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Welcome to the Most Powerful form of Love & Romantic Seduction Available! 

This is what women want from Men!

Whether you're dating or in a long term relationship, this is the Core Course for you!

What single men have to learn to get the girl is the same thing you have to learn to keep the girl! And keep her very, very happy in love with you!

She needs for you to understand what this is and learn how to do it in order to keep the sizzle in the relationship and allow her heart to open up and connect with you emotionally! 

Please, don't wait... to many men come to me after they are divorced and heart broken. And they usually tell me if they had met me 2 years earlier they would still be married.

This doesn't have to happen anymore.

Single men, I guarantee you, that your dating and relationship life will launch into high gear simply by understanding what women need from you in order to open up & connect with you! 

For her sake, please learn how to meet in where she's at.

There's a Powerful Secret she wants you to know! To melt her heart, to open her up and to make her run into your arms!

Save, Enhance and Fire up your Marriage with a Powerful, Passionate Discovery! This is Brand New!

Meet the girl of your Dreams! 

And Live the Life of your Dreams with your Special Lady!

You say you want more Dating, Relationship Power but do you take the step to get there? This is what this course is all about!

She wants, needs and prays to the Gods to find a man for her husband to one day wake up and realize she wants, needs and powerfully desires you to Romantically Seduce her in the Hidden Coded way that triggers her mating systems and powerful melt's her and puts the power back into your hands!

This is a Powerful form of Romantic, Passionate and Seductive Power she dreams her man will have!

This is "NOT" a dating or Relationship Course! This is much more than that, this is Power in your hands, this is a course about Discovering Paradise within your relationship and Living a Powerfully Seductive and Romantic life together.

This is not a course on Saving Anything! That is far to low and beneath you. That's why relationship courses for men are BORING!!!! 

This is not about Enhancing.... that word is a bit boring to my male brain. 

This course is about what you originally wanted to fall in love for. For Romance, Passion, Exciting experiences together, Happiness, Joy, Passion and Sexual, Seductive Powerful Fun together! 

She wants you to have this power in your hands! She needs this from you!

Whether you are single, dating or in a long term relationship this is the course for you! 

Welcome to Crack the Female Code

Your eyes are about to be opened to what women truly desire in a man!

Crack The Female Code Event is a 5 day intensive training event to help you meet, understand and communicate with women on a whole new level to aid with dating and relationships.

We go into the difference between men and women’s thinking so you leave with a fundamental understanding of how to approach, communicate and seduce women whilst still being yourself.

This dating course doesn’t have any sleazy one liners or pressure techniques that force a women to give you a number but instead helps you trigger the female mating system and turn her on sexually.

With in field training with myself and the support of the group you get to practice the knowledge you gain from the course on real women in everyday situations. This part of the course is invaluable as it’s not half as daunting approaching a women on your own when you’ve done it already with great results!

What we'll cover...

  • The psychological differences between men and women
  • An insight into women's minds and how they process our words & communication & How this triggers her mating system
  • How to pinpoint miscommunication
  • Daily communication changes to help improve your connection
  • How to approach communication matters with your partner or potential
  • Live ‘in field’ training for the last 2 days or more
  • True Romantic Seduction women want from men
  • Understanding the Hidden Coded Language for Romantic Love & Passion
  • How to directly trigger her mating system & turn her on sexually
  • Creating Powerful experiences where you have more choice in Dating, Relationships & Sex
  • The Hidden Coded Patterns that turn her on Sexually
  • How she codes language by not saying what she means
  • Developing the most Compassionate way of Understanding & Loving
  • How to Crack the Female Code & Gain more Power in Relationships & Sex

This is a New Discovery in Healing Love & Relationships by understanding and developing the skill to meet her Heart with the Love she needs for Emotional Fulfillment a Powerful Influence to women.

If you are single, Learn the Correct way the first time! This is it!

If there is 1 course you ever take in your entire life this is it! This is the course that Unveils the Hidden way to her heart!