Personal Development Coach

I'm Mike Kollin. A personal development coach with a specialty in communication between men and women.

I am an NLP trainer and professional hypnotherapist with over 25 years of professional experience & 41+ certifications in NLP, hypnosis, HNLP, Time Line therapy, Huna, Reiki & Pranic healing.

I have used this knowledge to help athletes achieve their goals and now I focus on dating and relationship coaching after I discovered a new and unique approach that is having a great success rate!

My approach

If you've looked at any of the reviews on my products and homepage you'll see most of my clients seem to have a lightbulb moment at one point or another and it's all due to a discovery I made in my work and training.

It all comes down to the difference between the male and female brain and how they process communication differently. 

If you'd like a greater insight into this thinking, take a look at my youtube channel where I discuss it in more detail

Check out my youtube

"Love, communication & understanding of your spouse, children and friends are the key to living a rich and fulfilling life!"

What I do

After working with people one on one, couples & small groups for over 2 decades, I pride myself in being able to see where people hit their mental blocks and help them overcome it.

As well as my one on one coaching I also wanted to make my knowledge accessible for all locations and budgets so I've also created events in the Bay area when you can learn from me in a group environment.

Finally there are my ebooks where you can learn at home at your own pace and still gain greater insights that can help you have better communication with the opposite sex whether they're your partner, colleague, friend or boss.