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Ultimate Caveman in Blue on the Icy Blue Tundra

 The Ultimate Caveman!

Our Mascot, our Leader, Our Hero - The Caveman!

"Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Hear me Roarrrrrrrr!!!!"

A little bit of history behind our company and teachings is the original Caveman Logo or Image. 

More than 10 years ago I was looking around on the internet and I found the Caveman! Yes, this very one you are looking at. And fortunately the Artist was out of work. He worked at Pixar, Disney, Lucas Films and a few other very prestigious companies.

At the time I didn't know what I was doing in business and or marketing. To be honest I still don't. Marketing and this new social media advertising is very, very challenging for me to say the least. I am learning!

Well, I got lucky and begged the guy to let me use this image for my company which at the time I called "Caveman Technologies!"

For a very reasonable price he sold me the rights to use the image in my business, cards, website, ads, T shirts, etc... Now he still owns the rights to his work, but I do have the rights to use it. 

Well needless to say, this Caveman stuck with us. 

Now, many, many years ago, actually decades I was studying books on psychology and especially human behavior. And I found a few books that I was very interested in on Human Behavior and the origins of where we come from.

And I also found a very interesting video on the Science Channel that just happened to play repeatedly every week. I watched it 2 or 3 times and it talked about how the Cave girl would leave the Caveman after her youngest child was around 5 years or older because it was smart enough to be quiet when mommy had to gather food and was strong enough and fast enough in walking to keep up with her when they went foraging or whatever.

It was at this point she didn't need the Caveman anymore. Sad actually.

Now here's another thing they talked about. 

They also talked about how when a Cave girls hormonally system said it was time to reproduce it would release a certain amount of hormones into her system to begin to hunt for a quality Caveman mate to Produce babies! 

#1 It mentioned how her body would release a chemical, a hormone from her groin, under her chin, her arm pits and the top and back of her head, that would cause the Caveman to fall in love with her. And that it was 10 times more addictive than cocaine! 

And this is why when men fall in love, they are literally head over heals in love with her. They are High as a Kite!!! 

Mind you, these hormones are also making her hight and in love with him as well... 

But between the 5th and 7th year of the relationship her body shuts these hormones off. And suddenly as if by magic she falls out of Love with him. Suddenly she wants "Nothing" to do with him. 

She falls out of love with the Caveman.

But she doesn't say this. Instead she begins to treat him bad, blame him, get mad at him over anything and everything including over absolutely Nothing at all, zero! 

And worse. She blames him and tells him that he is not in love with her. 

Well the fact is, this Chemical is so addictive to the Caveman that it takes him years and years to get over her Drug of Choice that is more addictive than Cocaine. He definitely did not fall out of love with her. He is still madly, head over heals in love with her and needs his fix.

Yes! He literally needs his Cocaine high, fill of her Love Drug! 

But she went out of business and there is no more drugs. But he is like a Drug addict trying to breath the habit. He will do anything to get that Love Drug Back into his system cuz he is like a heroine addict fiend looking for a fix of that Drug that only she can give!

Now all of this starts the crying, the begging, the yelling, screaming and fighting and blaming!!! She finds any and every reason that he is bad. When actually he is not bad. He has loved her with all his heart and soul yet to no avail she tries to convince herself that he is no longer good because her heart and emotions, her drug addiction is Gone! In fact she was over it approximately 2 years ago and emotionally left the relationship a long time ago. 

Sadly for him his addiction will last for years... 

Have you ever wondered why some men "Hit it and quit it?"

Because they know if they stay over night after having sex with her and sleep in the same bed / room with her, "IF"  and that's a Big "IF", if she is in this stage where her body is stating, "It's time to make a baby" she is releasing these Powerful Hormonal chemicals and is releasing them into the air for him to take in like a drug addict!

And if he does stay over night with her in the same room he will breath in these drugs for over 8 hours or more. And a New Drug Addict is made! All he knows, is from that point forward he has to have his fix!

She sneakily puts these drugs into his system so when she gets pregnant he sticks around and sacrifices everything for her and the child / children... until she doesn't need him anymore. 

Now Mind you, she / her body only releases these Drugs / Chemicals / Hormones into the air when her body says it's time to Reproduce / Make a Baby!!

So yes, there are times when a man can sleep with a woman over night multiple times and not get addicted. 


Your Power : Emotional Fulfillment 

It's the Drug of Choice for women. Once you learn how to do this you will have a Drug that will melt her heart at a moments notice. This is your only Chance of Survival in a relationship with a woman. hahaha... and is your Power in Relationships. Without this, you are screwed.

Because this is what she is looking for! Her entire life journey is to one day find the Unicorn who can give her this drug of choice!

See! What you have to understand is she was born addicted to this drug and is forced to spend an entire life time looking for this drug of choice! Sadly she never find it. She hopes, she prays, she even marries for it and helps teach him how to release this drug that is laying dormant inside her DNA, literally! 

But he doesn't know how. He doesn't know what she is talking about. In fact when she is trying to teach him how she does it in a very covert, Navy Seal, CIA kind of way. 

In other words he has no idea what she is doing let alone that she is doing anything... so her journey continues on in search of her satisfaction that she can only receive through a man who knows how to do this... sadly men were not wired to even know what this is let alone have any awareness of what this is! 

So eventually she will leave you in search of her Destination: Emotional Fulfillment!

Mating Systems: 

Him: Visual - Mother Nature wants to make sure he mates with a woman who has a healthy body because the baby is going to be inside her body. Mother Nature wants to make sure the baby grows inside a healthy environment. Thus he is visual to make sure her body is healthy.

Her: Auditory - Mother Nature wants to make sure he knows how to communicate in this Covert, Navy Seal, CIA, Internal, Hidden way! The Female Mating System is directly connected to her mating system. Mother Nature wants to make sure she dates with a male who is open to his right brains communication system. Because this is a male who is Open Minded and thus can communicate to a broad range of people. Thus helping insure a better future for the baby and family due to having the ability to communicate and thus connect with a broad range of people.

This in turn helps secure better jobs, leadership positions and moving up the ladder of success and thus he makes more money and becomes a better provider!

Yes men, this is "The Internal Way!" The only way to her heart. And Mother Nature his this from the Male Brain on purpose!!! You were born SCREWED from the Beginning!!!!



Literally "Look Within" to find the only Power you can have in a Dating, Relationships and Sex! 

When you find your Power you will.... 

The Greatest part is it is the Way to Love a woman and gives her this Emotional Fulfillment she so desires from her mate of all mates! The Original Caveman otherwise known as the Original Gangsta!

Her heart of hearts will finally be content and her Journey is finally over. Now she can relax, bed down and stay with the Caveman of her choice! You!

CAVEMAN!!!!!!!!!! I say CAVEMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Wake UP!!!!! 

It is Time!!!! 

To Step into your POWER!!! The Only True, ONE POWER God has Gifted you! But you have to Discover it, Find it and then Develop it!!! 

This is the Greatest Power on the Planet!!!

You will not be the same man before you walked in the door.

Your friends, family, co workers will notice it. Some may walk on eggshells at first. Some will be confused and many will be curious and fascinated... 

And the women? Well they will be drawn to you and suddenly will find you interesting, someone they have to meet, talk to and get to know.

The Shift will be noticeable... 

The entire world around you will suddenly shift and become different, a new more fascinating world to explore... your life will be on Fire! Because life will become interesting to you, you will suddenly become an interesting man women have to connect with!

This is a Powerful, Powerful Spiritual Journey you are about to take! 

This is not going to be easy. I can assure you this.... There will be lots of tears and lots of confusion... every belief you have ever had or were taught suddenly will be Destroyed. 

And a New Empowering world of Understanding women with clarity will open up to you! 

You are about to Step into your own Story... and Create a life other men will only dream of... 

Once you get passed a certain point in this journey, you will overcome the hump as it were and it will be all down hill from there. It will become the funnest, more enjoyable and meaningful life changing experience that will last for a life time!

Suddenly life will become a place of fascination that you find addictively curious about. Suddenly for the first time in your life you will find all the motivation and power to live your dreams because you are now coming from a place of wanting to find out what's around the corner in a way you never knew existed. 

Life will go from being a Job, work to a place of complete and utter curiosity and fascination filled with continual meaningful and emotionally rewarding experiences to be had...

Now your life will have a Reason, a Purpose and a Real Meaningful Drive to it!

Life will have a real reason to wake up each and every day... You are going to be filled with Love and Compassion and Desire to Create each and every day as if it were your last day on the planet. And in so doing create the most amazing experiences in the world for the people in your life that you care dearly about!


 I Promise you! Give her What she needs to fill her heart with your Love so she knows she is loved!!! Absolutely Knows!!! Yes, there is a way!

You do this and I promise you, she will Love you with all her heart and all her soul. She will simply melt and fall back in love with you! Without this you are... Lost forever to her... 

I will Show you How!!!    


Social Power


I said Social Power, not muscle power or Financial power! Social Power!!! This is what triggers her mating system and make her melt all over you! 


Reptilian Brain into the Larger Hemisphere and into the Right Emotional, Spiritual Open door brain to the Gods!!! 

From the loins of the Caveman in the Caves of the Neanderthal World to the Spiritual World into the Heavens!

This is a Spiritual Journey!


Freedom to Love! 

Freedom to Exist!

Freedom to Care!