Life Coaching
30 + Years professional experience in helping people overcome fear, overcome mental blocks, phobias, challenges and emotional pain in Dating, Relationships and Life! NLP Trainer, Master Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of Timeline therapy, Communication Expert and a Powerful Discovery!

Ericksonian Hypnotherapist & NLP Trainer
Come discover the hidden keys to Happiness, Success and Personal Power! Change your life, release life long blocks and let go of fear, phobias and much more!! 30+ years professional experience.

Energy Healing / Spiritual Awakening / Consciousness Coaching
Discover the healing art of Energy Healing and Learn the Hidden Secrets to truly moving forward and becoming more and more Conscious and Aware so you can heal your emotions and energy blockages. Certified and trained in 3 forms of Energy Healing and Energy Medicine, Reiki, Pranic Healing and Huna. Also trained with a Buddhist Monk from Laos for 8 years! 25 years experience.

Rick had Physical Pain that Wouldn't Heal

Ricks daughter Aria was saying all he could do is sit on the couch until I helped the healing process and the pain finally went away! Now he can Physically Lift her up again! And her daddy is not Angry anymore!

Time Line Therapy / Past Lives Regression
Discover the hidden art of Time Line Therapy and go back into your past and rediscover hidden blockages, fears and Heal Emotional wounds from this life time and your past life time! And Free yourself from Limitations, Fears and anything that is holding you back from your happiness and success!
Also go out into your future and Create your Future by setting goals into your Timeline and watch them evolve and come true. Powerful Technique for Healing and Creating your Future!

Why Men Just Don't Get it | 3 sessions = $250 Total
Fun, very insightful New Discovery that Clarifies the missing pieces for women on Why Men Just Don't Get it! NLP Trainer, Master Hypnotherapist Mike Kollin Delves deep into the communication world on how men and women process language and communication in 2 different parts of their brain. And how our mating system are connected to 2 different parts of our brain. And how the way men offer Love is not the way women receive Love! And how these 2 main differences cause all the problems in Love, Relationships and Marriage! There is a New, Powerful Answer for Love, Communication and Passionate Romance between men and women!

Crack The Female Code - 10 Sessions x 3 hours Coaching
"Crack the Female Code is a Romantic Seduction Secret so Powerful She Can't Resist! Powerful New Discovery in Love and Romantic Seduction and How to Turn a Woman on by Melting her Heart!" Save your Marriage! Meet the Girl of your Dreams and Start having Fun! Emotional Healing Guaranteed!

Sports Hypnosis
This is a very Powerful Combination of NLP, Hypnosis, Timeline therapy and 30+ years of Professional Experience working with Athletes and Competing at the top level, for those who truly want to change their Game and shift it into High Gear to get the Most out of your Careers!

Phobia Cures, Fear, Anxiety, Losing Weight and Stop Smoking
Overcoming Life Long Phobias is one of the Easiest Cures we work with! Overcoming Fear, Anxiety and Losing Weight / Stop Smoking are also Very Curable! Give us a Call and let's get you going down the Path you Want!

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