Men's relationship/ dating coaching

Every man deserves to meet and keep the women of their dreams and my one to one coaching can build up the knowledge and practice within you to make it happen. I break my dating and relationship course up into phases so you can progress with the knowlegde that will take you where you want to be whether it's meeting the girl of your dreams or making your marriage as loving and passionate as it was the day you met.

Phase 1 | Learn Female Psychology in 4 to 5 Sessions

In this phase you will:

  • Understand the difference between how men and women process communication and body language
  • Learn the difference between how men & women give & receive love
  • Learn how a woman is romantically attracted, turned on & seduced in the female WAY! Not the male way!

Men! You must know women want to be seduced! But it must be done in the female way not the male way!

When men attempt to attract, seduce or even talk to a woman or approach a female in the male “linear, external way” it is highly irritating to women and it turns her off and closes her heart.

What men think is romance to a woman can literally rip her heart out emotionally and gives her a headache! So Stop It!

The hidden, indirect female form of romantic passion is an art from approach to opening a conversation to taking it much deeper!

In this one to one coached dating course we learn what and how to trigger the female mating system in the way she likes, understands and desires!

There’s a key to understanding, that literally triggers seduction in the female mating system and melts her heart in the way she wishes you would do….

This powerful concept is so foreign, odd and strange to the male brain, that simply, most men wouldn’t think in a million years that merely coming from a place of true understanding could turn a woman on and relax a woman into your arms, wanting to make love to you!

It’s all in the understanding! There is a hidden power in real understanding.

Not any kind of understanding, but right brain understanding from her perspective, meaning literally from the right brain. Seeing, hearing and feeling the world from her perspective in a way that powerfully draws and attracts her to you!

To a woman, to truly be understood by a man is a rare and a advantageous power for a man to have!

In this phase we will show you what triggers the female mating system and gives, what women call, mental stimulation & the all powerful emotional fulfilment to women.

To women: “This is Love!

This is the #1, #2, #3, #4 & #5 reason women leave men! Without mental stimulation connected to emotional fulfillments, she is going to be pissed off, sad and worse, left feeling empty. This is love to a woman and you better learn how.

In the next 4 phases we are going to go over in depth and attack this from every angle possible.

I literally mean every angle. You have to see and experience this from every angle to understand what this is and how to give her emotional fulfillments completely and totally.

When you learn how to do this 1 thing suddenly you have relationship & sexual power! This is relationship & sexual currency to a woman. Without it, it’s like going to the grocery store without money. You want the groceries and they want the money! Problem is, You don’t have any money! You are like the beggar at a bar without any cash. She wants a man with relationship & sexual currency which equals power.

Learn how to give her stimulation and female emotional fulfillments and all of a sudden you are the millionaire at the bar and you own the damn grocery store! Now suddenly you both want the same things from each other and you will be see the world of possibilities opening up for you whether at a bar, a park, at work, wherever instead of watching other guys going for what they want and getting it. This time it will be you!

Phase 2 | Look Within & Step into your Power - The rest of the course 5 More session for 10 sessions total

In this phase you will:

  • Understand yourself. Embrace who you are and really know YOU
  • Build confidence in who you are and why you're so f$£%ing awesome
  • Learn the benefit of valuing internal approval instead of external in dating and life
  • Learn how to read women's signals and know when she wants you
  • Learn how to Comfort a woman simply by being present and emotionally grounded for her

Once we cover the methodology and concept behind my course the next phase we will show you how to open up to this side of your brain and this way of processing/thinking that triggers her and stimulates her mating system that she will not only be powerfully attracted & drawn to you, but may make the moves on you.

This phase is all to build your confidence and self belief with women and along with recognising your own internal power you will also recognise when you're wanted which takes your understanding and confidence to a whole new level.

Once you learn what I call “Sex Signals” you will clearly see when women are throwing themselves at you and giving you all the signs to approach her. It's one thing to use these understandings to emotionally engagement and thrill women but it's a whole other ball game to know when it's working and when to act!

This may take 4-5 3x hour sessions and continues throughout the course to really hone in and develop recognition of these signals.

Internal awareness is internal power. You’ve been looking for this power your entire life. Turn around and look within and I'll show you how to grab it and use it.

This is the 180 degree turn I talk about in my video’s. This is the ship slowly turning the rudder and slowly going into the right direction into understanding and clarity. Gaining core power & presence.

Reconnect with who you truly are within, your true self & power. This actually what she wants from you! She can’t truly connect with who you truly are until you know who you are yourself.

This is my secret to drawing & attracting women to me. Simply put, once you truly develop this ability and learn how to do this effectively you become a powerful man who will attract women to you. Don't think this will be simple though, this will take real work and real effort

Married? If you’re married, you better learn how to do this to continually attract her to you!

Most men think marriage is the end of the game of seduction & attraction. To women, this is the beginning to the game! So you better learn now.

A society can not follow an external man; A man who is looking outside of himself for approval & direction.

But a woman or a society/group can follow a man who is self led, who is 'internal'. Who looks within for self approval and direction. This is what she is looking for. This is where the power comes from and this is what will give you classy form of real social power that can be applied to all aspects of your life and not just relationships.

More than 90% of all men are external and others led and this is your chance to be in that 10% and own yourself, who you are, and why you're so f$%*ing awesome!

Her mating system is looking for this in a mate. A man who knows what he wants and goes after it. Who has an internal self approval. She doesn’t want another child to lead and tell what to do.

Learn how to connect with your internal appreciation. This is the first thing her mating system is unconsciously looking for in a mate and what will trigger her initial interest in you. Self value is something women pick up on very rapidly. Why should she like you if you don't like you?

Knowing your self worth promotes confidence and this makes her not only feel intrigued about you but safe in your company. You see it all the time on dating shows where men stumble with conversations and engagement simply because they don't value themselves against their prospective partner. We put an end to all that.

The modern world has trained men out of using their 5 senses naturally in a way that gives you greater social awareness. Most men in modern countries simply don’t have this at all. You think it’s all about logical making more and more money. This is wrong.

Learn how to do this and you'll instinctually gain real social power in other peoples minds. It triggers their reptilian brain naturally to look up to you, so to speak. It’s unconscious, it’s instinctual and it’s powerful.

The art of letting go - this powerful secret will take you from desperation to powerful attraction easily. Well, doing it actually is super easy but for men to learn how to do it, rather let go to it, is a bit challenging because it’s the exact and total opposite of the way the male brain operates. I’ll teach you powerful core techniques that allow you to powerfully open up and gain more personal & social power.

Phase 3 | Communication/Language/Body Language

In this phase you will:

  • Understand the language women use and how it is different to men's.
  • Learn how using this language yourself can develop more meaningful communication between you and women
  • This Hidden, coded language melts her heart and triggers her mating system - Thus Turns her on Sexually 
  • This is the Hidden Secret Mother Nature hid from the male brain - The Power of Romantic Seduction is inside this Hidden Female Language 

The only way a woman can truly receive your love & true emotional fulfillment is through learning the hidden female coded language. This is the internal, indirect, double pictures language.

Yes, there is actually a 'hidden' language that mother nature hid from the male brain, that women speak all the time right in front of you. It’s a coded language and a hidden way of processing! This is why women seem to make no sense and may seem to not be logical to you.

Trust me, there is a very clear way to not only clearly decode her language but a way to melt her heart using this deeper, more meaningful form of communication.

Mother nature did this on purpose for survival of the fittest. The men who learn how to open up to this side of their brain and communicate in this way will automatically melt her heart and open her up to wanting to make love to you. Now this is relationship power in the female world!

We're not saying become feminine and think like women do but to process communication in the same way opens a whole new level of understanding and communication that will only benefit you in all aspects of your life.

You are going to learn how to step into your power and become more masculine and more socially powerful in a more aware way that makes her heart melt and pitter patter like crazy. She’s going to go nuts for you in a freaking crazy way!

Again, this will take time, effort & commitment and the willingness to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

This will be the most challenging course you as a man will ever take. Most of my clients earned doctorate degrees from universities like Harvard, Berkeley, Stanford and have completed Seal training courses, have won world titles and championships and hands down this was the course that shattered their beliefs and every understanding they had of women, life & themselves.

Are you Ready?

There is literally a hidden power in speaking the hidden female internal language. The mentally stimulating & emotionally fulfilling language. She wants her man to be able to do this because this is romance, love and seduction to her heart of hearts. This is what she wants from you.

Phase 4 | Core Hidden Communication Patterns

In this phase you will:

  • Know how to compile everything learned so far into core patterns that are easy to apply in day to day life
  • Learn how to compliment women the right way
  • Learn simplest Secret Core Pattern of love that will leave her clinging to you crying in the deepest of gratitude - Tears of Love & Joy will flow

This is the beginning of simplifying the entire course. There are a few hidden simplified patterns that make it all come together.

At this point you will begin to see and realize that the entire course is all based on a few core basic patterns that simplify everything you have just learned. Once you have the understanding, now all you have to know are a few core patterns and how to apply them.

Without the understanding behind them recognising these patterns still wouldn't work. It's the knowledge you will have gained that adds depth and understanding to these patterns and helps them work for you.

This phase brings clarity into every day communication, melts her heart in the female way that she needs to receive your love and triggers her mating system and turns her on sexually for you whilst still being easy to remember and applicable to day to day life.

Remember, there’s a hidden language and way of communicating that not only melts her heart, but also triggers her mating system directly. I will explain all of this during the course but that trigger will secretly make her go wild inside. Even better she will connect these sexually stimulating feelings to you. Yes, you!

  • There’s a way to compliment a woman and a way not to compliment a women! Again it must be done in the female way that she understands and likes! This simple pattern gives you the correct way to open her up to you.
  • There’s a way to love a woman and a way not to Love a woman. This is done in the “hidden” female way! It’s a language pattern that her heart understands and needs from you. This is the way to love a woman. The female way. The way she receives love! There’s Code! Learn the code get the girl and Keep the girl.
  • There’s a way to romantically seduce a woman & there’s a way not to seduce a woman. Again, it’s all done in the hidden female way that her system is wired for naturally. This internal way indirectly softens her heart and opens her up until she surrenders to you and receives your love in this way

Learn powerful simplistic patterns to express your love to her in a way that is guaranteed to melt her heart when you offer her that rose, diamond ring or note.

I am literally going to give you a few basic, simple core communication patterns that help her to understand you. Can you imagine actually being understood by your wife or girlfriend in a way that you 2 are both actually having the same conversation, talking about the same thing and on the same page? I know, sounds impossible! I promise you, it’s not! The curtains are about to be drawn and the light is about to shine through.

These patterns show you the simplest way to communicate love to her so she can finally for the first time in her life actually receive your love emotionally in a way she can feel. Communication to a woman is something she feels! Learn how to communicate in a way she can feel & experience your emotions. This is key!

Trust me, if you attempt to approach, communicate, compliment, love or seduce a women in the male way, your ass is grass, meaning it’s going to really upset and/or hurt her badly only leaving her feeling empty. This is why women can get so pissed off at men when men try to give her flowers or compliment her and tell her she’s pretty or cute or beautiful. This is when it's done in a male linear way.

The entire idea of the course is to teach you how to understand the way a woman naturally receives love and communication and the way she wants to be seduced but it has to be done in the right brain, female mating systems internal way.

Phase 5 | Putting all of this into real life practice

In this phase you will:

  • Put everything you've learnt into practice

We will actually go over the communication patterns in class and as homework and in real time and also include physically doing all of the patterns, body language, and everything you learn in the course. This includes all the language, communication & processes.

This practice is for single men as well as married men. From pickup, dating, & marriage. You all need to learn how to trigger, tease and attract your special lady for life. The knowledge in this course will last a lifetime.

Practice can include depending on what you want to improve:

  • Live Drills
  • Love Skills
  • Day Game
  • Approach
  • Body language that helps her relax & fall for you
  • Including the all powerful, all fun & mentally stimulating cat and mouse game she can’t resist

Phase 6 | How to Be The Caveman Women Desire

In this phase you will:

  • Learn to use your tribal instincts to appeal to women

“Raaaaaa Caveman!"

Believe it or not, but you need to remember how to be a caveman again because it triggers her mating system and gives her the ultimate chase and challenge to get you. It’s like the cat getting the mouse but don’t let her catch you. It keeps things exciting and fun! That’s code for 'this-makes-her-go-crazy-for-you' and that’s code for… well, it’s not appropriate to put here. So figure it out.

Learn how to turn the tables on her so she chases you. She loves the chase!

The Power of thinking for yourself.

The Power of standing your ground. She wants her man to be a man who knows how to stand his ground.

The Power of presence. This is the #1 skill to gain social power and the greater ability to influence people.

Learn the purpose women test men throughout the relationship. Her mating system is making sure you are awake, open, paying attention and noticing what’s going on.

My coaching is one to one or small groups if preferred and will guide you through these phases to become a new man by the end, with the key to communication in your grasp.

We can work together from my location or via Skype and will use these phases to enhance your own hurdles whether it's meeting women, communication with your wife and just confidence around women.

This course is going to get you where you need to be and I'm going to show you the way! Enquire below and start your journey today.