Crack The Female Code | Best Way to Attract Women Fast

"How to Attract Women Fast is Easy"


I'll Teach you the Fastest, Easiest, Best Way to Attract women Fast!

There are literally a few Hidden Communication Codes or Patterns that trigger women's mating systems that drives her crazy for you! And once you learn how to do them, it makes it really easy to attract women fast.

The Best Part is it's all based on Love, Communication and Understanding by learning how to connect with your genuine self and then learning how to express it in the way she can understand and connect with who you truly are within.

So, No Lines, Openers or Memorizing Canned or any Manipulative Tactics at all. This is 100% your Genuine self being yourself so you can relax and enjoy the process of getting to know someone!

Do you want to Succeed with women?


Have you ever seen a cat chase a mouse? Well, this is exactly what we are going to be doing with her. There is literally a trigger that triggers the Cat and Mouse game inside her and will make her Go Crazy for you! This is the funnest and most exciting part of the Game for her! She literally can’t resist this! Come learn how to Be “Irresistible!”

This is one of Mother Natures most closely Guarded Secrets to Understanding Women. This 1 thing makes is really easy!

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Do you Really want to know? - The Hidden Secret is in This Book!!

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A little Secret Mother Nature “Literally” hid from the Male Brain that makes her Fall In Love all over again with you! These are the Most Powerful Teachings you will ever learn about The Art of Loving a woman!!

These hidden teachings are not taught anywhere in any other course.

These are Powerful Teachings & Secrets Mother nature hid from the Male Brain that I learned from a Laotian Monk, Buddha Kham, whom I studied under for 8 years. He was the Key to my understanding women and myself on a much Deeper level.

Yes, this is me teaching Buddhist Monks communication from Laos.

Crack The Female Code | Best Way to Attract Women Fast


“There’s a Better Way”

In my Course I will teach you The Art to Easily and Comfortably Open up and Carry Conversations with women. With this teaching you will realize how easy it is to feel comfortable with women once you actually know how to communicate with her in the Female’s Right Brain’s Language!

It Draws her in to you!

All the doubt and confusion will literally disappear and turn into a much more comfortable and empowering experience.

Once you know the Secret Patterns to talking to women, you will be Surprised at how easy it is to open, talk and carry on Long conversations with women. And then watch how Happy she becomes!

Yes, I am going to teach you a Hidden Secret Set of Unbelievably Simple and very Basic Patterns that will make it easy to talk for hours. And they will make you look like a Communication Expert in her eyes! But in the Hidden Right Brain form that turns her on Sexually!!

Do You Want to Learn the Hidden Secrets she wishes you knew? 

The Ultimate Package - Romance, Love and Romantic Seduction!

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"Learn The Best Way to Attract Women Fast" 

Crack The Female Code | Best Way to Attract Women Fast

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Learn how to Create Undeniable Sexual Attraction by Knowing The Secret to triggering the female mating system!

In my singles pickup courses, we teach you the Core of what it is she Truly wants and needs from you in order for her to feel attracted to you sexually. The Good News is, it’s not negging and instead, it actually builds you up instead of cutting her down!

This Massively Flips the tables and changes all the rules! And puts the Power Back into your hands in a way that entices her to Seduce you! It's genuine, healthy and ecological for her heart and yours. 

Meeting Girls is Easy Once you Know How

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I will show you how to Relax around women and understand women in a way that will Lead to more Dates, more Intimacy and a lot more fun with her!


Learn the Hidden Secret to creating a

Powerful Sexual Attraction she can’t resist!

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Be Powerful With Women

I am going to teach you How to Step Into Your POWER!! So she can Relax, Melt & Be a Woman! She Needs this from You!

This #1 Secret I will teach you, will turn you into a Powerful Magnet that will Powerfully draw her into You and Make her want to be with you!

This is what women are looking for in Men!


Crack The Female Code | Best Way to Attract Women Fast

 Soon this will be You!

Be the Man She Trusts Because you Understand her Heart!

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The Power of Understanding women will change your life!
I will teach you the Secret to being on the same page as her so she truly knows you understand her!

How many times have you heard a woman say, “We are not on the same page.” Or, “He’s not coming from the same place!”

See, the Secret is knowing how to access a certain part of your Brain to enter into her world. So you begin to process, communicate and think literally on the same page, in the same way as she is doing!

You do this and she will surrender to you willingly!

Because this is what she has always been looking for in a man!


The Ultimate Package - Romance, Love and Romantic Seduction!

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For women, there is a completely different way of actually understanding her and making her feel understood, which makes her feel very comfortable and open with you!

Beautiful eyes of a woman in black and white

Deeper Understanding Leads to Love

Welcome to the Next Evolution in Dating, Relationships and Sex!

There’s a Secret that I teach in my course that teaches men how to finally Understand women from the Females perspective so you don’t have to memorize lines or openers.

We have created and developed the easiest way to approach, meet and attract women to you. This takes all the pressure off of you and her!

Do you want to Know what the Hidden Secret is to Success with Women?

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With these Core Principles and teachings, naturally building attraction is now possible. 


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"Mind Blowing! If you want to Understand & Feel
Comfortable with women and learn how to Attract, Love, and turn women on, you have to take this course Now!”

- Abhinav K.



"Mike Kollin is an Extremely intuitive Healer, Coach & Friend. He is one of a Kind. He is right. I came to him for what I thought was how to meet women. He told me, 'You are here to find your "SELF And YOUR INTERNAL POWER!"' And I did. Thank you!"

- Mark H.

, Attorney, Burlingame, Ca.



Crack The Female Code | Best Way to Attract Women Fast


"Mike does it once again! Constantly pushing the envelope of realization! I am a former client of Mikes and decided to find out what he has been up to lately! His book “Crack the Female Code” is not only a refresher course, but his new, ground breaking information is Mind Blowing!”

“The first 2 sections are Awesome. But, the 4th Section is absolutely the Best!”

- Mark S., Masters Degree in Psychology, former client. San Diego, Ca.

“Mikes courses and teachings are absolutely essential if you have had it with losing in the game of Life, Love and women. Mikes teachings are Empowering for men and his insights are refreshing!” 

- Steve K.
 Napa California


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