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The Ultimate Package - How to Win at Love a Powerful Romantic Secret!

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"There's a Powerful Romantic Secret Women want you to Know!"

How to Meet, Attract and Melt a Women's Heart to Save your Marriage or Meet the Girl of your Dreams!


Save your Marriage, meet the Girl of your Dreams and Love her in the way she needs to be Loved! There's a Secret she Needs you to Know!

Step into the Future with My New, Powerful Discovery on How the Female Mating system is Directly Triggered. And let me put the Power of Love and Romance into your hands! She wants you to know how to do this!


It's all about Love and Understanding a Powerful Hidden Secret Mother Nature Hid from the Male Brain - Now Revealed in my Course!

Dating Tips and Relationship Coaching's Ultimate Package

  • Crack The Female Code eBook = $40.00
  • Sex Signals eBook = $20.00
  • Get The Girl and Keep The Girl eBook = $20.00
  • Bonus “In the Beginning” eBook = $10.00  
  • 1 Hour Phone Consultation = $125.00

* After you at least read my book "Crack The Female Code" you can ask questions about my book or the course that you have.

Cost = $215.00

Sale Today = $75.00


You get it all in this package! This is why I call it my Ultimate Package.

After Reading my Book "Crack The Female Code", clients have flown in from all over the world - Ireland, London, Japan, and all over the country from Washington DC, Michigan, Kansas, Missouri, Florida, Utah & More...

Get Started Now!


This is the Raw, Full and Complete, Unedited version. You get Everything in this Package!

This ebook package can be downloaded from the confirmation page after checkout and is also sent to you via email.

When you are ready to take it to the Next Level give us a call here at MGK International: 415 456 8558

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