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I'm listening to a Powerful Girl Band from Russia called t.A.T.u.. And in the lyrics they are repeating, 

"All the things you said, all the things you said, is Running through my head!!!! Running through my head!! This is not enough!!! This is Not Enough!!!" 

If you have Angrily shouted, "This is Not Enough!!" There is a Reason why! I would Gather and Bet it's because you are not Truly getting your Fill of "Mentally Stimulating & Emotionally Fulfilling Communication and Meaningful Experiences!"

There's so much Emptiness & even Loneliness that women go through in committed Relationships! She is not getting her Love & Emotional Fulfillment!

The sad part, is men are doing everything in their Power to Love you! But they are doing it in the, "Male Way", The way men Receive Love & Emotional Fulfillment! Which is not the way Women receive it or even understand it! She won't even notice what you are doing let alone think you are Loving her!

In Fact! The way men Love women is a so Foreign, odd and strange that women Angrily Exclaim Loudly, "That's not Love!!!!!!!"

There is a Huge Misunderstanding Between men & women which causes a Huge Disconnect in every area of Love, Communication & Understanding between men & women!

And unfortunately it's you, women who are left out in the cold feeling empty, lonely and unloved rather "Un-Fulfilled Emotionally!" 

And thus The War Begins!!!! The Female Army Battle Cries out, "BATTLE!!!!" You say, "Fine, if he won't love me, then here's what he gets!"

Ladies, I assure you the way to Love you is not even on his radar. But he Can Learn how!!! So for now, put down your Battle Axe and retreat for now! You have Made it. You found the Answer. I am right here!

If you truly want to Understand how to Love & be Loved in a Relationship start with these 2 books! Trust me, they will change your Life! And help you come from a place of True Understanding!

After that I expect to see you at my upcoming Seminars and Events in the San Francisco Bay Area!! 
"Welcome to Love"

When I was 21, walking down the driveway with my dad 1 day a long time ago, suddenly out of no where my Dad sharply cried out Loud, "If God is so Great, why did he make it so hard to Love Women!!!!! The More I Loved your Mother the Angrier she got!!!! No Matter What I did she Cried!!!!" 

I wish I never saw that.,.. I've never seen my Dad completely collapse emotionally like that! But it Inspired me, Motivated me from Pain to find the Answer for 25 years! I can't Stop! I won't Stop! That image is still stuck in my head to this day. There's no reason for you to ever go through that ever again!

 Well Dad... You're right. The Male form of Love no matter how much or how hard you try to Love her really, really upsets her and she will Exclaim & Cry, "That's not Love!!!"

Because to women, it's not! In fact it will leave her feeling empty and believing that you refuse to Love her no matter how hard you Love her in the Male, External, Linear way!  But there is an Answer! And I mean THE ANSWER!!! The Answer both men & women have been looking for, for Centuries!!! 

And you ladies Start Right here with these 2 books! To you my entire Course was built, Designed and Created. To teach him how to Love you in the way you need to Be Loved & Understood! With Emotional Fulfillment"

Men can also read these 2 books and they will open your eyes! 

Love, Communication, Understanding and Mentally Stimulating and Emotionally Fulfilling Communication & Deeply Meaningful Experiences are waiting for you both!

To my Father! I miss you and wish I knew what I know now so I could teach you the Answer to Loving Her in the way she needed to Be Loved!