Emotional Healing Helped me a lot when I needed it most! My Panic turned into a Wave of Relaxation that took over my entire body leaving me feeling completely Relaxed and Emotionally Grounded.

He was on the phone with me for several  hours giving me exactly what I needed to hear and Mike I can't thank you enough! Wish I could keep you on speed dial ☺️. Hugs and best of wishes to you! 

 Always xx Summer

Energy Healing