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Mike Kollin is an Elite Dating and Relationship Coach, Communication Expert, NLP Trainer, Master Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer and Former Boxing, Kickboxing and Wrestling Champion, I.K.F. Fighter and Warrior!

41+ Certifications in NLP, Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy, Energy Healing and Consciousness Coaching with 30 years Professsional Experience.

Awesome Inc. is a Personal Development, Hypnotic Sports, Dating & Relationship Coaching Business!

"Live an Awesome Life and Kickass in 2022!"

- Mike Kollin

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Sports Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer Mike Kollin | Vintage High School 1986 Football Section Champions #44 Mike Kollin | FullBack / Running Back leading the way Blocking for Tail Back, leading the way to Victory!


Graduated from Vintage High School of Napa, Ca., I was deeply and proudly involved in Athletics, Music, Art. and the student body and later attended and wrestled at Chico State and transferred to Arizona State. "Go Sun Devils!"

"Vintage Crushers for life!"

#44 Blocking for the 1986' Football Section Champions!

Won the Hardest Hitter Award in our Section! I Destroyed People! It was Awesome! 🤣👻 

And Competed and won on the State and National Levels in Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, and Football.

Our Coaching is for Those who are Truly Ready to Transform their Lives and Make their Dreams Come True!

Sports Hypnosis

Always Winning and Kicking Ass!

What Can I say, "Winning is all I Know!"

As a child growing up I was the highly competitive and overachieving sibling. I put my heart and soul into everything I did. And I still do!

Winning a few State and National titles all the while getting straight A's in school for years. It seems there was nothing I couldn't do!

I always had Big Goals, Direction and I always Knew where I was going in life! Winning over 90% of all my competitions I entered.

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The Journey was one long hard Adventure that took me to New Lands, meeting New people and experiencing different cultures!

Nah! It wasn't hard. It was Awesome! This is me Pinning another opponents head to the mat for the Win in the First round! 

Taking on Life's Challenges and Kicking ass was all I knew! And this was the Life Changing Key to my life and my Teachings.

Pushing Myself Beyond, Beyond Until I Won!! Because that's what it Takes!

Sports Hypnosis

Living My Best Life | Life is Awesome

This was a Few years ago Just Living Life to the Fullest going for it making My Happiness and Dreams Come True! Walking my Talk! Deep into the Pickup and Dating Coaching. 

Now it's your Turn! I'll not only Show you how but I'll help you on a Deeper Psychological Level so you can get out of your own way!

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Fighting, on the National Level, Under, the World Famous, Jacob "Stitch" Duran was one of the Highlights of my Fighting Career!

There was a Knockdown, Drag out, Epic Fight in Bakersfield California where I knocked this much better fighter out Cold in the 2nd Round. To this day "Stitch" and I still talk about it! It was Awesome! 😊👻

The #1 cut-man for the UFC, (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Top Ranked Boxing, MMA Fighters and World Champion Kick-Boxers, Who has also been in 5 block buster movies including 3 Rocky Movies!

Sports Hypnosis

Professional MMA Fighter Anthony Sanza

Yes! I Trained this Crazy Fucker for 5 of his Fights!

One of the Funniest guys I've ever known! Just a Great Person with a Great heart! Sadly Tony Passed Away after Returning from the War in Iraq. R.I.P. Buddy!

Steve Fossum the President of the I.K.F. called me and said, "I heard you are doing some New Cutting Edge NLP Psychology stuff!" And asked me to work with Tony because he had some mental blocks!

Turns out Tony was a Great fighter with 1 Mental Block.

Using NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis it took me 1 whole Session to get him over his Mental Block. And he immediately went back to Winning! Yes, I'm that Good!

Tony Won every Fight while I Coached him!

It was an Absolute Honor Brother! We all Miss you!! See you Soon but Not Yet. Not yet. 💖

Sports Hypnosis

I was Trained by the Best

Tony Robbins – Robbins Research International
Dr. Bob Bays, PHD. – Professor of Psychology of Syracuse University 

Uncle George Naopi - The Big Kahuna, Literally! 

Dr. Krazner, – A.I.H American Institute of Hypnotherapy
Dr. Tad James, M.S. PHD. – Advanced Neuro Energetics
John Overdurf, C.A.C. – Owner/Trainer Neuro-Energetics

Dr. Richard Bandler – Creator of NLP

Buddha Kham – Head Monk of All the Northern California Laotian Temples (R.I.P.)
Buddha Chandy - Head Monk of Richmond California Laotian Temple (R.I.P.)

Healing Services

Spending time With Buddhist Monks from Laos

This is Buddha Chandi with Buddha Mai.

This is not the Monk who Trained me. It was Buddha Kham who was the head Loation Monk of Northern California.

After I went through my Spiritual Awakening, I immediately went to Temple to meet Buddha Kham, from Laos, who helped me through my Spiritual Awakening.

Energy Healing
Aloha | Uncle George Naopi The Big Kahuna

The Big Kahuna

Yes, this is Uncle George Naopi. The Big Kahuna! Who would have thought such a small man would be The Big Kahuna!

In fact he was. You could feel his spirit, his energy the moment he walked into the Room!

With a Prayer and a stick Uncle George walked up the mountainside and stopped 40 feet from the Molten Lava coming down to destroy Hilo and he Began to Pray / Chant!

The Lava actually Stopped and went in a V shape getting wider and wider and completely missed the city of Hilo where my Dad was running a Ken's House of Pancakes!

When I was Young, My Father Sent a carved statue from Lava, Blessed by Uncle George. And he said, "One day you will Meet Uncle George."

Sure enough many years later, at an NLP Training in Hawaii, in walked Uncle George.

He walked up to me, smiled and said, "You have the Strongest Mana I have ever seen. You Already Know how to Heal people! All you have to do is Open Up!"

Energy Healing


Okay that Dude in the Middle is none other than Dan Bam Bam Stell. in the UFC Octagon with Bruce Buffer Holding the Mic.. Mr. Baddass Former Champion Fighter, Vice President of the I.K.F. and Proud to say my Friend!

This guy has been involved in the fight world for over 40 years as a Fighter, Referree, Trainer and much more! 

Yes that's him Referring a Fight in the UFC between Cung Le and Wanderlei Silva! Awesome!! 

Dan Bam Bam Stell - Professional Referee, Boxing and Kickboxing Trainer and 9th Degree Blackbelt!

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Clean Cut Professional Man in Black Dress Jacket, Black Shirt holding up his fist | Steve Fossum President of the I.K.F. International Kickboxing Federation

Steve Fossum | IKF President

1 of the Greatest Gifts I have ever Had was to not only Meet Steve but also fight on one of the very first International Kickboxing Federation cards.

I was with the IKF from the very beginning! I won a Fight of the Year Award.

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